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Special Thanks to Our Presenting Partners

School Subject Project Amount Date Deadline
Azalea Middle School Science Jabil -Living Green @ Azalea Middle School- $899.50 4/28/21
Lealman Avenue Elementary School Technology Go Bolts Reaching the Goal $2,197.20 9/27/20
Blanton Elementary School Art Jabil -Expressive Technology using Paper Circuits $920.00 3/06/21
Ridgecrest Elementary School Technology Kindergarten Listening Center $635.97 7/25/19
Seminole High School Technology Savings Impact $1,000.00 9/06/19
Lealman Innovation Academy Other "ACH" "It Takes a Village" $1,773.00 11/03/20
Calvin A. Hunsinger Science "Are Viruses a Life Form?" - How the Unknown in Science Leads to Robust Learning Experiences
funded grant
Village Oaks Elementary Art "Brain Pop" $405.00 7/25/21
Elisa Nelson Elementary Stem "Go Bolts - STEM Starts with Critical Thinking and Problem Solving" $2,500.00 9/25/20
Skycrest Elementary School Stem "Go Bolts" Creativity and Makerspace $2,500.00 9/22/20
Morgan Fitzgerald Middle School Language Arts "Go Bolts-" Center for Gifted Studies @ MFMS $2,500.00 9/23/20
Calvin A. Hunsinger Science "It's All About the Genes" - Genetics Exploration for High School ESE Science Students $945.00 7/15/21
Gibbs High School Special Needs Students "Stuff the Bus" $470.00 9/23/20
Lealman Avenue Elementary School Technology "Suncoast-"technology to enhance Pre-k learning! $1,000.00 10/12/19
Lakewood High School Language Arts "The Poet X" A Culturally Relevant Coming of Age Novel-in-Verse $700.00 8/20/21 1/03/22
Lely High Other "When are you guys reopening the GARDEN?" = seeking connections in a cradle of commitment, respect, and love. The demand is there: help us fulfill it. $1,833.27 9/06/21 10/31/21
Calvin A. Hunsinger Mathematics "Why Can't Algebra be STEMulating?" Activities to Incease Learning in Algebra $575.00 7/15/21
Seacrest Country Day School - Lower School Science "Why try to explain a miracle to a child when you can have them plant a garden?" $170.00 8/09/21
Palmetto Elementary Social Studies #DiveDeep4SocialStudies $199.76 8/18/21
Schwarzkopf Elementary Science (Lego) WeDo STEM! $1,299.80 8/24/21
Walden Lake Elementary English Language Arts * Engaging Readers $2,000.00 7/15/21
Seminole Heights Elementary Literacy 1 Book, 1 School, 1 Super Community!
funded grant
Dr Carter G Woodson K-8 Mathematics 123...It's All About Math for Me!
funded grant
Panther Run Elementary Mathematics 2019-20 project $500.00 12/03/19
Barron Collier High Other 21st Century French Learners $1,993.36 8/12/21
Cypress Palm Middle Science 2nd Annual Classroom Outbreak: Glo Germ Mystery
funded grant
McNicol Middle Stem 3D Printer $1,414.00 9/29/16
Pine Jog Elementary Stem 3D Printer $1,750.00 1/25/18
Dunedin High School Technology 3D printer for the Library Makerspace $742.95 6/13/19
Gause Acad. Other 6Ps for Success School wide Dog Tag Program $500.00 9/30/16
Seacrest Country Day School - Lower School Character Education A Little Spot of Social Emotional Growth and Learning $1,997.50 9/13/21
Winston Elem. Language Arts A Little Wiggle Room Allowed $280.00 9/18/16
Oakridge Middle Language Arts A Picture Worth a Thousand Words: Graphic Novels $381.88 8/23/21
Lorenzo Walker Technical College Other A Tradition for Nursing $1,000.00 8/04/21
Brooker Creek Elementary School Health/P.E. ACH $1,076.41 10/30/20
High Point Elementary School Mathematics ACH - 3rd Grade Innovators $997.00 10/08/20
Morgan Fitzgerald Middle School Science ACH - Achieva Credit Union Grant Funds $1,000.00 10/29/20
PTC - St. Petersburg Campus Other ACH - Child Care Teacher Certification $1,700.00 10/08/20
Mildred Helms Elementary School Language Arts ACH - IB Learner Profile Libraries $6,514.40 10/08/20
Richard O. Jacobson Technical HS Art ACH - Printing For All $945.00 11/04/20
Tarpon Springs Middle School Other ACH - SUPERPOWERED Resilience Skills $989.45 10/08/20
Clearwater High School Other ACH - Technology for ESOL students $3,000.00 10/15/20
Marjorie K. Rawlings Elementary School Technology ACH ipads - Apps instead of Naps- No Zzzzzzzs! $990.00 10/14/20
Seminole High School Music ACH- great kids that need help for band! $1,000.00 10/07/20
Lealman Innovation Academy Language Arts ACH- Let's keep Reading! $829.96 10/08/20
Anona Elementary School Health/P.E. ACH- Music for a Healthier School! $1,029.00 11/04/20
Richard L Sanders Special Needs Students ACH- Promoting Positive Behavior $1,000.00 11/04/20
Marjorie K. Rawlings Elementary School Other ACH- Technology for Students $1,550.00 10/08/20
High Point Elementary School Language Arts ACH- Walter Kdg $858.00 9/19/20
Clearwater Fundamental Middle School Other ACH-Building Relationships $1,000.00 10/07/20
Gulf Beaches Elementary Magnet School Stem ACH-Capture Life in Pictures $981.02 11/05/20
Frontier Elementary School Language Arts ACH-Classroom reading encouragement $1,000.00 10/26/20
