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Special Thanks to Our Presenting Partners

School Subject Project Amount Date Deadline
Sea Gate Elementary Special Needs Students Tools for Tactile Teaching $252.79 8/09/22
Sanderlin PK-8 Science Current Science for Sanderlin MYP $250.54 8/09/22
Yates Elementary School Character Development Stock the school store $397.00 8/09/22
Immokalee Middle Science A Garden Science Station $532.10 8/09/22
Pinecrest Elementary Character Education Kids for Kindness $316.63 8/09/22
Muller Elementary Literacy Leading & Reading in Art $800.00 8/09/22
Steinbrenner High Career and Technical Steinbrenner JROTC Robotics $2,000.00 8/08/22
Poinciana Elementary Science Keep our Pelicans on the Global Weather Map $1,000.00 8/08/22
Palmetto Ridge High Other 21st Century French Learners 2.0 $1,993.36 8/08/22
Alafia Elementary School Other Learning English - One Day at a Time! $540.00 8/08/22
Freedom High School Health/P.E. Student Athlete Support/Weight Room $2,000.00 8/08/22
Chamberlain Senior High Mathematics Small Group Instruction $903.00 8/07/22
Summerfield Elementary Exceptional Child Ed Unique Learning System - A comprehensive curriculum for Exceptional Students $1,280.92 8/07/22
Mabry Elementary Music Bring Music to Kindergarten $144.88 8/07/22
Vineyards Elementary Language Arts Everglades Ambassadors $671.00 8/07/22
Gaither Senior High Literacy Financial Freedom & Survival Project $149.95 8/07/22 8/19/22
Knights Elementary Character Development Respecting Space earns a Smiley Face $374.99 8/06/22
Pinecrest Elementary Art Learning through PRINTMAKING! $828.90 8/06/22
Pinecrest Elementary Art Let's read through ART! $658.26 8/06/22
Washington B.T. Elementary English Language Arts Building strong readers through foundational and fluency goals! $1,953.97 8/06/22
Foster Elementary Other Celebrating Academic Success $691.62 8/06/22
West Tampa Elementary Literacy Today a reader, tomorrow a leader* $1,478.75 8/06/22
Shields Middle School Art Colors of the World $425.80 8/06/22
Veterans Memorial Elementary Stem To STEMfinity and BEYOND! $134.57 8/06/22
Vineyards Elementary Language Arts Scholastic News $278.00 8/06/22
Vineyards Elementary Language Arts Scholastic News $153.56 8/05/22
Vineyards Elementary Other Seat Sacks $239.00 8/05/22
Dunbar Elementary Magnet Technology Charge Me! $367.99 8/05/22
Parkside Elementary Entrepreneurship The Youngest and Newest Entrepreneurs! $322.89 8/05/22
Golden Terrace Elementary Language Arts We Need the WRITE Stuff $1,505.76 8/05/22
Veterans Memorial Elementary Special Needs Students Can you Hear Me? $322.78 8/05/22
Veterans Memorial Elementary Mathematics Be an EGGSPERT! $98.24 8/05/22
Madeira Beach Middle School (K-8) Other Wood Shop is back in school !!!! 2022-2023 $1,300.00 8/05/22
Knights Elementary Science School Garden $480.00 8/04/22
Sea Gate Elementary Character Education Positive Behavior Incentive: We've got spirit! $338.00 8/04/22
Mendenhall Elementary Exceptional Child Ed Speech Language Therapy room play based learning materials $1,212.91 8/04/22
Kenly Elementary Exceptional Child Ed Story Champs $317.61 8/04/22
Lely High Entrepreneurship Business and Finance Magazines $106.88 8/04/22
Knights Elementary Character Development Respecting Other's Space $631.35 8/04/22
Pinecrest Elementary Language Arts Classroom rug $1,647.00 8/03/22
Woodlawn Elementary Technology USB headphones $2,499.00 8/03/22
Symmes Elementary Literacy Navigating through Non-fiction $1,500.00 8/03/22
Immokalee High Character Education Furnish the IHS College and Career Office $616.74 8/03/22 11/30/22
Gulfview Middle Language Arts Multilinguals Rock!!! $204.00 8/03/22 10/03/22
Tampa Bay Tech High School English Language Arts How the Garcia Girls Lost their Accent $480.00 8/03/22
Lake Trafford Elementary Entrepreneurship Building Tomorrows Entrepreneurs Today! $804.98 8/03/22
Knights Elementary Literacy Learn a ton, Reading is fun $539.00 8/03/22
Muller Elementary Science STEM Thinking and Coding $1,539.80 8/03/22 10/31/22
Knights Elementary Mathematics Math and Success Add Up $381.90 8/03/22
Tampa Bay Tech High School Literacy Read to Succeed $1,695.00 8/03/22
Azalea Middle School Other Florida Aquarium Water Wheels $195.00 8/03/22
Washington B.T. Elementary Exceptional Child Ed Sensory Learning in Access Points! $795.00 8/03/22
Golden Gate Middle Mathematics Building Thinking Classrooms in Mathematics $422.33 8/02/22
Tommie Barfield Elementary Language Arts Poppin Up Strong for Sight Words and Math $198.51 8/02/22 9/30/22
