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Special Thanks to Our Presenting Partners

School Subject Project Amount Date Deadline
Broward Elementary Mathematics Unlocking the Potential $1,463.72 8/15/19
Jupiter High Other Support JHS Speech & Debate $3,600.00 8/15/19
Atlantic High School Language Arts Creating an International Baccalaureate Mural $700.00 8/14/19
Manatee Elementary Stem Science Experiments $350.00 8/14/19
Highlands Elementary Science Mnemonic Devices $326.00 8/14/19
Dunbar Elementary Magnet Literacy Big Books for Shared Reading $486.98 8/13/19
Broward Elementary Science Technology and Teaching Resources for 21st Century Learners $1,959.19 8/13/19
Joseph L. Carwise Middle School Science Science Olympiad 2019 $500.00 8/13/19
Calvin A. Hunsinger Science ESE High School Science Students - Forensic Science ("The Case of the Needed Science Supplies")
funded grant
Calvin A. Hunsinger Science Micropipetting by Design 2; Hands on Science Activity for ESE Students $460.00 8/12/19
John Hopkins Middle School Social Studies ACH Supporting the Financial Literacy Requirement $3,331.64 8/12/19 12/20/19
Naples High Special Needs Students Golden Cafe Golden $1,500.00 8/12/19
Naples High Special Needs Students Can I buy that? $500.00 8/12/19
Naples High Special Needs Students Oh,The Places We'll Go!! $1,800.00 8/12/19
Eden Park Elementary Technology Additional Learning Through Technology $1,200.00 8/11/19
Golden Gate High Technology Immersive 3D Experience $500.00 8/10/19
Ippolito Elementary Science WeDo Too! $1,980.00 8/09/19
Oak Grove Middle School Other Reading Center for classroom $99.00 8/09/19
Sea Gate Elementary Special Needs Students Skills for Success in Life and Community $959.00 8/09/19
Lely High Special Needs Students SEARCHing for Rewards: Learning Job Skills at NCH Baker Hospital $600.00 8/09/19
Naples High Special Needs Students Vivacious, Vibrant, and Vital $566.96 8/09/19
Greco Middle School English Language Arts Increasing Engagement through Flexible Seating $2,000.00 8/09/19
Washington B.T. Elementary Science Blankenship's Bunch is Wild about Robots! $624.00 8/09/19
Lely High Other First Aid and CPR - First Reponders $724.67 8/09/19
Manatee Elementary Science Science Technology! $750.00 8/09/19
Jackson Elementary Music Music for All!: Essential Percussion Upgrade $247.78 8/09/19
FishHawk Creek Elementary Music Falcons are drumming off some STEAM! $1,958.80 8/09/19
Eden Park Elementary Health/P.E. Run for the Grit and a Little Bling! $497.00 8/09/19
Alonso Senior High English Language Arts Journalists Matter $499.99 8/09/19
Veterans Memorial Elementary Mathematics Brain Checks! ✅ $79.56 8/09/19
Corkscrew Middle Other Culinary Arts $1,943.97 8/09/19
Veterans Memorial Elementary Language Arts iPads Needed $651.98 8/09/19
Dunbar Elementary Magnet Science "WeDo" Love Lego Robotics! $1,711.00 8/08/19
Naples High Art Digital Drawings $1,998.75 8/08/19
Golden Gate Elementary Primary Language Arts iPads $1,916.00 8/08/19
Naples High Special Needs Students Cooking Up A Storm! $1,800.00 8/08/19
Broward Elementary Other No Child Left Behind: We Need Technology and Flexible Seating Too! $1,973.99 8/08/19
Broward Elementary Literacy Today's Readers =Tomorrow's Leaders $1,860.00 8/08/19
Lorenzo Walker Technical High School Language Arts Help Lorenzo Students Meet the Author of our Whole School Read
funded grant
8/08/19 11/30/19
Eden Park Elementary Stem 3D Printing for out STEAM Leaders! $1,194.73 8/08/19
Immokalee Middle Science What is inside?! An Introduction to Dissection $387.00 8/08/19
Manatee Elementary Music "Tickling the Ivories!" $1,950.00 8/07/19
Highlands Elementary Other Color the World $131.89 8/07/19
Manatee Elementary Music Whistling Wonderland $275.00 8/07/19
Lakewood High School Language Arts ACH- Lakewood High School Financial Literature $992.08 8/07/19
Golden Terrace Elementary Primary Language Arts Extra, Extra, Read All About It $244.00 8/07/19
Avalon Elementary Language Arts Reading the Best of the Best $175.00 8/06/19
Gulfport Elementary School Language Arts Book Club $605.00 8/06/19
Golden Gate Elementary Intermediate Health/P.E. Hit, Catch, & Throw! $1,475.00 8/06/19
Seminole Middle School Other Creativity for Gifted students $357.85 8/06/19
Pinellas Secondary Special Needs Students “ACH-" Removing Obstacles $1,000.00 8/05/19
Immokalee Middle Science Mysterious Mitosis & Meiosis! $459.00 8/05/19
Paul B. Stephens Special Needs Students ACH- Teaching Financial Literacy in Horticulture Program $1,000.00 8/05/19
