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School Subject Project Amount Date Deadline
WINSTON PARK ELEMENTARY Stem “My Path Will Direct My Future” $1,149.46 1/22/14
Village Oaks Elementary Language Arts Wristbands for Readers $563.50 9/14/20
Heritage Elementary Music World Music Drumming! $1,914.38 8/06/20 12/11/20
Naples High Special Needs Students Work, Work, Work!!! $1,200.00 9/25/20
Lorenzo Walker Technical College Special Needs Students Work Compensation for Independent Spending $1,955.00 9/14/20
Veterans Memorial Elementary Language Arts Wonderful Writers OFF the Web $467.33 9/12/20
Forest Lakes Elementary School Other Wobble Baby Wobble - It Is All About The Choice! $464.49 6/19/19
Oscar Pope Elem. Special Needs Students Wigglers Need Wobble Chairs $489.65 9/29/16
Kathleen HS Social Studies Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, what! $59.80 9/29/16
Spessard Holland Elem. Language Arts Wiggle While You Work $69.75 9/29/16
Littlewood Elementary School Science Whoooo!!! Wants to Know What Owls Eat???? $71.00 9/22/17
eCollier Academy - Secondary (6 - 12) Language Arts White Boards Work Wonders $1,223.00 9/15/20
Lavern Gaynor Elementary Other Where Can I Find That Book? $350.00 9/15/20
Immokalee Middle Science What is inside?! An Introduction to Dissection $387.00 8/24/20
Immokalee Middle Science What Do Owls Eat? $1,973.72 8/25/20
Sheehy Elementary Character Development Wellness Library $755.24 8/04/20
Wellington High Other Wellington High School: Help us keep lunch time safe for all students! $63,845.00 8/18/20 11/02/20
Wellington High Other Wellington High Girls Golf
funded grant
Wellington High Other Wellington High Girls Golf $900.00 9/17/20
Sutherland Elementary School Other Welcome to My House $9,520.00 2/11/20
Sea Gate Elementary Special Needs Students Welcome to L.I.F.E. Learning is functional and engaging
funded grant
Pinecrest Elementary Character Education We Need Diverse Books!
funded grant
Oak Park Elementary Literacy We love graphic novels! $1,676.08 9/20/20
Irby Elementary School Stem We Can Build It $373.10 9/29/17
Bauder Elementary School Technology We "Tech"nically Love To Learn By "App"lying Ourselves $13,973.52 3/14/18
Mulberry High School Special Needs Students Water Cycle Kid's Exploration CBI $180.00 8/29/16
Benito Middle School Music Wanted: Future Musician! $1,063.73 9/18/20
Chain of Lakes Collegiate High School Language Arts Visual Media and Effective Journalism $209.96 8/26/16
Pinellas Park Elementary School Other Virtual learning and monitoring $699.00 7/28/20
Summer Reading Other Virtual Fill the Bus - Book Bus 2017 $9,700.00 3/05/17
Naples Park Elementary Special Needs Students Virtual Education on the Run! $419.99 8/14/20
Caldwell Elementary Mathematics Versatile Learning in Math with VersaTiles $249.95 9/22/16
Avalon Elementary Music Updating our musical groove!
funded grant
Clearwater High School Social Studies Unity Walk Essay Scholarships $3,000.00 1/05/20
Pelican Marsh Elementary Language Arts Unique to be me at PME $500.94 8/05/20
Lakeland Senior Social Studies Understanding Economics! $443.10 9/22/16
Kathleen HS Science Turtle Night Skies Conservation $500.00 9/30/16
Cypress Palm Middle Science Traveling Projects: Take Home Science $221.24 7/22/20
Sabal Palm Elementary Language Arts Top Score Writing $1,700.00 9/15/20
Cannella Elementary Science Tools for Scientists $434.00 9/09/20
Poinciana Elementary Stem To Plant a Garden is to Believe in Tomorrow $9,500.00 8/20/18
Auburndale HS Other Thespian Troupe #4096 -Drama Club $500.00 9/28/16
Palmetto Ridge High Professional Learning The Science of Life $1,973.10 9/09/20
North Lakeland Elem. Stem The Science of it All $500.00 9/28/16
Norton Elementary School Other The Leader In Me at Norton Elementary $7,480.00 7/07/17
Boca Raton High Music The Gentlemen's Club - suits for students $1,500.00 9/06/19
MAPLEWOOD ELEMENTARY Science The Children's Garden $1,150.00 7/31/13
Palm Beach Central High Stem The Bionic Broncos Team #6686 of Palm Beach Central High School $4,680.00 6/01/17
Hollywood Hills Elementary Music The Basic Beat $70.45 11/13/16
Ridgecrest Elementary School Language Arts The 4 C's of Seating $1,499.00 3/06/20
Christa McAuliffe Middle Language Arts The 21st Century Language Arts Classroom $9,030.00 12/08/17
Yulee High Mathematics Texas Instruments Graphing Calculators for AP Statistics and Physics 1 Honors Students $500.00 3/14/19
Riverside ELEMENTARY Mathematics Tenmarks for the Classroom $1,350.00 9/25/16
