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Special Thanks to Our Presenting Partners

School Subject Project Amount Date Deadline
Valrico Elementary Mathematics Math Professional Development $540.00 3/04/21 5/28/21
Dunbar Elementary Magnet Other Morning Show Equipment Update $1,992.00 3/03/21
High Point Elementary School Stem Jabil- Code that Robot! $894.00 3/02/21
Anona Elementary School Stem JABIL - Innovating with 3D printing
funded grant
Southern Oak Elementary School Stem Jabil Osmo Coding Lab $1,000.00 2/25/21
Blanton Elementary School Stem Jabil-I only speak CODE
funded grant
Southern Oak Elementary School Stem Jabil Osmo Coding Lab $2,152.00 2/24/21
PACE Center for Girls -Alternative Schools Science Growing for Good $419.30 2/22/21
Village Oaks Elementary Language Arts Celebration Station $322.00 2/22/21 3/26/21
Curlew Creek Elementary School Technology BRING BACK THE MAGIC!!! $0.00 2/21/21
Joseph L. Carwise Middle School Language Arts STUDENTS SAVE THE WORLD ONE BOOK AT A TIME $610.00 2/17/21
Dunedin High School Special Needs Students MobyMax subscription
funded grant
Lealman Avenue Elementary School Technology Technology to Engage Learning $878.88 1/28/21
Simmons Exceptional Center Exceptional Child Ed Stretching to healthy and better living!! $285.00 1/26/21
Pelican Marsh Elementary Language Arts PME is DIVERSITY $357.72 1/22/21
Maximo Elementary School Language Arts Fluency and Fitness (phonics)
funded grant
Mendez Center Exceptional Child Ed Shoot for the Stars
funded grant
Calvin A. Hunsinger Special Needs Students Encouraging Positive Behavior at Calvin $500.00 1/19/21
Blake Senior High Literacy An Oasis of #OwnVoices and High Interest Books to Vanquish the Book Dessert $2,000.00 1/15/21
Tampa Heights Elementary School - Magnet Social Studies "UNPACKING" Cultures to K-5 Classrooms $2,000.00 1/13/21
Dunbar Elementary Magnet Science Plants $930.00 1/13/21
Plant City Senior High Career and Technical Save the Woodshop $1,713.36 1/13/21
Thurgood Marshall Middle School Other Expressions of Girlfriends of Thurgood Marshall
funded grant
Lealman Avenue Elementary School Health/P.E. Suncoast -Let's Play!
funded grant
Parkside Elementary Science A Garden Classroom $307.44 12/17/20
Steinbrenner High School History Unknown: Memorializing the Forgotten Past through Student Public Art
funded grant
Knights Elementary Literacy Classroom Library Series Collection $688.00 12/16/20
Pinellas Park Elementary School Music Dry Erase & Music Writing $129.90 12/11/20
Riverview Senior High Social Studies AP Microeconomics Ultimate Review Packet
funded grant
Woodbridge Elementary Literacy Wild About Reading
funded grant
Kenly Elementary Health/P.E. Miles for Smiles
funded grant
Riverview Senior High Career and Technical Capstone Project Driving Simulator
funded grant
John M. Sexton Elementary School Health/P.E. Sembler - Physical Education Reimagined $2,500.00 12/07/20
Bay Crest Elementary Science Full STEAM ahead! $695.73 12/03/20
Brandon Senior High English Language Arts Literacy for ELL Students $151.48 12/02/20
PACE Center for Girls -Alternative Schools Other Fidget and Stress-Relief Items for Girls with Trauma
funded grant
Lopez ESE Career and Technical Our Garden $1,460.00 11/10/20
Summerfield Elementary Exceptional Child Ed Exceptionally Scientific Readers $1,987.00 11/09/20
Mendenhall Elementary Science Life Cycle Exploration $349.00 11/09/20
Lutz Elementary Other Bringing Stem to the Classroom
funded grant
Mendenhall Elementary Science STEM- Materials for Investigations $152.50 11/08/20
Lopez Elementary Music Sing a New Song!
