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School Subject Project Amount Date Deadline
Cypress Woods Elementary School Language Arts Critical Thinking for All Students $750.00 1/24/20
Melrose Elementary School Other Mindfulness at Melrose: Foundations for Success $515.00 1/22/20
Plant City Senior High Career and Technical Electrathon program $1,752.00 1/21/20
Lynch Elementary School Science Jabil- Ozobots for EBD!
funded grant
Fairmount Park Elementary School Science STEM Educational Field Trip $802.27 1/16/20
Lakewood High School Technology Jabil - LHS Networking Lab
funded grant
Woodlawn Elementary Technology Document camera's and headphones $2,837.00 1/16/20
Dover Elementary Literacy Nature & Nurture $861.65 1/15/20
Palmetto Ridge High Special Needs Students Escape Rooms - Taking Learning to the Next Level $550.00 1/12/20
Everglades City School Other ServSafe Culinary Arts Certification
funded grant
Clark Elementary Exceptional Child Ed Technology in their hands $641.32 1/09/20
Thurgood Marshall Middle School Other Girlfriends of Thurgood Marshall-Universoul Circus $500.00 1/09/20 2/14/20
Kimbell Elementary Literacy New Teacher needs Classroom Books $398.00 1/08/20
Safety Harbor Elementary School Health/P.E. Head Start to Healthy Hearts $895.00 1/06/20
Richard O. Jacobson Technical HS Art Future of Education Technology Conference $1,500.00 1/06/20
Clearwater High School Social Studies Unity Walk Essay Scholarships $3,000.00 1/05/20
Northwest Elementary School Special Needs Students Just Breathe and Move Mindfully $1,625.00 1/05/20
Maximo Elementary School Stem We Are Go For Launch to Kennedy Space Center! $1,224.00 1/03/20 2/14/20
Pinellas Park Elementary School Science Adventure Under the Sea $1,000.00 12/18/19 2/17/20
Fairmount Park Elementary School Science Fairmount Park Science Showcase $820.00 12/12/19
Ridgecrest Elementary School Language Arts The 4 C's of Seating $1,499.00 12/11/19 1/31/20
Blake Senior High Literacy Transforming Mirrors into Windows and Doors into the Diverse World Using ProjectLit and Woke Books $2,000.00 12/11/19
South County Career Center Art Black Light Art Show $529.35 12/11/19 3/11/20
Don Estridge High Tech Middle Special Needs Students Flexible Seating $679.31 12/11/19
Lealman Avenue Elementary School Health/P.E. Wooooosh, do you hear the ball going through the net....I wish we could! $800.00 12/10/19
Burns Middle School English Language Arts Holocaust Novel Literature Circles $1,245.50 12/10/19
Oak Grove Middle School Language Arts Motivate Me! $250.00 12/09/19
South County Career Center Career and Technical Job Hunting Handbook $290.00 12/09/19
Village Oaks Elementary Art Personalize t-shirts with student Art work-Heat Press Transfer Machine $647.89 12/08/19
East Naples Middle Mathematics Exit Static Bulletin Boards $1,347.00 12/06/19
Seminole Ridge High Other JROTC Hawk Battalion - Help us SOAR $31,200.00 12/05/19
Mendenhall Elementary Science Mendenhall Tiger GarDen Project $1,600.00 12/05/19
Muller Elementary Music Costumes 2 Inspire Tiny Dancers $1,575.00 12/04/19
Panther Run Elementary Mathematics 2019-20 project $500.00 12/03/19
Richard O. Jacobson Technical HS Science National Student Nursing Association Attendance $975.00 12/02/19 3/15/20
Richard O. Jacobson Technical HS Mathematics Advanced Math for Everyone
funded grant
Maximo Elementary School Stem STEMfusion Field Trip-Aerospace Center for Excellence
funded grant
PACE Center for Girls -Alternative Schools Other Relaxation and Stress-Relief Items for Girls with Trauma
funded grant
PACE Center for Girls -Alternative Schools Other Calm Corner for Trauma-Informed Classrooms $804.00 11/26/19
Campbell Park Elementary School Mathematics Stem Field Trip $1,000.00 11/24/19
Clark Elementary Other Spiral Binder for Spiral Learning $324.80 11/23/19 4/20/20
Eisenhower Elementary School Technology iPads for ELL students $700.00 11/22/19
Corkscrew Elementary Technology OSMO Coding Awbie $177.98 11/22/19
Muller Elementary Character Development Leaders WIN! $2,000.00 11/22/19
PACE Center for Girls -Alternative Schools Other Sensory objects for academic success $500.00 11/21/19
Campbell Park Elementary School Science The Forces & Motion at work in Skydiving $1,972.25 11/21/19
Mann Middle School Other Mann Makers Make $1,452.00 11/18/19
Sawgrass Lake Elementary School Language Arts Building Little Readers $3,100.00 11/18/19
Village Oaks Elementary Other Panther Pride Picture Gallery $1,286.00 11/18/19