King Senior High Science Marine Ecosystems Aquariums Project $1,588.47 8/02/22
Pizzo K-8 Character Development A Place to Come Together $485.21 8/02/22
Middleton High School Other Tiger of the Week $1,300.00 8/02/22
Knights Elementary Literacy Implementing the Science of Reading with Decodable Readers $1,992.07 8/02/22
Tommie Barfield Elementary Health/P.E. Running Bling $301.92 8/02/22
Golden Gate Middle Language Arts Classroom Organizational Tools $200.00 8/02/22 9/30/22
Herbert Cambridge Elementary Health/P.E. 9 Square in PE $764.43 8/02/22
Valrico Elementary Science STEMNOVATION $327.89 8/02/22 9/30/22
Seacrest Country Day School - Lower School Other Keep Calm and Be Flexible $696.89 8/02/22
Pierce Middle School Exceptional Child Ed Hydroponic Garden $880.00 8/02/22
Sabal Palm Elementary Technology We’re All Ears! $179.98 8/01/22
Sabal Palm Elementary Language Arts Write Away! $357.16 8/01/22
Sabal Palm Elementary Other I'm Bored, They're Bored, We All Need New White Boards $271.96 8/01/22
Corkscrew Elementary Language Arts Leaders Stick With It
funded grant
Westchase Elementary Character Development POSITIVE Vibes Only with PBIS $1,900.00 8/01/22
Pinecrest Elementary Science "Trust Your Gut": Learning about Human Body Organs $799.61 8/01/22
North Naples Middle Special Needs Students Picturing Myself Happy $939.82 8/01/22
Mike Davis Elementary Stem Field Trip to the CCPS STEAM Expo! $1,345.00 7/31/22
Veterans Memorial Elementary Entrepreneurship Organizing Young Entrepreneurs
funded grant
Palmetto Ridge High Language Arts Unlocking Knowledge to Escape Traditional Learning Styles $997.47 7/31/22
Palmetto Ridge High Entrepreneurship Panthers Across Collier $2,000.00 7/31/22
Veterans Memorial Elementary Entrepreneurship Emboldened Entrepreneurs
funded grant
Shields Middle School Art Fill an Empty Art Room $1,066.12 7/30/22
McKitrick Elementary Science Let's Code! $139.95 7/30/22
Belcher Elementary School Other Flexible Seating for Success $1,210.00 7/30/22
Poinciana Elementary Language Arts Game Time! $291.49 7/30/22
Veterans Memorial Elementary Language Arts Brag About Me!!! $163.95 7/30/22
Veterans Memorial Elementary Mathematics Let's Glow Crazy and review! $158.08 7/30/22
Veterans Memorial Elementary Other Soft Seats $115.00 7/29/22
Veterans Memorial Elementary Other Eliminating Distractions! $116.98 7/29/22
Oakridge Middle Other Spanish I $248.05 7/29/22
Oakridge Middle Science The Language of Science $1,956.77 7/29/22
Veterans Memorial Elementary Other Showing our Work! $42.99 7/29/22
Veterans Memorial Elementary Other Sacks for Success $306.68 7/29/22
Veterans Memorial Elementary Technology Read, Listen, Learn!!! $377.79 7/29/22
Veterans Memorial Elementary Character Education Something to Brag About $272.74 7/29/22
Wilson Middle School Science Solar Classroom $2,000.00 7/29/22
Shields Middle School Career and Technical Bright Futures Begin in Middle me build tomorrow's business leaders $1,148.58 7/28/22
Brandon Senior High Career and Technical AI and Machine Learning for STEM $1,989.00 7/28/22
Kingswood Elementary English Language Arts Creating 21st Century Students* $1,987.00 7/28/22
Golden Gate Middle Science Neutralizing Science with Nearpod $170.13 7/28/22
Newsome Senior High Other Comedia Masks for Theatre $1,355.00 7/28/22 10/17/22
Oakridge Middle Language Arts Loving to Read, No Matter the Age $302.62 7/28/22
MacFarlane Park Elementary Music Recorders: Real Music. Real Fun. $495.00 7/28/22
Herbert Cambridge Elementary Science Hands on Science $871.95 7/27/22
Mike Davis Elementary Science Hands on Science $921.95 7/27/22
Lennard High Career and Technical 3D Printing the future* $2,000.00 7/27/22
Freedom High School Other Tech has changed, time to update! $1,196.95 7/27/22
Herbert Cambridge Elementary Character Education Call Me Old Fashioned...The Power Of A Printed Photograph $493.09 7/27/22
Gulf Coast Charter Academy South Art Art and Technology $1,900.28 7/27/22
Sabal Palm Elementary Character Education SEL "Rocks!" $620.00 7/27/22
Potter Elementary English Language Arts Use of technology in my ESOL classroom* $1,944.80 7/26/22
Bryant Elementary Literacy Readers are Leaders* $525.84 7/26/22
Veterans Memorial Elementary Other NEVER get BOARD!!!
funded grant
Corkscrew Elementary Technology Say Cheese! Yearbook Club Is Ready To Take Your Picture $318.00 7/26/22
Mabry Elementary Art Kindergarten needs art too! $227.00 7/26/22
Davis Elementary Mathematics Hands On Math/Science Classroom $190.68 7/26/22
West Tampa Elementary Mathematics Math Matters