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School Subject Project Amount Date Deadline
Administrative Center Professional Learning Leadership Development Academies $1,000.00 9/01/21
Administrative Center Science Collier Regional Science and Engineering Fair $2,000.00 9/10/21 1/15/22
Administrative Center Art Around the World in 98 Days
funded grant
Alonso Senior High School Career and Technical Robotic Drone Operators ** $1,745.98 7/30/21
Alonso Senior High School Music Help Alonso Choirs Become Pitch Perfect $999.99 8/01/21
Alternative Schools Social Studies Historical Novels for Students
funded grant
Anona Elementary School Health/P.E. Go Bolts- Sensory Paths for Improved Academic Performance $1,100.00 10/16/20
Anona Elementary School Health/P.E. ACH- Music for a Healthier School! $1,029.00 11/04/20
Anona Elementary School Stem JABIL - "Say Watt?" - Learning about Circuits
funded grant
Athenian Academy Stem Engaging our Future Mathematicians and Scientist Through Technology $299.94 5/29/19
Athenian Academy Language Arts Building Literacy, one APP at a Time. $630.00 6/18/19
Atlantic High School Language Arts Creating an International Baccalaureate Mural $700.00 8/14/19
Atlantic High School Career & Technical Education Impression Evidence $967.35 9/10/21
Atlantic High School Science Interactive Science Notebooks $983.46 9/13/21
Atlantic High School Social & Emotional Learning An Open Book: Telling H(our) Stories, Part II. $488.50 9/14/21
Atlantic High School Career & Technical Education Fruit and Veggie Garden $449.90 9/15/21
Atlantic TECHNICAL College & Technical HIGH SCHOOL Social Studies AP Psychology Disorders Classification & Understanding $1,293.50 12/15/14
Auburndale HS Social Studies Graduation Motivation $450.00 9/21/16
Auburndale HS Other Thespian Troupe #4096 -Drama Club $500.00 9/28/16
Avalon Elementary Music Rootin' Tootin' Recorders 7
funded grant
Avalon Elementary Music Upgrade Our Sound System
funded grant
Azalea Elementary School Language Arts Literacy Footprints Kit for 4th Grade Students $1,968.30 5/08/18
Azalea Elementary School Stem Jabil - Celebrate Diversity in STREAM Replay $993.56 9/26/21
Azalea Elementary School Art ARTS - Celebrate Diversity in STREAM Replay
funded grant
Azalea Middle School Science Jabil -Living Green @ Azalea Middle School- $899.50 4/28/21
Azalea Middle School Music ARTS for a Musical Foundation
funded grant
Banyan Elementary Special Needs Students Leap into Reading $300.00 12/15/14
Barrington Middle School Exceptional Child Ed VEX Robotics VEX Go STEM activities $1,400.00 8/06/21
Barron Collier High Other 21st Century French Learners $1,993.36 8/12/21
Barron Collier High Other Peaceful Mind, Successful Child Kits
funded grant
Bartow Elem. Acad. Other Sunshine State Superstars $402.54 8/30/16
Bartow Elem. Acad. Technology Electronic Portfolios for Students $255.00 9/09/16
Bartow Senior Mathematics math & notes make a perfect "pear" $99.96 9/22/16
Bauder Elementary School Technology We "Tech"nically Love To Learn By "App"lying Ourselves $13,973.52 3/14/18
Bay Point Elementary School Language Arts GOOOOOO BOOLLTTS!! $2,310.00 10/15/20
Bay Point Middle School Other Bay Point Falcons On the Rise $2,000.00 8/16/21
Belle Glade Elementary Language Arts Bringing Reading To Life Through Listening and Learning $1,096.00 7/10/18
Belle Glade Elementary Science Lego Robotics $230.00 10/20/19
Berkley Elementary Science First Grade Science FUN! $331.31 8/28/16
Berkshire Elementary Language Arts Berkshire Dual Language Advance/Adelante Reading Program $91,000.00 5/24/18
Blake Senior High Mathematics Bringing Graphing to Life $412.29 9/27/21
Blanche Ely HIGH Technology Blanche Ely High School Ten80 NSL Racing Challenge $43.96 5/06/15
Blanche Ely HIGH Science Ten80 NSL Racing Competition $1,340.00 12/18/15
Blanton Elementary School Art Jabil -Expressive Technology using Paper Circuits $920.00 3/06/21
Blanton Elementary School Art Arts - Expressive Technology using Paper Circuits
funded grant
Blue Lake Elementary School Language Arts Blue Lake Learners Read to Succeed!