Blanche Ely HIGH Science Ten80 NSL Racing Competition $1,340.00 12/18/15
Fuguitt Elementary School Language Arts Technology to Create Better Readers $5,685.00 1/08/15
Lennard High Mathematics Technology Needed for Equitable Math Learning Opportunities $1,705.17 8/02/20
Marco Island Academy Social Studies Technology for Class Feedback, Management and Engagement $789.00 8/04/20
Lake Trafford Elementary Technology Technology Essential for Covid 19 $940.00 9/13/20
Highlands Elementary Science Technological Websites $350.00 7/27/20
Spanish River High Other TEAM BAGS for boys soccer $2,245.00 11/28/17
Sulphur Springs K-8 English Language Arts Teaching through the social distance $325.99 8/09/20
Corr Elementary Science Teaching Students to Question, Hypothesize, and Analyze Data $186.62 8/06/20
Mike Davis Elementary Language Arts Teaching for Change: Using mentor texts to promote social justice while improving reading and writing
funded grant
Hollywood Hills Elementary Other Teacher $519.86 10/10/16
Eden Park Elementary Technology Teach them with Read Alouds
funded grant
Kingsford Elem. Language Arts Tapping our way through Language Arts and Math with confidence $479.84 9/01/16
Administrative Center Special Needs Students Tackling the "Hidden Curriculum"! $1,986.80 8/10/20
Benito Middle School Literacy Tabling Tricks $1,969.93 9/17/20
Carlton Palmore Elem. Stem Tablets for STEM $480.00 9/23/16
Tampa Heights Elementary School - Magnet Literacy Swipe students into the 21st century success! $2,000.00 9/15/20
Littlewood Elementary School Special Needs Students Swing set frame for Adaptive Swings on Playground $1,019.00 8/29/17
Sheehy Elementary Science Supporting Sheehy Scholars Through Generation Genius $995.00 8/04/20
Jupiter High Other Support JHS Speech & Debate $3,600.00 8/15/19
Volusia Online Learning Other Supply Kits for Volusia Online Learning (VOL) Elementary Students $6,171.29 7/13/20
Panther Run Elementary Mathematics Supplies for centers and general classroom $400.00 9/16/18
OAKRIDGE ELEMENTARY Science Super Science Investigators $427.00 10/08/13
Bartow Elem. Acad. Other Sunshine State Superstars $402.54 8/30/16
Gulfview Middle Language Arts Sunshine State Readers!
funded grant
Cleveland Court Elem. Other Sunshine - " Funshine " Reading $203.85 9/09/16
San Jose Elementary School Stem Suncoast STEM fourth grade enhancement $987.00 10/14/19
Lakewood Elementary School Science Suncoast Reaching for the Stars $520.92 5/22/19
Muller Elementary Health/P.E. Sun Cover in the Sunshine State $2,000.00 7/28/20 12/01/20
Palm Beach Lakes High Music Sugar Bowl Halftime & Competition $105,000.00 11/26/18
Cleveland Court Elem. Language Arts Success with tablets $500.00 9/19/16
San Jose Elementary School Other Stuff the Bus $460.00 9/22/20 10/16/20
Eastside High School Special Needs Students Students ace their test with the scanning pen! $263.00 11/12/17
Village Oaks Elementary Other Student Planners $101.25 9/15/20
John Hopkins Middle School Mathematics Student Incentive Program: Real-World Rewards, for Real-World Results $6,500.00 6/25/19
Freedom High School Health/P.E. Student Athlete Support/Weight Room $1,982.00 8/06/20
Orange Grove Middle Magnet English Language Arts Strike the Imagination of 6th Graders! $390.00 9/23/20 12/18/20
Veterans Memorial Elementary Language Arts Storyworks Magazines Subscription $233.48 8/19/20
St. Petersburg High School Other Stewart Field Renovation and Turf Project $1,990,450.00 3/10/15
Caldwell Elementary Science STEM Tablets $499.98 8/26/16
Newberry High School Stem STEM Supplies and Equipment for Anatomy and Physiology $1,677.00 8/08/17
Herbert Cambridge Elementary Stem STEM Makerspaces- Marble Run
funded grant
Herbert Cambridge Elementary Stem STEM Makerspaces- Building with Magna Tiles
funded grant
Fairmount Park Elementary School Science STEM Educational Field Trip $802.27 1/16/20
Lake Trafford Elementary Stem STEAM-ing Through Virtual Reality $1,150.00 9/13/20
Blanton Elementary School Other STB Supplies $499.24 9/24/20
Marjorie K. Rawlings Elementary School Other STB Backpacks with Laptop Sleeve $500.00 9/25/20
Sandy Lane Elementary School Other STB at Sandy Lane $500.00 9/29/20
Southern Oak Elementary School Other STB - Supplies For Our SOE Owls $500.00 9/21/20
Anona Elementary School Other STB - Anona Elementary $497.36 9/21/20
Woodlawn Elementary Mathematics STB $500.00 9/28/20
Newberry High School History Standing Desks $1,200.00 9/27/17
Freedom High School English Language Arts Sports Photography Starts Now $899.00