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Special Thanks to Our Presenting Partners

School Subject Category Project Amount Date Deadline
Paul B. Stephens Special Needs Students Extended Transition - Grant to renew my annual single user license for the Unique Learning System Transition Grade Band learning platform. $754.99 12/11/23
Garrison-Jones Elementary School Other Bilingual Circle time Rug - Rectangle - 8'4" x 11'8" $439.95 9/13/23
Veterans Memorial Elementary Mathematics Learning Aids Brain Checks! ✅ $38.15 7/13/24
Veterans Memorial Elementary Other Other "Bin" There, Done That! $93.00 7/18/24
Brandon Senior High School Career and Technical Other "Growing" Careers in Floral Design $1,882.36 7/15/24
Veterans Memorial Elementary Technology Electronics "Hear" to Succeed! $82.62 7/13/24
Gulf Coast High Stem Learning Aids "Spin Mini Masters: Harnessing Centrifugal Force in High School Ceramics" $140.00 7/16/24
Thompson Elementary School Other School-Wide, Grade-Level, Or Class Events/Programs "Sweet Success Cart: Treats to Fuel Your Learning!" $1,190.00 7/15/24
Panther Run Elementary Mathematics 2019-20 project $500.00 12/03/19
McNicol Middle Stem 3D Printer $1,414.00 9/29/16
Pine Jog Elementary Stem 3D Printer $1,750.00 1/25/18
Lakewood Elementary School Art 5th Grade Legacy Mural $1,000.00 10/31/23
Emma Love Hardee Elem. Stem 5th Grade Trip to Kennedy Space Center $690.00 3/14/24
Veterans Memorial Elementary Mathematics Electronics 5th Graders are kicking it with ClassKick! $155.88 7/10/24
Gause Acad. Other 6Ps for Success School wide Dog Tag Program $500.00 9/30/16
Ruskin Elementary School English Language Arts Other A Book in Every Hand $940.00 7/18/24
Winston Elem. Language Arts A Little Wiggle Room Allowed $280.00 9/18/16
Veterans Memorial Elementary Other Class Furniture A Photo to Remember $114.45 7/15/24
Lavern Gaynor Elementary Other School supplies A Place for Everything $300.00 7/16/24
Thompson Elementary School English Language Arts Class Furniture A reading space for me!* $549.93 7/19/24
Yulee Elementary Other A Welcoming Classroom Environment with Choice! $901.36 3/05/24 8/16/24
Eden Park Elementary Stem Class Furniture Access to Design Software $359.28 7/08/24
Yulee High Technology Accounting Adventures with the Federal Reserve $1,000.00 3/05/24
Barron Collier High Special Needs Students Class Furniture Active Minds: Enhancing Learning through Movement $1,857.00 7/13/24
Westgate Elementary School Science Admission To Florida Aquarium $660.00 8/14/23
Yulee Middle Mathematics Algebra Manipulatives $231.60 3/04/24
Emma Love Hardee Elem. Stem All "Wired" Up and Ready to Learn! $894.00 3/05/24
Mabry Elementary School Character Development School supplies ALL feelings matter! $214.95 7/15/24
Callahan Elementary Language Arts All in for ALL students $253.48 3/11/24
Fernandina Beach High Science Anatomy Activities $729.15 3/07/24
Bryceville Elementary Other Animal Non-Fiction for Little Learners $1,023.30 3/14/24
Atlantic TECHNICAL College & Technical HIGH SCHOOL Social Studies AP Psychology Disorders Classification & Understanding $1,293.50 12/15/14
Union Academy Technology Apples to Apples $489.80 9/02/16
Richard O. Jacobson Technical HS Other Appreciating our Community Supporters $1,000.00 8/08/23
Bok Academy Stem Arduino Starter Kits for Programming and Engineering $476.91 8/27/16
Hollins High School Other Artistic Signers $412.00 2/01/23
SAWGRASS SPRINGS MIDDLE Other Arts and Crafts of Storytelling $930.00 7/30/13
Woodlawn Elementary Other Attendance Incentives $400.00 8/14/23
Yulee Elementary Science Avian Habitat $1,000.00 3/07/24
Bardmoor Elementary School Health/P.E. Bardmoor Girls On The Run! $525.00 9/12/23
Wildlight Elementary School Other Beat the Clock: Gifted Breakout $1,191.00 3/14/24
Trapnell Elementary School Stem Other Becoming a Coding SpHERO $1,160.59 7/15/24
Lakeview Fundamental Elementary School STEM Bee Bots $1,319.90 8/25/23
Whispering Pines EDUCATION CENTER Special Needs Students BEHIND THE CHARMS $298.96 1/26/15
Berkshire Elementary Language Arts Berkshire Dual Language Advance/Adelante Reading Program $91,000.00 5/24/18
