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Special Thanks to Our Presenting Partners

School Subject Project Amount Date Deadline
Big Cypress Elementary Other Discovery Lab- Launching Leaders $838.35 10/20/19
Belle Glade Elementary Science Lego Robotics $230.00 10/20/19
Poinciana Elementary Special Needs Students We Stand for Success! $1,395.00 10/19/19
Brooker Elementary English Language Arts Spark a Love of Learning $1,989.93 10/18/19
John Hopkins Middle School Mathematics Eliminating our Lower 25%- Through Moby Max $2,102.00 10/17/19 11/01/19
Melrose Elementary School Social Studies Suncoast- Cultural Exchange between American and Jamaican Community in St. Pete $500.00 10/16/19 11/22/19
Robinson Senior High Literacy Researching Gun Use in our Community $1,799.10 10/15/19
Turkey Creek Middle School Literacy Comical Comprehension $1,536.00 10/15/19
Schmidt Elementary English Language Arts Word Mavens Need Materials! $300.46 10/14/19
Wimauma Elementary Literacy Readers are Leaders $2,000.00 10/14/19
San Jose Elementary School Stem Suncoast STEM fourth grade enhancement $987.00 10/14/19
Broward Elementary Mathematics Unlocking Engagement $1,610.00 10/14/19
Sawgrass Lake Elementary School Special Needs Students Suncoast - Excite - Engage - Learn - Generalize - Retain $930.68 10/14/19
Lealman Avenue Elementary School Other "Suncoast" ---PEARLs girls' club promotes self-esteem $1,000.00 10/14/19
Summerfield Elementary Mathematics Education through the Power of Technology $1,425.00 10/14/19
Summerfield Elementary Mathematics Innovative Education Leads to Excellence $1,425.00 10/14/19
Sawgrass Lake Elementary School Language Arts Suncoast - Hands on Retelling in Kindergarten $779.71 10/14/19
Dunedin High School Other Library $4,145.00 10/14/19
Schmidt Elementary Other iLearn with iPads! $1,999.98 10/14/19
Town and Country Elementary Science Town and Country's Day of Science $832.00 10/14/19
Leto Senior High Other PBIS/ Teacher Incentives $2,000.00 10/14/19
Essrig Elementary Literacy A Nightly Dose of Reading $826.00 10/13/19
Lealman Avenue Elementary School Technology "Suncoast-"technology to enhance Pre-k learning! $1,000.00 10/12/19
Leto Senior High Health/P.E. Student Athlete Support/Weight Room $1,999.00 10/11/19
Lealman Avenue Elementary School Stem Suncoast - Dream Vacations Inc. Needs Transportation $1,000.00 10/11/19
Wharton Senior High Character Development Bubble Student $1,197.37 10/11/19
Hunter's Green Elementary Science Springing Into STEM $1,715.05 10/11/19
Sawgrass Lake Elementary School Stem Suncoast - Kinder Kids Learning STEM through play $618.69 10/11/19
Melrose Elementary School Art Suncoast - Building Up Melrose Artists with Rigor and Relevance $948.59 10/10/19
Valrico Elementary Exceptional Child Ed Color Me Calm $902.44 10/10/19
Cork Elementary Other Learning with BrainPop! $2,000.00 10/09/19
Valrico Elementary Other I Speak Spanish...What's Your Super Power $1,053.16 10/09/19
Valrico Elementary Exceptional Child Ed Bringing Children’s Stories to Life! $529.81 10/09/19
Lamb Elementary Music Prodigies Music $1,152.00 10/08/19
Kimbell Elementary Character Development Every Student Matters - Morning Meeting Book $900.00 10/08/19
Leto Senior High Other Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports/ Student Incentives $2,000.00 10/08/19
Wilson Elementary Character Development Wildcats of Honor $535.23 10/08/19
King Senior High Music Production Equipment embellishments $1,478.84 10/07/19
Claywell Elementary Science Supersizing STEM Skills $1,737.90 10/07/19
Oak Grove Middle School Language Arts Suncoast Supporting Critical Thinking Through Escape Rooms $300.00 10/07/19
Claywell Elementary Science Making Our Garden Greener $400.44 10/07/19
Kimbell Elementary Art art displays $1,079.79 10/07/19
Turner Bartels K-8 English Language Arts iPads for Everything! $1,034.94 10/06/19
Lorenzo Walker Technical High School History Fund buses to go to Southwest Florida Military Museum for Veterans Week $150.00 10/06/19 10/31/19
Alonso Senior High Science Using 3-D Printing to Improve Model Rockets $833.77 10/04/19
Palm River Elementary English Language Arts I am ready to read! $288.00 10/04/19
Alafia Elementary English Language Arts W.O.R.D.S=Words Open Reading Doors $2,000.00 10/04/19
Sickles Senior High Music Keeping In Tune with Orchestra $2,000.00 10/04/19
Sickles Senior High Music Drum Majors, Is Your Band Ready? $2,000.00 10/04/19