funded grant
Mendenhall Elementary Other Story Champs academic language cirriculum $338.00 11/06/20
Mendenhall Elementary Mathematics Writing Tablets for Small Groups
funded grant
Gulf Beaches Elementary Magnet School Mathematics ACH-Write Math On, and On, and On $979.86 11/05/20
Gulf Beaches Elementary Magnet School Stem ACH-Capture Life in Pictures $981.02 11/05/20
Meadowlawn Middle School Social Studies ACH-Online classroom success $500.00 11/05/20
Richard L Sanders Special Needs Students ACH- Promoting Positive Behavior $1,000.00 11/04/20
Anona Elementary School Health/P.E. ACH- Music for a Healthier School! $1,029.00 11/04/20
Richard O. Jacobson Technical HS Art ACH - Printing For All $945.00 11/04/20
East Naples Middle Language Arts TORQUE LITERACY TOUCHDOWN STAR READERS $638.40 11/03/20
Lealman Innovation Academy Other "ACH" "It Takes a Village" $1,773.00 11/03/20
High Point Elementary School Language Arts Suncoast- Listening Center During Covid
funded grant
Northwest Elementary School Special Needs Students ACH- Flexible Seating is Fun for Learning
funded grant
Palmetto Elementary Special Needs Students Carefully Calculating Our Way Through Number Problems $249.90 10/31/20
Knights Elementary Technology Let's Get Techy! $1,645.00 10/30/20
Seminole Ridge High Other HAWKS SOCCER $5,000.00 10/30/20
Brooker Creek Elementary School Health/P.E. ACH $1,076.41 10/30/20
Palmetto Elementary Special Needs Students Handwriting w/o Tears & Talk,Write and Draw Program $478.00 10/29/20
Morgan Fitzgerald Middle School Science ACH - Achieva Credit Union Grant Funds $1,000.00 10/29/20
Miles Elementary Character Development PBIS Treasure Box
funded grant
Golden Terrace Elementary Technology Speak Up! $600.00 10/27/20
Frontier Elementary School Language Arts ACH-Classroom reading encouragement $1,000.00 10/26/20
Eden Park Elementary Technology Let's Get Doodly $164.00 10/25/20
Dunbar Elementary Magnet Literacy Serving Book Taco to All Students
funded grant
Village Oaks Elementary Language Arts Soft seating for learning $209.97 10/23/20
Dunbar Elementary Magnet Literacy Brag Tags for All, K-5
funded grant
Palmetto Elementary Language Arts Celebrating Reading Success for ALL students! $600.00 10/23/20
Sabal Palm Elementary Other Individual PreK Learning Activities $331.90 10/22/20
Village Oaks Elementary Other Flexible Seating $279.96 10/22/20
Golden Gate Elementary Character Education Rockin Leaders $842.09 10/21/20
Palm Harbor University High School Social Studies ACH-textbooks $997.50 10/20/20
Calusa Park Elementary Special Needs Students Super Sensory Seating! $642.53 10/19/20
Lorenzo Walker Technical High School Language Arts Bringing Visual Arts to our Whole School Read: graphic novels request $488.70 10/19/20
Golden Terrace Elementary Science Metamorphosis Before Our Eyes $334.75 10/18/20
Golden Gate Elementary Language Arts The Fabulous 50 States $778.05 10/18/20
Golden Terrace Elementary Other Leading the Way in Fifth Grade $391.50 10/18/20
Golden Terrace Elementary Other Leading the Way in Fourth Grade $391.50 10/18/20
Golden Terrace Elementary Other Leading the Way in Second Grade $391.50 10/18/20
Turkey Creek Middle School Technology Dedicated technology for the ACCESS program $1,781.61 10/17/20
Golden Terrace Elementary Other Leading the Way in Technology $391.50 10/17/20
Golden Terrace Elementary Other Leading the Way in Third Grade $391.50 10/17/20
Herbert Cambridge Elementary Technology Learn Creatively Through OSMO $199.00 10/16/20
Tommie Barfield Elementary Language Arts Ledoux's Little Listeners Need Help $562.20 10/16/20
Anona Elementary School Health/P.E. Go Bolts- Sensory Paths for Improved Academic Performance $1,100.00 10/16/20
Freedom High School Health/P.E. Student Athlete Support/Weight Room $1,995.85 10/16/20
Morgan Fitzgerald Middle School Science Go Bolts - Phantoms with a Passion for Learning $2,420.00 10/15/20
Clearwater High School Other ACH - Technology for ESOL students $3,000.00 10/15/20
Symmes Elementary Literacy Shake Up the Shelves $403.75 10/15/20
Bay Point Elementary School Language Arts GOOOOOO BOOLLTTS!! $2,310.00 10/15/20
Maximo Elementary School Stem Go Bolts- Zap Us into the Future! $1,925.90 10/14/20
Marjorie K. Rawlings Elementary School Technology ACH ipads - Apps instead of Naps- No Zzzzzzzs! $990.00 10/14/20
Webb Middle School Character Development Positive Behavioral Systems
funded grant
Davis Elementary Exceptional Child Ed Zenergy Seating for ESE students $513.00 10/12/20
Eisenhower Elementary School Stem Go Bolts-Scoring in STEM and Diversity $2,480.27 10/12/20
Fuguitt Elementary School Technology Go Bolts- Learning with Technology $1,316.00 10/12/20
East Lake High School Other ACH-Technology for Covid and Beyond $880.00 10/12/20
East Lake High School Technology ACH-Drawing Tablets $1,000.00 10/12/20
High Point Elementary School Stem ACH-- STEM exploration $948.86 10/11/20
Thurgood Marshall Middle School Other ACH-Girlfriends of Thurgood Marshall Year of the Girl $950.00 10/10/20
Skycrest Elementary School Health/P.E. Suncoast- Skycrest Tumblers
funded grant
Marjorie K. Rawlings Elementary School Health/P.E. Go Bolts- Border Barriers $2,299.00 10/09/20
Northeast High School Language Arts ACH-LoveReading $999.00 10/09/20
Richard L Sanders Language Arts Instructional/Teacher $790.00 10/08/20
PTC - St. Petersburg Campus Other ACH - Child Care Teacher Certification $1,700.00 10/08/20
Tarpon Springs Middle School Other ACH - SUPERPOWERED Resilience Skills $989.45 10/08/20
Palm Harbor University High School Science ACH-Exploring the World of Cells In the Digital Age $879.99 10/08/20
Mildred Helms Elementary School Language Arts ACH - IB Learner Profile Libraries $6,514.40 10/08/20
Marjorie K. Rawlings Elementary School Other ACH- Technology for Students $1,550.00 10/08/20
Webb Middle School English Language Arts Reading Engagement through Flexible Seating $1,000.00 10/08/20
Brandon Senior High Career and Technical Coding for Fun $486.36 10/08/20
Thurgood Marshall Middle School Technology ACH-Future Drone Pilots of America! $122.99 10/08/20
Clearwater Fundamental Middle School Science RJ - Supporting Collaborative Students