East Lake High School Technology ACH-Drawing Tablets $1,000.00 10/12/20
Palm Harbor University High School Science ACH-Exploring the World of Cells In the Digital Age $879.99 10/08/20
Thurgood Marshall Middle School Other ACH-Girlfriends of Thurgood Marshall Year of the Girl $950.00 10/10/20
Northeast High School Language Arts ACH-LoveReading $999.00 10/09/20
Meadowlawn Middle School Social Studies ACH-Online classroom success $500.00 11/05/20
East Lake High School Other ACH-Technology for Covid and Beyond $880.00 10/12/20
Osceola Middle School Language Arts ACH-Technology for Students $168.00 10/07/20
Skycrest Elementary School Language Arts ACH-Technology for Tykes $817.90 10/07/20
Palm Harbor University High School Social Studies ACH-textbooks $997.50 10/20/20
Gulf Beaches Elementary Magnet School Mathematics ACH-Write Math On, and On, and On $979.86 11/05/20
Lakewood High School Other Agriculture Chicken Raising Project $310.00 8/09/19
Walden Lake Elementary Other All Our Eagles in the Nest $2,000.00 8/13/21
Muller Elementary Character Development All Pro Dads Parental Mentoring and Community Building
funded grant
Lely High Language Arts All The World's A Stage
funded grant
Burnett Middle School Literacy Amazing School-Wide Book Read
funded grant
East Naples Middle Language Arts America the Beautiful Explore the U.S.A. Book Series $987.48 9/08/21
Atlantic TECHNICAL College & Technical HIGH SCHOOL Social Studies AP Psychology Disorders Classification & Understanding $1,293.50 12/15/14
Union Academy Technology Apples to Apples $489.80 9/02/16
Bok Academy Stem Arduino Starter Kits for Programming and Engineering $476.91 8/27/16
Administrative Center Art Around the World in 98 Days $620.00 9/13/21
SAWGRASS SPRINGS MIDDLE Other Arts and Crafts of Storytelling $930.00 7/30/13
Dunedin High School Special Needs Students Autism-Meeting the Need for Movement $401.10 6/04/19
Clearwater High School Other AVID College Field Trips $4,100.00 9/21/19
Valrico Elementary Science “Rock”ing Out in Science $1,800.00 8/28/21 12/17/21
Sabal Palm Elementary Language Arts B.E.S.T. Books for the Best Students! $321.77 9/12/21
Bay Point Middle School Other Bay Point Falcons On the Rise $2,000.00 8/16/21
Herbert Cambridge Elementary Character Education Be the 'I' in KIND $683.00 7/29/21
Lealman Avenue Elementary School Stem Bee Bots Bolting $520.75 10/07/20
Whispering Pines EDUCATION CENTER Special Needs Students BEHIND THE CHARMS $298.96 1/26/15
Veterans Memorial Elementary Language Arts Believe in Reading - Charlotte's Web
funded grant
Veterans Memorial Elementary Language Arts Believe in Reading - Unsinkable $123.80 8/23/21
Berkshire Elementary Language Arts Berkshire Dual Language Advance/Adelante Reading Program $91,000.00 5/24/18
Blanche Ely HIGH Technology Blanche Ely High School Ten80 NSL Racing Challenge $43.96 5/06/15
Winter Haven HS Stem Blood Typing Lesson $491.45 8/26/16
FLAMINGO ELEMENTARY Art Blooming Artists $315.70 1/26/17
Eden Park Elementary Stem Bobcat Boutique goes BLING $213.34 7/08/21
Boca Raton High Other Bobcat Spirit Program $24,890.00 11/16/18
Boca Raton High Other Bobcat Spirit Program $32,000.00 2/14/19
Boca Raton High Other Boca Raton High Water Polo Fundraiser $3,400.00 2/10/19
Boca Raton High Other Boca Raton Varsity Girls Golf Program $2,650.00 10/19/18
Bok Academy Stem Bok Makerspace $474.99 8/26/16
Hollywood Academy of Arts & Science Middle Language Arts Books for Book Club $115.00 9/15/16
Oakridge Middle Language Arts Books Full of Sunshine $286.70 8/03/21
Kathleen HS Social Studies Bored Games?!? $227.19 9/29/16
Highlands Elementary Mathematics Brag on Math $101.50 9/07/21
Veterans Memorial Elementary Mathematics Brain Checks! ✅
funded grant
Veterans Memorial Elementary Other Brains are Breaking out of the Box! $190.00 7/16/21
Eagles Landing Middle Other Brand New Drama Program $9,950.00 11/17/17
Marco Island Academy Mathematics Break Out Math, With Breakout EDU $403.39 8/04/21
Golden Terrace Elementary Stem Break Out Room- Academic Style! $655.00 7/26/21
Sea Gate Elementary Mathematics Break out the fun, with Breakout EDU! $191.53 9/13/21
Veterans Memorial Elementary Science Bright Brains $175.00 8/29/21
Veterans Memorial Elementary Other Bring in the Butterflies $323.96 9/07/21
Belle Glade Elementary Language Arts Bringing Reading To Life Through Listening and Learning $1,096.00 7/10/18
Lutz Elementary Science Bringing STEM to my female students and other second graders! $1,234.65 7/19/21
Cleveland Court Elem. Music Bucket Drumline STEAM Project $400.00 9/22/16
Seacrest Country Day School - Middle School Music Build A Band Room $1,826.00 8/11/21
Veterans Memorial Elementary Stem Build, Think and Find...Challenge Your MIND! $377.00 7/27/21
Washington B.T. Elementary English Language Arts Building a Nest of Support $1,999.84 8/18/21
Buckhorn Elementary Literacy