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Individuals, organizations and businesses are encouraged to invest in the creativity of a teacher to bring amazing learning experiences to their students. To get started, simply click on a grant below to view the details and fund online.


School Subject Project Amount Date Deadline
Golden Gate Elementary Intermediate Character Education Pathway to Success $626.77 1/05/18
Pinellas Park Middle School Science Jabil - STEM Astronomy Club Field Trip $1,000.00 12/11/17 12/22/17
Campbell Park Elementary School Stem JABIL- MOSI $1,000.00 12/10/17
Bay Point Middle School Stem Jabil - Hands on STEM Field Trips $980.00 12/09/17
Boca Ciega High School Other Jabil AP Computer Science Principles - Coding your own Robot $959.70 12/08/17
Bear Creek Elementary School Stem Jabil - STEM Enrichment Robotics Coders $974.96 12/08/17
Bay Point Middle School Stem Jabil-STEM: Flight and Space $999.95 12/08/17
Bay Point Middle School Stem Jabil-STEM: Middle School Middle Ages $960.90 12/08/17
Christa McAuliffe Middle Language Arts The 21st Century Language Arts Classroom $9,030.00 12/08/17
Maximo Elementary School Other Jabil-Full STEAM ahead $911.62 12/07/17
Bayside High School Mathematics Math/STEM Skills Platform $2,000.00 12/06/17
Northwest Elementary School Other Sembler- Meeting the Needs of Diverse Learners $2,500.00 12/05/17
5000 Role Models Other Request funds for programming and operation of 5000 Role Model Program
funded grant
Panther Run Elementary Mathematics Classroom supplies $100.00 12/03/17
Spanish River High Other Spanish River Girls Basketball $4,150.00 12/02/17
Woodlawn Elementary Technology Showbie pro subscription $1,000.00 11/29/17
Campbell Park Elementary School Other SEMBLER - Opening up the world around us
funded grant
Spanish River High Other TEAM BAGS for boys soccer $3,200.00 11/28/17
Alachua Elementary School Other Help Our Media Center! $1,079.92 11/27/17
Seventy-Fourth Street Elementary School Language Arts Sembler
funded grant
Egret Lakes Elementary Science Microscopes with Macro-hopes $445.00 11/18/17 5/01/18
Ridgecrest Elementary School Stem Sembler - Ridgecrest STEM Enrichment with Legos
funded grant
Eisenhower Elementary School Stem Engage today's Students $508.84 11/18/17
Golden Terrace Elementary Intermediate Mathematics Techy Teaching $394.00 11/17/17
Golden Terrace Elementary Intermediate Mathematics Techy Teaching $394.00 11/17/17
Golden Terrace Elementary Intermediate Mathematics Techy Teaching $394.00 11/17/17
Pine Jog Elementary Science Pine Jog Hydroponic and Ground Gardens $2,000.00 11/16/17
Blanton Elementary School Other Sembler - Restorative Practices in Action: Social Skills for Today's Students
funded grant
Seminole Ridge High Other Seminole Ridge Hawks Softball Program $5,035.85 11/15/17
Dixie Hollins Adult Education Center Language Arts Dig into Reading! $147.03 11/15/17
Seminole Ridge High Language Arts Scholly App for all my students $359.98 11/15/17 12/16/17
Eastside High School Stem Ignite. Imagine. Innovate. $1,800.00 11/13/17
Eastside High School Other Sea World End of the Year Field Trip $600.00 11/13/17
Eastside High School Language Arts Literacy & Writing through Media $299.75 11/13/17
Eastside High School Science Resources for the Brain Bee $85.00 11/13/17
Eastside High School Technology Long-life learners $1,310.00 11/12/17
Eastside High School Special Needs Students Students ace their test with the scanning pen! $263.00 11/12/17