Azalea Middle School Other Bird Watching $250.00 8/03/23
Blanche Ely HIGH Technology Blanche Ely High School Ten80 NSL Racing Challenge $43.96 5/06/15
Winter Haven HS Stem Blood Typing Lesson $491.45 8/26/16
Veterans Memorial Elementary Mathematics Electronics Blooket Brainpower! $35.88 7/10/24
FLAMINGO ELEMENTARY Art Blooming Artists $315.70 1/26/17
Eden Park Elementary Entrepreneurship Class Furniture Bobcat Boutique Gives Back (IHS) $308.46 7/08/24
Eden Park Elementary Stem Class Furniture Bobcat Boutique Levels Up $360.14 7/08/24
Boca Raton High Other Bobcat Spirit Program $24,890.00 11/16/18
Boca Raton High Other Bobcat Spirit Program $32,000.00 2/14/19
Boca Raton High Other Boca Raton High Water Polo Fundraiser $3,400.00 2/10/19
Boca Raton High Other Boca Raton Varsity Girls Golf Program $2,650.00 10/19/18
Bok Academy Stem Bok Makerspace $474.99 8/26/16
Callahan Middle Mathematics Boogie Board Math $962.47 3/13/24
Callahan Middle Mathematics Boogie Board Math $962.47 3/13/24
Eden Park Elementary Language Arts Class Furniture Book Rewards to Refill the Vending Machine $372.05 7/08/24
Shadowlawn Elementary Language Arts School-Wide, Grade-Level, Or Class Events/Programs Books are Magic $353.00 7/15/24
Hollywood Academy of Arts & Science Middle Language Arts Books for Book Club $115.00 9/15/16
Kathleen HS Social Studies Bored Games?!? $227.19 9/29/16
Mintz Elementary School Literacy Learning Aids Brain Training for Collaborative Practices $1,980.00 7/16/24 8/30/24
Village Oaks Elementary Language Arts School-Wide, Grade-Level, Or Class Events/Programs Brainy Reading Bash $614.99 7/12/24 10/04/24
Eagles Landing Middle Other Brand New Drama Program $9,950.00 11/17/17
Riverview Elementary School Mathematics Learning Aids Bridging the Gap: Reaching Every Student! $2,000.00 7/17/24
Thompson Elementary School Exceptional Child Ed Learning Aids Bright Futures: Empowering Every Kindergartner with Essential Learning Aids $1,273.71 7/15/24
Belle Glade Elementary Language Arts Bringing Reading To Life Through Listening and Learning $1,096.00 7/10/18
Middleton High School Career and Technical Other Bronner Brothers Hair Show in New Orleans, LA Field Trip $1,684.73 7/15/24 8/13/24
Cleveland Court Elem. Music Bucket Drumline STEAM Project $400.00 9/22/16
Heritage Elementary School Stem School-Wide, Grade-Level, Or Class Events/Programs Build a Better Future Through Reading & STEM $363.41 7/15/24
Immokalee High Entrepreneurship School supplies Building Brand Identity for Local Hospitality II $1,500.00 7/14/24 10/31/24
Thompson Elementary School Exceptional Child Ed Learning Aids Building Strong Foundations in a Kindergarten Inclusion Class (KIC) $1,342.55 7/15/24
Pinellas Park Middle School Other Business Program Funding $1,000.00 9/08/23
Knights Elementary School Stem Learning Aids Byte-sized Learners: Empowering Rural Students with Computer Science $739.00 7/15/24
Yulee Middle Mathematics Calculator $333.12 3/04/24
Bauder Elementary School Other Calm Corner Kits $724.51 8/24/23
Southside Elementary Special Needs Students Calming/ Reset Room $1,119.86 3/14/24
CYPRESS ELEMENTARY Language Arts Can't Stop E-Reading! $379.96 4/14/14
Herbert Cambridge Elementary Health/P.E. School-Wide, Grade-Level, Or Class Events/Programs CCPS 5K 2024 $642.00 7/17/24
Union Academy Art Celebration Of Life $496.89 9/30/16
W. Nassau County High Art Ceramics $1,000.00 2/27/24
Veterans Memorial Elementary Mathematics Class Furniture Chair Pocket Buddies $177.98 7/09/24
Southside Elementary Language Arts Changing the World One Phoneme at a Time $1,001.59 3/14/24
Seminole Middle School Other Cheerleading $600.00 9/20/23
Limestone Creek Elementary Technology Chromebook Cart for Second Grade $14,000.00 10/23/19
Seminole Ridge High Science Chromebooks for Chemistry Class $6,552.12 10/30/19
Lealman Avenue Elementary School Other Citizen of the Month Awards and Speakers $729.30 8/11/23
Pine Jog Elementary Language Arts Class set of iPads - The Paperless Classroom Project $9,756.00 1/30/18
Tarpon Springs Middle School Other Classroom Calm Zone & PBIS Store $914.00 12/12/23
Belcher Elementary School Language Arts Classroom Carpet $429.00 8/03/23