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School Subject Project Amount Date Deadline
Sandy Lane Elementary School Health/P.E. Teacher of the Year
funded grant
Azalea Elementary School Language Arts Teacher of the Year-Azalea Elementary
funded grant
Seventy-Fourth Street Elementary School Language Arts Bus to Holocaust Museum $345.00 3/01/23
Cypress Woods Elementary School Other ChangeMakers
funded grant
Southern Oak Elementary School Other Imagine Learning Online Resource for New English Speakers
funded grant
Village Oaks Elementary Special Needs Students A touch of love and motivation $225.00 2/21/23
John Hopkins Middle School Other $350 "Start up costs" for Entrepreneural sales of T-shirts
funded grant
2/21/23 8/31/23
East Lake High School Other Instructional Visual & Posture Ergonomic Modifications to Classroom $971.73 2/21/23
Lakewood High School Music Classical Guitar $998.00 2/20/23
John Hopkins Middle School Other Color Printer and ink $980.99 2/20/23
Lealman Avenue Elementary School Other Dress for Success
funded grant
Tyrone Middle School STEM Lunch and Learn $620.00 2/03/23
Hollins High School Other Artistic Signers $412.00 2/01/23
Orange Grove Middle Magnet Health/P.E. NETS (New Equipment Teaching Sports) $1,735.00 1/31/23
Seventy-Fourth Street Elementary School STEM iFly STEM Field Trip $430.00 1/30/23 3/31/23
Knights Elementary Science Outdoor Learning $1,284.23 1/30/23
Dover Elementary Science Starting "Space" Seeds the Right Way! (Out of this World Gardens Part 2) $1,966.75 1/29/23
Pinellas County Schools Other Feeding PCS Families in Need: PCS Pantry Grand Opening
funded grant
Pinellas Gulf Coast Academy Science Striving Toward Graduation
funded grant
San Jose Elementary School Science PEF-Making the Connection with Our Outdoor Classroom $1,000.00 1/16/23
Skycrest Elementary School Science STEM in Action! $1,265.00 1/13/23
Brooker Creek Elementary School Art Murals and Mosaics II $1,000.00 1/12/23
Maximo Elementary School Language Arts Collaborative Classroom Materials
funded grant
Dunbar Elementary Magnet Technology Got Charge? $459.99 12/22/22
Dunbar Elementary Magnet English Language Arts Help Us Power Up! $459.99 12/21/22
Lomax Elementary Other "I Can't Find My Journal!" $395.80 12/19/22
Lomax Elementary English Language Arts Click, Clack, oh Snap! $426.70 12/19/22
Maximo Elementary School STEM All for STEM, and STEM for All! $997.18 12/19/22
Heritage Elementary Mathematics Math Market $725.21 12/19/22
Lake St. George Elementary School Special Needs Students Sensory path and tools $1,960.00 12/15/22
Shields Middle School Art Ceramics Program $1,623.00 12/14/22 5/20/23
Morgan Fitzgerald Middle School Mathematics Calculators for Math Students!!! $972.00 12/13/22
Melrose Elementary School Special Needs Students Student Incentives for Positive Behavior and Achievement $1,500.00 12/13/22
Maximo Elementary School Other PBIS School Store $1,000.00 12/12/22
Meadowlawn Middle School History U.S. History $270.00 12/12/22
Southern Oak Elementary School Mathematics Help make abstract ideas concrete. $991.64 12/12/22
Brooker Creek Elementary School Health/P.E. Brooker Creek PE Storage $1,000.00 12/12/22
Azalea Middle School Music MIDI Keyboards for iMac Lab $931.00 12/12/22
Shaw Elementary Stem Field trip $2,000.00 12/09/22
Madeira Beach Middle School (K-8) Other Beginner Woodworking Class, put tools in the hands of kids. $1,000.00 12/08/22
Heritage Elementary Mathematics Versatile learning with VersaTiles $299.99 12/07/22
Bauder Elementary School Other New Books for the Media Center! $2,775.00 12/01/22
Vineyards Elementary Science Scientist, Scientist, What Do You Think? $136.30 11/15/22
Palmetto Elementary Science Butterfly Garden $52.20 11/08/22
Oakridge Middle Character Education We Dine Together/ Ambassador Club $1,200.00 10/26/22
BridgePrep Academy Health/P.E. Equipment sports and games $1,945.00 10/26/22
Knights Elementary Exceptional Child Ed Sensory Room $396.65 10/25/22
Wharton Senior High Music Getting On Top $1,155.79 10/24/22
West Shore Elementary Literacy One School One Book West Shore $1,994.65 10/24/22 3/31/23
Herbert Cambridge Elementary Art Fiber and Clay Fun! $420.87 10/19/22
Marco Island Charter Middle Character Education Family Backpack of Fun $937.90 10/18/22
Sea Gate Elementary Language Arts Classroom Transformations Make Learning Come Alive! $478.00 10/18/22
Washington B.T. Elementary Character Development Sounds of Joy* $2,000.00 10/18/22
Golden Terrace Elementary Language Arts Successful Story Creations $1,307.05 10/17/22