Azalea Elementary School Language Arts Next Step Guided Reading Assessment Kit Grades 3-6 $486.41 11/11/17
Veterans Memorial Elementary Other Osmo the New Age Learning Game! $289.96 11/10/17
Largo High School Other Opening Doors Of Possibilities $3,650.00 11/09/17
Pinellas Central Elementary School Mathematics Math Club and Core - Intervention and Enrichment $695.00 11/09/17
Hamilton Disston Other Service Learning Through Sewing $420.00 11/08/17
Calvin A. Hunsinger Special Needs Students FTBS-Classroom Supplies $100.00 11/08/17
Walton Education Foundation Literacy Test 2 $15.00 11/08/17
Immokalee Middle Science Importance of Listening $98.45 11/07/17
Orange Grove Elementary School Other class gathering carpet $399.46 11/06/17
Eastside High School Other Congres de la Langue et de la Culture francaise $1,500.00 11/03/17 3/01/18
Marjorie K. Rawlings Elementary School Language Arts Rawlings Road to Reading! $1,425.00 11/02/17
Estates Elementary Language Arts Top Score Writing $400.00 11/01/17
Sanderlin PK-8 Social Studies Focus on Learning, Learning to Focus! $421.93 10/31/17 1/19/18
Lakewood High School Stem CompTIA A+ Certifications $1,880.00 10/30/17
Woodlawn Elementary Special Needs Students Engaging Special Needs Students to Increase Student/Teacher Performance $999.74 10/30/17
Veterans Memorial Elementary Language Arts iPads Needed $967.84 10/30/17
Gulf Coast High Science MIT Interactive Models for Hands on DNA manipulation $1,400.00 10/27/17
Palm Harbor Community Other Bus Passes to Attend GED Classes at Palm Harbor Community School $2,000.00 10/27/17
Sanderlin PK-8 Other Design Our Way $966.79 10/26/17 12/22/17
Palmetto Ridge High Language Arts Help us elaborate! - on our writing $650.10 10/23/17
Golden Gate Elementary Intermediate Special Needs Students "Reading is dreaming with open eyes" $312.18 10/22/17
Golden Gate Elementary Intermediate Special Needs Students Big and Bold: Stepping Stones, From Concrete to Conceptual $995.88 10/18/17
Golden Gate Elementary Primary Technology Apples For Education $320.00 10/18/17
Dixie Hollins Adult Education Center Stem Gardening with STEMs $500.00 10/17/17
Bay Point Middle School Other Search, Solve, Escape - Breakout $250.00 10/17/17
Golden Gate Elementary Intermediate Other California Dreamin' $245.00 10/16/17
Azalea Elementary School Special Needs Students Service Learning Challenge- ASD Coffee Kart $1,037.00 10/16/17 6/01/18
Largo Middle School Mathematics FTBS - Math Work Station $99.17 10/15/17
Lealman Avenue Elementary School Other “Service Learning Challenge-"PEARLs girls help children in need" $500.00 10/14/17
Emerald Coast Middle School Low Performing Students Clickity Click & Make it Stick
funded grant
Calvin A. Hunsinger Special Needs Students FTBS-Documented Learning Gains $100.00 10/13/17
Triangle Elementary Science Get Us To Sea World $2,800.00 10/13/17 1/03/18
Largo High School Other FTBS-AVID classroom school supplies for students in need $99.00 10/13/17
Paxton School Teaching Quality Clickers for our Classroom- “Assist”ing our students future
funded grant
Golden Gate Elementary Primary Other Keep It Organized $185.40 10/13/17
Calvin A. Hunsinger Science FTBS-Classroom Supplies for Special Needs Science Students $100.00 10/12/17
Calvin A. Hunsinger Special Needs Students FTBS- Supplies for High Needs Students $100.00 10/12/17
Triangle Elementary Social Studies Get Them Reading, Writing, Thinking and Talking! $847.00 10/12/17
Seminole Middle School Stem STEM Snap Circuits $349.90 10/11/17
East Lake High School Language Arts FTBS - Supplies for Student Success $100.00 10/11/17