funded grant
Blue Lake Elementary School Art Hope, Healing, and Encouragement $288.52 9/14/21
Blue Lake Elementary School Art Clay, Coils, and Tiles $289.47 9/14/21
Blue Lake Elementary School Social & Emotional Learning Problem Solving with Puppets: No Strings Attached $338.52 9/14/21
Blue Lake Elementary School Science Classroom Libraries focused on Informational Text $446.08 9/14/21
Blue Lake Elementary School Language Arts Engaging Students in Nonfiction Books $968.42 9/14/21
Boca Ciega High School Technology Circuit Playgrounds for AP Computer Science Principles $889.35 10/04/21
Boca Ciega High School Art Arts - Thespian Competition $1,000.00 10/13/21
Boca Ciega High School Art ARTS- Stage a Play $1,000.00 10/14/21
Boca Raton High Other Boca Raton Varsity Girls Golf Program $2,650.00 10/19/18
Boca Raton High Other Bobcat Spirit Program $24,890.00 11/16/18
Boca Raton High Other Boca Raton High Water Polo Fundraiser $3,400.00 2/10/19
Boca Raton High Other Bobcat Spirit Program $32,000.00 2/14/19
Boca Raton High Music The Gentlemen's Club - suits for students $1,500.00 9/06/19
Bok Academy Stem Bok Makerspace $474.99 8/26/16
Bok Academy Stem Arduino Starter Kits for Programming and Engineering $476.91 8/27/16
Bright Horizons Center Special Needs Students Going Green-er! $170.68 11/05/14
BRIGHT HORIZONS CENTER Special Needs Students Learning while cooking! $405.00 4/02/18
Brooker Creek Elementary School Health/P.E. ACH $1,076.41 10/30/20
Brooker Creek Elementary School Art ARTS: Murals and Mosaics
funded grant
Brooker Creek Elementary School Music ARTS - Elementary Strings program $1,000.00 10/11/21
Broward Elementary Character Development CLUBDAZE $1,718.99 8/17/21
Broward Elementary Character Development Filling Our PAWS store $600.00 8/17/21
Broward Elementary Art Portable drying rack $490.00 8/19/21
Broward Elementary English Language Arts Listening Center for Fluency $244.00 8/22/21
Buckhorn Elementary Literacy Building Better Readers Through Engaging Text $1,974.52 8/13/21
Buckhorn Elementary Science Green Paws Part Two
funded grant
Burns Middle School Literacy Replacing Lost Books Due to Covid $1,999.76 8/25/21
Caldwell Elementary Science STEM Tablets $499.98 8/26/16
Caldwell Elementary Mathematics Math Exploration $499.98 8/26/16
Caldwell Elementary Mathematics Versatile Learning in Math with VersaTiles $249.95 9/22/16
Caldwell Elementary Language Arts Reading corner $440.00 9/25/16
Calusa Park Elementary Language Arts Leveling Up Our Library
funded grant
Calvin A. Hunsinger Science New Path Learning Science Flip Charts $719.10 1/20/20
Calvin A. Hunsinger Special Needs Students Encouraging Positive Behavior at Calvin $500.00 1/19/21
Calvin A. Hunsinger Science Pseudoscience vs Science - Debunking the Flat Earth "Theory" using Science Logic $387.50 7/15/21
Calvin A. Hunsinger Science "It's All About the Genes" - Genetics Exploration for High School ESE Science Students $945.00 7/15/21
Calvin A. Hunsinger Mathematics "Why Can't Algebra be STEMulating?" Activities to Incease Learning in Algebra $575.00 7/15/21
Calvin A. Hunsinger Special Needs Students Encouraging Positive Behavior at Calvin $1,000.00 9/01/21
Campbell Middle School Other The Spartan Way: Celebrating Successes on the Journey to Proficiency $1,000.00 9/14/21
Carlton Palmore Elem. Stem Tablets for STEM $480.00 9/23/16
Chain of Lakes Collegiate High School Language Arts Visual Media and Effective Journalism $209.96 8/26/16
Champion Elementary School Language Arts Organize My Stuff! $208.80 8/28/21
Champion Elementary School Music Everybody Winds: Recorders for Champions $475.00 9/11/21
Champion Elementary School Music Drumsticks, Noodles, and a Side of Beats: an Accessible Percussion Project
funded grant
Champion Elementary School Other CHECK MATE getting smarter by playing and reading about CHESS
funded grant
Chisholm Elementary School Language Arts "Can You Hear Me Now? Good."
funded grant
Christa McAuliffe Middle Language Arts The 21st Century Language Arts Classroom $9,030.00 12/08/17
Cimino Elementary Exceptional Child Ed Help AGP Students SOAR with Tech Success $1,665.00 8/27/21
Citrus Grove Elementary School Language Arts Books Like Me
funded grant
Citrus Grove Elementary School Mathematics We Can EXCEL Using IXL!! $598.00 9/13/21
Citrus Grove Elementary School Mathematics We Can EXCEL Using IXL!! $598.00 9/13/21
Citrus Ridge: A Civics Academy Technology Perfect Post Audio $500.00 9/07/16
Citrus Ridge: A Civics Academy Technology Let's Make a Movie $200.00 9/07/16
Citrus Ridge: A Civics Academy Science Science Fair Support $419.85 9/22/16
Citrus Ridge: A Civics Academy Technology Forever Blue $500.00 9/28/16
Claywell Elementary Mathematics Diverse Bottom Quartile – Time to Elevate! ** $1,891.34 7/18/21
Claywell Elementary English Language Arts Multi-Culturally Diverse Reading Library for Modern Times $1,467.15 8/21/21
Clearwater Fundamental Middle School Other Go Bolts - Building Community Within My Classroom $1,400.00 9/22/20
Clearwater Fundamental Middle School Other ACH-Building Relationships $1,000.00 10/07/20
Clearwater High School Other AVID College Field Trips $4,100.00 9/21/19
Clearwater High School Social Studies Unity Walk Essay Scholarships $3,000.00 1/05/20
Clearwater High School Other ACH - Technology for ESOL students $3,000.00 10/15/20
Cleveland Court Elem. Other Sunshine - " Funshine " Reading $203.85 9/09/16