Pinecrest Elementary Technology Future Photographers $567.90 10/17/22
Herbert Cambridge Elementary Science Tie Dye T-shirts Show Our Spirit! $1,301.46 10/17/22
East Naples Middle Language Arts Graphic Novels a Novelty $450.00 10/17/22
Naples Park Elementary Science Learning at the Zoo $912.85 10/15/22
Clearwater Intermediate Other Incorporating Technolgy to Grow Digital Citizens $1,830.99 10/14/22
Barrington Middle School Exceptional Child Ed Accommodating for Invisible Disabilities* $1,700.00 10/10/22
Osceola Middle School Mathematics Tangible Learning $600.00 10/08/22
Turner Bartels K-8 Literacy Project Literacy! $797.80 10/06/22
Pride Elementary English Language Arts Flexible seating for young learners to enjoy learning* $1,416.00 9/28/22
Heritage Elementary Science Graph to 3D Bridge $1,049.00 9/27/22
Heritage Elementary Science Multisensory green approach to learning $325.00 9/27/22
PTC- Clearwater Campus Other FALL and ESOL $210.00 9/23/22
Village Oaks Elementary Technology Hear Ye! Hear Ye! $700.00 9/21/22
Lakewood High School Other Schoolwide Tardiness Initiative $593.74 9/20/22
East Naples Middle Other Celebrating the 8th Grade Class $2,000.00 9/20/22
Valrico Elementary English Language Arts Engaging Readers with Lively Text $351.90 9/20/22
Valrico Elementary Literacy Loving Literacy with Storyworks $429.59 9/19/22
Benito Middle School Literacy The hill we climb $1,009.00 9/19/22
Collier Charter Academy Other Financial Literacy & Reading $532.00 9/18/22
Oakridge Middle Character Education Cards For Veterans $429.00 9/17/22
Port Orange Elementary School Art What's Glowing On? $53.45 9/15/22
Timbercrest Elementary School Mathematics Math - FABULOUS Remediation $1,000.00 9/15/22
Sweetwater Elementary School Technology Wander and teach! $909.93 9/15/22
Sweetwater Elementary School Language Arts Projecting Learning $879.50 9/15/22
Timbercrest Elementary School Mathematics Sensation Scores Thru IXL Remediation $1,000.00 9/15/22
Timbercrest Elementary School Mathematics Maximum Math Movement $1,000.00 9/15/22
Symmes Elementary Character Development Shark Swim Together $2,000.00 9/15/22
Hinson Middle School Social & Emotional Learning TEAM: "Together Everyone Achieves More" in 7th Grade at Hinson Middle School $1,000.00 9/15/22
George Marks Elementary School Science Feed my Friends $1,000.00 9/15/22
Deltona High School Science Team Think Science $1,000.00 9/15/22
Mainland High School Language Arts Install a National English Honor Society $781.00 9/15/22
Pine Ridge High School Music More Musicians, Better Problems! $1,000.00 9/15/22
Starke Elementary School Music The Zen Den $409.95 9/15/22
Palm Terrace Elementary School Social & Emotional Learning Pre K POD Outdoor Learning Space $776.54 9/15/22
Spirit Elementary School Mathematics Mathtastic Square Foot Gardening $492.99 9/15/22
Creekside Middle School Science Science Success through Homeostasis $956.99 9/15/22
Orange City Elementary School Art Building Independence and Growing with STEAM $27.93 9/15/22
Enterprise Elementary School Language Arts Young Writers $306.03 9/15/22
Deltona Middle School Career & Technical Education Soiled Rotten $1,000.00 9/15/22
Silver Sands Middle School Career & Technical Education The Business Bonanza Blowout Show $998.43 9/14/22
Deltona Middle School Career & Technical Education Fishy Business $250.00 9/14/22
Coronado Beach Elementary School Science Pollinators Welcome! $461.00 9/14/22
Mainland High School Stem DNA - It's all about you $1,000.00 9/14/22
Pride Elementary Mathematics Math Games for Engagement $366.44 9/14/22
Cypress Creek Elementary School Stem Look What I can Do $874.40 9/14/22
Cypress Creek Elementary School Stem I want to hear the Story... $248.71 9/14/22
New Smyrna Beach Middle School Stem Power Under Pressure $200.00 9/14/22
Freedom Elementary School Language Arts Sunshine State Young Readers Award (SSYRA) Books $326.30 9/14/22
Indian River Elementary School Other Constructing Meals $339.94 9/14/22
Indian River Elementary School Other Sandsational $372.56 9/14/22
Deltona Lakes Elementary School Special Needs Students You've Got To Move It, Move It $837.80 9/14/22
Discovery Elementary School Social & Emotional Learning Diversity Dragons $1,000.00 9/14/22
Hinson Middle School Career & Technical Education The Legacy Project $1,000.00 9/14/22
Blue Lake Elementary School Science S.T.E.M. Plants $875.00 9/14/22
Atlantic High School Language Arts "Out of this World" Reading for Teens $300.00 9/14/22
DeLand High School Stem The Student Becomes a Teacher/ Lab Share $600.00 9/14/22