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My goal is to improve reading and writing skills by incorporating technology into the classroom.

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Ignite a Love for Reading

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John Snively Elem. 
Language Arts 
Erica Olson 
Students Impacted:
September 28, 2016

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Only $285.76 Needed



My goal is to improve reading and writing skills by incorporating technology into the classroom. 


What will be done with my students

Students will use the tablets in multiple ways. They will access learning apps and educational websites to increase their reading skills. I plan on incorporating internet-based research projects in science and social studies. Finally, students can simply read books. Students will be motivated to read more often when they have the opportunity to read on a tablet.  


Benefits to my students

Students will be able to practice reading skills when they need extra help and thus improve their comprehension. The opportunity to learn to research online will help the students in many ways including practicing paraphrase, correctly citing sources, and sharing research with the class through reports and presentations. Finally, students will also benefit from using the kindles to improve their 21st century skills as technology is becoming necessary to function in our society.  


Budget Narrative

The budget includes four tablets with protective standing cases. It also includes an Amazon Gift Card to start an e-library for the students to be able to read on the tablets. 



# Item Cost
1 Android Tablet $49.99
2 Android Tablet $49.99
3 Android Tablet $49.99
4 Android Tablet $49.99
5 Standing Case $8.95
6 Standing Case $8.95
7 Standing Case $8.95
8 Standing Case $8.95
9 Amazon Gift Card $50.00
  Total: $285.76

0% Funded



Only $285.76 Needed


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