Cork Elementary English Language Arts Reading Ready!!! $1,701.36 10/04/19
Turner Bartels K-8 Science STREAM! $1,734.80 10/03/19
Lely Elementary Language Arts And They Lived Happily Ever After... a Genre Study to Equalize Learning for All $1,977.00 10/03/19
Mike Davis Elementary Character Education SEL Inspirational Quote Project $396.25 10/02/19
Lely Elementary Other A Mobile Media Center! $1,524.00 10/02/19
Sullivan Partnership Elem Exceptional Child Ed Time on Task Chairs $788.60 10/02/19
Bloomingdale Senior High Literacy Digital Literacy for 2020 $1,707.15 10/02/19
Seminole Middle School Other Help our PBIS events $5,035.00 10/02/19
Lakewood Elementary School Health/P.E. Suncoast Health Plan $514.24 10/02/19
Shore Acres Elementary School Stem Sub Zero Nitrogen STEM Science Experience $460.10 10/01/19
Chiles Elementary Science Barter Bargains $600.00 10/01/19 3/28/20
Heritage Elementary English Language Arts The Reading Strategies Book Study $638.80 10/01/19
Gulfport Elementary School Stem Suncoast BUILDING minds $594.65 10/01/19
Washington B.T. Elementary Literacy We Love Animals! $1,998.59 10/01/19
Summerfield Crossing Elem Literacy Flexible Seating $1,719.96 10/01/19
Claywell Elementary Mathematics Diverse Bottom Quartile - SHOOTING FOR THE STARS!!! $1,859.96 10/01/19
Shields Middle School Career and Technical First Generation of Leaders -FBLA $1,905.00 9/30/19
Lealman Avenue Elementary School Language Arts Suncoast: Read a book, Hide a book, Find a book $945.00 9/30/19
Lealman Avenue Elementary School Language Arts Suncoast: LLL - Literacy Legacy at Lealman $945.00 9/30/19
Woodlawn Elementary Technology Document camera's, laptops and headphones $7,043.88 9/30/19
Knights Elementary Literacy Take home just right books $642.00 9/30/19
Symmes Elementary English Language Arts Book Vending Machine $1,900.00 9/30/19
San Jose Elementary School Stem Suncoast STEM Education Boost $987.00 9/29/19
Kimbell Elementary Other Cougar Cart $1,960.10 9/27/19 5/01/20
Melrose Elementary School Music Closing the achievement gap through the arts $781.00 9/27/19
Lakewood Elementary School Health/P.E. Scale $399.00 9/27/19
Golden Gate High Language Arts Whiteboard Tables $1,589.00 9/27/19
Benito Middle School Music Stand(s) Up for Music $1,454.64 9/27/19
Benito Middle School English Language Arts The Book Nook $552.54 9/26/19
Hunter's Green Elementary Music Turning the Tables for Orff Music $1,904.00 9/26/19
John Hopkins Middle School Other Learning Spanish with technology $949.90 9/25/19
Melrose Elementary School Music Suncoast Club Mel at Melrose Elementary $1,000.00 9/25/19
Hunter's Green Elementary Character Development Breaking Out: Escape Room Learning $1,248.84 9/25/19
Lutz Elementary Other Opening up new possibilities! $1,944.00 9/25/19
Oak Grove Middle School Language Arts Suncoast - Alternative Seating $981.92 9/24/19
Belleair Elementary School Language Arts Suncoast Classroom Flexible Seating Kore Preteen Stools $1,199.80 9/24/19
Valrico Elementary Character Development Valrico Character Runs Wild $1,850.00 9/24/19
Benito Middle School Science Space: The Final Frontier $740.35 9/24/19
Eisenhower Elementary School Language Arts Reading is Fun $990.00 9/24/19
Westgate Elementary School Language Arts Guiding our Reading $3,750.00 9/24/19
Lakewood Elementary School Science Suncoast - Reaching for the Stars $520.92 9/24/19
Frontier Elementary School Mathematics Suncoast-Title I School Flexible Seating $954.43 9/23/19
Southern Oak Elementary School Language Arts Fresh Books for 4th Grade $1,000.00 9/23/19
Eisenhower Elementary School Special Needs Students Suncoast Literacy in Prek $625.82 9/23/19
Pinellas Park High School Music NYC culminating performance field trip $1,061.00 9/23/19 10/30/19
Golden Terrace Elementary Intermediate Stem STEM Makerspaces- Building with Magna Tiles $55.00 9/23/19
Clearwater High School Other AVID College Field Trips $4,100.00 9/21/19
Immokalee Middle Science Having a ball! Improving Classroom Engagement for ALL Learners! Hear and Be Heard!
funded grant
Valrico Elementary English Language Arts It's All About the Details! $1,126.20 9/20/19
Golden Terrace Elementary Primary Language Arts Reading Bags $198.00 9/20/19
Knights Elementary Exceptional Child Ed Successful Environments $663.93 9/20/19
Muller Elementary Health/P.E. Sports Training Equipment $1,200.00 9/20/19
Golden Gate Middle Science Force and Motion $270.00 9/20/19
Wharton Senior High