Campbell Park Elementary School Stem Suncoast - Academic Growth Field Trip $1,000.00 11/17/19
Jefferson Senior High Art Art Alive $1,600.00 11/16/19 5/07/20
Mintz Elementary Other Wellbeing Suite $968.00 11/14/19 3/13/20
Spanish River High Other Spanish River High School Boys Soccer Uniforms $7,460.00 11/14/19
South County Career Center Character Development Senior Field Trip $550.00 11/13/19
Clair Mel Elementary Other Enhance and stimulate cognitive development and improve classroom focus/attention for learning. $1,319.47 11/12/19
Oak Park Elementary Other Music, Technology, Props-Read! $1,914.00 11/12/19
Progress Village Middle Magnet Other Little Theatre $493.00 11/08/19
John M. Sexton Elementary School Health/P.E. Sembler- Making P.E. Great Again $2,495.68 11/07/19
Sandy Lane Elementary School Other Magical Maker Space $3,903.82 11/06/19
Coleman Middle English Language Arts Engineering the Perfect Poem $650.00 11/05/19 3/13/20
Dover Elementary Music Readig Through Science- EL Curriculum $678.00 11/04/19
West Tampa Elementary Literacy Tired of Reinventing the Wheel $1,350.00 11/04/19
Conniston Middle Other Help Support Conniston Athletics!!! $3,600.00 11/04/19 4/30/20
Woodlawn Elementary Other Outdoor Classroom-Growing as we Grow $3,370.00 10/31/19
Seminole Ridge High Science Chromebooks for Chemistry Class $6,552.12 10/30/19
Dr Carter G Woodson K-8 Science Technology to STEM Future Leaders!!! $1,416.99 10/29/19
Eisenhower Middle School Literacy Technology Engagement Through Literacy $2,000.00 10/23/19
Limestone Creek Elementary Technology Chromebook Cart for Second Grade $14,000.00 10/23/19
Eisenhower Middle School Literacy Read-cation! $1,999.00 10/22/19
Sabal Palm Elementary Language Arts Instruction through Digital Innovation (IDI) Teacher Needs iPads $1,980.73 10/21/19
Big Cypress Elementary Other Discovery Lab- Launching Leaders $838.35 10/20/19
Belle Glade Elementary Science Lego Robotics $230.00 10/20/19
Poinciana Elementary Special Needs Students We Stand for Success! $1,395.00 10/19/19
Sabal Palm Elementary Language Arts Top Score Writing $2,000.00 10/18/19
Brooker Elementary English Language Arts Spark a Love of Learning $1,989.93 10/18/19
Blake Senior High Literacy Graphic Novels and Illustrated Fiction: A Universal Language for All Students $2,000.00 10/17/19
Sergeant Smith Middle English Language Arts Technology in the classroom using Nearpod Gold edition $469.00 10/16/19
Kenly Elementary Literacy More Books in More Hands $1,888.18 10/15/19
Schwarzkopf Elementary Exceptional Child Ed Excited Readers $400.00 10/15/19
James Elementary Character Development Smooth Ride to Success $499.90 10/15/19
Robinson Senior High Literacy Researching Gun Use in our Community $1,799.10 10/15/19
Turkey Creek Middle School Literacy Comical Comprehension $1,536.00 10/15/19
Randall Middle School Art Flexiblity A'LL
funded grant
Schmidt Elementary English Language Arts Word Mavens Need Materials!
funded grant
Wimauma Elementary Literacy Readers are Leaders
funded grant
San Jose Elementary School Stem Suncoast STEM fourth grade enhancement $987.00 10/14/19
Broward Elementary Mathematics Unlocking Engagement $1,610.00 10/14/19
Wharton Senior High English Language Arts Translation Access for ALL ESL Students $1,908.00 10/14/19
Broward Elementary Mathematics Growing our Math Brains $1,982.80 10/14/19
Summerfield Elementary Mathematics Education through the Power of Technology $1,425.00 10/14/19
Summerfield Elementary Mathematics Innovative Education Leads to Excellence $1,425.00 10/14/19
Summerfield Elementary Science STEM-sational Stations $520.00 10/14/19
Broward Elementary Literacy Differentiated Instruction with Technology $2,000.00 10/14/19
Dunedin High School Other Library $4,145.00 10/14/19
Schmidt Elementary Other iLearn with iPads! $1,999.98 10/14/19
Town and Country Elementary Science Town and Country's Day of Science
funded grant
Leto Senior High Other PBIS/ Teacher Incentives $2,000.00 10/14/19
Essrig Elementary Literacy A Nightly Dose of Reading
funded grant
Lealman Avenue Elementary School Technology "Suncoast-"technology to enhance Pre-k learning! $1,000.00 10/12/19
Broward Elementary Literacy Literacy Center $1,200.00 10/11/19
Leto Senior High Health/P.E. Student Athlete Support/Weight Room
funded grant
Wharton Senior High Character Development Bubble Student
funded grant
Hunter's Green Elementary Science Barleycorn to Fahrenheit: $1,973.00 10/11/19
Hunter's Green Elementary Science Springing Into STEM $1,715.05 10/11/19
Valrico Elementary Exceptional Child Ed