Freeport Elementary Literacy Laptops for Over-the-Top Growth
funded grant
Palm Harbor Middle School Language Arts FTBS- Language Arts Supplies
funded grant
Tarpon Springs Middle School Mathematics FTBS-Glue Sticks and Expo Markers $141.79 10/10/17
Minneola Elementary Art Fine Motor for the Young and Young at Heart $499.80 10/10/17
New Heights (Tyrone) Elementary School Other FTBS- Creative Writing $102.91 10/10/17
Bay Point Middle School Stem FTBS - Supporting Science and STEM $99.72 10/10/17
Northwest Elementary School Language Arts FTBS- Supplies for needy Students
funded grant
Seminole Middle School Mathematics FTBS - Dry Erase Markers for kids $93.77 10/09/17
Maximo Elementary School Language Arts FTBS Grant
funded grant
St. Petersburg High School Other FTBS-Suppliies for School $95.29 10/09/17
Sunset Hills Elementary School Other FTBS school supply assistance
funded grant
PTC - St. Petersburg Campus Mathematics FTBS School Supplies $100.00 10/09/17
Lakewood High School Stem FTBS - Getting students the basic supplies to succeed in the classroom $99.54 10/09/17
Gulf Beaches Elementary Magnet School Special Needs Students FTBS - Back to school supplies
funded grant
Cypress Ridge Elementary Special Needs Students Unique Rug for Unique Learners $385.04 10/09/17
Calvin A. Hunsinger Special Needs Students FTBS-With the Supplies You Need, You WILL Succeed! $100.00 10/09/17
Gulf Beaches Elementary Magnet School Other Readers Theater $1,000.00 10/09/17
Osceola Middle School Language Arts FTBS- Help keep students engaged $0.00 10/09/17
Seminole High School Science FTBS-$100.00 Grat for school supplies $100.00 10/09/17
Calvin A. Hunsinger Special Needs Students Breakfast of (Behavior) Champions! $250.00 10/09/17
Naples Park Elementary Technology Find Your Voice $191.00 10/09/17
Bay Point Middle School Other Search, Solve, Escape - Breakout $250.00 10/07/17
Golden Gate Elementary Intermediate Language Arts Ipads $1,645.00 10/06/17
Curlew Creek Elementary School Special Needs Students Communication aides $2,145.00 10/05/17
Barron Collier High Technology BCHS Live-Stream Crew $1,939.97 10/05/17
Golden Gate High Professional Learning JROTC support of Honor Flight $1,960.00 10/05/17 6/01/18
Golden Gate High Stem GGH Army JROTC SeaPerch COmpetition $1,818.00 10/05/17 12/15/17
Sunset Hills Elementary School Special Needs Students No Obstacles In Learning $892.92 10/05/17
Dixie Hollins Adult Education Center Other Organize to Optimize Success $301.65 10/05/17
Dixie Hollins Adult Education Center Other Moving Forward One Step at a Time $800.00 10/05/17
Azalea Elementary School Other Service Learning Challenge $499.86 10/04/17
Tavares Middle Science In need of some Fire $1,199.52 10/04/17
Maximo Elementary School Other Girlfriends Program $500.00 10/04/17
Vineyards Elementary Technology Instruction Through Digital Innovation $748.00 10/04/17
Golden Gate High Music Choral Dresses $1,925.00 10/03/17
Golden Terrace Elementary Intermediate Music Using Music to Reach All $101.96 10/03/17
Astatula Elementary Special Needs Students Making Connections with K'Nex $166.32 10/03/17
Calvin A. Hunsinger Special Needs Students Enterprising Our Way to a Successful Life $1,250.00 10/02/17
Anona Elementary School Stem HOPS - Hands On Problem Solving for 4th and 5th graders $1,460.00 10/02/17
Maude Saunders Elementary STEM Education LEGO in STEM Education
funded grant
Lakewood Elementary School Other Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports School-Wide Incentives $1,500.00 9/30/17