Lake Trafford Elementary Stem ROOT the STEM of Robotics $1,699.00 8/04/19
Cypress Palm Middle Science Learn About Electrical Energy Through Paper Circuits $143.30 8/04/19
Cypress Palm Middle Science Audio Enhancement for High Tech Classroom $148.93 8/04/19
Alternative Schools Other Save a Life, "Stop the Bleed" $172.00 8/04/19
Lake Trafford Elementary Character Education Don't be a Character. Be Kind! $826.71 8/03/19
Golden Gate Elementary Intermediate Technology iLearn Through iPads $1,492.14 8/03/19
Immokalee Middle Science How Do Plants Breathe? $450.00 8/02/19
Immokalee Middle Science Oh no! We shrunk the Cells! $168.50 8/02/19
Immokalee Middle Science Up Close with...BONES! $326.50 8/02/19
Immokalee Middle Science BrainPop ELL Support! $380.00 8/02/19
Lely High Engineering Flexible Learning Environment $1,876.57 8/02/19
Laurel Oak Elementary Other INTO the WILD - An Outdoor Classroom $868.73 8/01/19
Golden Terrace Elementary Intermediate Language Arts Brag about Reading $199.50 8/01/19
Golden Terrace Elementary Intermediate Special Needs Students Everyone is Special when Learning to Code $434.00 8/01/19
Golden Terrace Elementary Intermediate Language Arts Snagging Reluctant Readers with Graphic Novels $500.00 8/01/19
Golden Gate High Special Needs Students Gardening at the Gate $471.57 7/31/19
Dixie Hollins High School Other ACH - Financial Literacy on the Yearbook Staff
funded grant
Dixie Hollins High School Language Arts Let them see their names in print! $988.00 7/31/19
Jefferson Senior High English Language Arts Literacy that Promotes Inclusion and Representation
funded grant
7/30/19 9/02/19
Immokalee High Science Investigation, Inspiration and Engagement! Bringing Science into the Digital Platform requires Laptops. $2,000.00 7/30/19 9/30/19
Palmetto Ridge High Social Studies Students Need More Resources To Help Them Pass Their AP World History Exam!! $914.80 7/30/19 10/01/19
Tommie Barfield Elementary Technology Terrific TBE Techies: Augmented Reality Holograms, Amazing Animations, Harry Potter Coding Wands, Robots & More! $1,964.95 7/30/19
Lely High Language Arts Taking Flight: Success Through a Study of Ourselves $1,214.00 7/29/19 9/13/19
Golden Gate High Language Arts Flexible Seating $300.00 7/29/19
Lynch Elementary School Other House Pride $660.00 7/28/19
Palmetto Elementary Special Needs Students Tools for Listening, Listening for Learning. $218.60 7/28/19
McMullen Booth Elementary School Special Needs Students Calming Sensory Tools for Students with Autism to Access Education $526.95 7/28/19
Lake Trafford Elementary Stem Using Robotics to Save the World $1,647.80 7/27/19
Osceola Elementary Science Language Arts and Science Integration through Picture-Perfect Stem $499.95 7/27/19
Palmetto Elementary Special Needs Students Fantastic Scholastic for Reading and Science!!
funded grant
Palmetto Ridge High Special Needs Students Bridging Gaps Through Doodling $747.00 7/26/19
First Baptist Academy Stem Anchors Away! Fun Friday S.T.E.A.M. Celebrations $200.09 7/26/19 9/30/19
First Baptist Academy Stem Undercover Genius $869.87 7/26/19
Palmetto Ridge High Special Needs Students Under Desk Pedals Provide Positive Productivity $300.00 7/25/19
Royal Palm Beach High Other Student Council Supplies $16,000.00 7/25/19 9/01/19
Manatee Elementary Stem Come Drone with Me $1,113.00 7/24/19
Highlands Elementary Language Arts TIME for Kids! $148.50 7/24/19
Poinciana Elementary Art Discovering Portraits $346.36 7/24/19
Seminole Middle School Mathematics ACH-Financial Literacy @ SMS $994.00 7/24/19
Highlands Elementary Other Flocabulary & BrainPOP Subscription $326.00 7/24/19
Marjorie K. Rawlings Elementary School Other Dads Breakfast $500.00 7/23/19 9/16/19
Oakridge Middle Language Arts Sunshine State Readers! $284.13 7/23/19
Manatee Elementary Technology Nearpod: Interactive Learning Tool $120.00 7/23/19
Lorenzo Walker Technical High School Other Stop Hiding Behind Masks $242.00 7/23/19
Veterans Memorial Elementary Language Arts O-Pen for learning! $33.60 7/23/19
Oakridge Middle Science Science Lit Circles $435.68 7/22/19
Oakridge Middle Science Out of this World $337.02 7/22/19
Frontier Elementary School Language Arts Fun Flexible Seating in First!
funded grant
Tommie Barfield Elementary Character Education Developing Each Student's Genius: Leader in Me $513.89 7/22/19
Lake Park Elementary Special Needs Students Cube Chairs for Comfort $370.00 7/22/19
Barron Collier High Science Landscape for Optimism $414.00 7/21/19
Vineyards Elementary Stem