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Individuals, organizations and businesses are encouraged to invest in the creativity of a teacher to bring amazing learning experiences to their students. To get started, simply click on a grant below to view the details and fund online.


School Subject Project Amount Date Deadline
Cross Creek School Special Needs Students Enhance Classroom Environment/Social SkillsI $0.00 12/16/14
Sawgrass Lake Elementary School Language Arts Ten Championship Titles $0.00 8/13/17
Osceola Middle School Language Arts FTBS- Help keep students engaged $0.00 10/09/17
4What Test School History Test Grant $8.00 4/13/14
Walton Education Foundation Literacy Test 2 $15.00 11/08/17
Dunedin Highland Middle School Language Arts FTBS-AVID binders $28.76 8/15/18
Spessard Holland Elem. Language Arts Gonna work on the floor? Let me grab my lap desk! $34.95 9/29/16
Veterans Memorial Elementary Technology iTools with our iPads!
funded grant
Kathleen HS Social Studies Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, what! $59.80 9/29/16
Golden Gate Elementary Intermediate Technology Computer time!
funded grant
Lake Park Elementary Language Arts Vocabulary Mania $64.98 8/14/18
Spessard Holland Elem. Language Arts Wiggle While You Work $69.75 9/29/16
Kathleen HS Social Studies Don't worry, Be Happy!!! $69.79 9/29/16
Corkscrew Elementary Social Studies Fifty Nifty United States
funded grant
Eastside High School Science Resources for the Brain Bee $85.00 11/13/17
Palmetto Elementary Special Needs Students Fantastic Scholastic for Reading and Science!!
funded grant
Veterans Memorial Elementary Other 3rd Graders shed some "light" in groupwork!
funded grant
Lealman Innovation Academy Special Needs Students FTBS $90.00 8/15/18
Seminole Middle School Mathematics FTBS - Dry Erase Markers for kids $93.77 10/09/17
Bardmoor Elementary School Other FTBS-Classroom supplies $94.92 10/20/17
St. Petersburg High School Other FTBS-Suppliies for School $95.29 10/09/17
Hollywood Hills Elementary Music The Basic Beat $70.45 11/13/16
Littlewood Elementary School Science Whoooo!!! Wants to Know What Owls Eat???? $71.00 9/22/17
Largo High School Other FTBS-AVID classroom school supplies for students in need $99.00 10/13/17
Anona Elementary School Other FTBS - Classroom Supplies $99.28 8/15/18
Morgan Fitzgerald Middle School Language Arts FTBS- Class supplies for students $99.43 8/15/18
Lakewood High School Stem FTBS - Getting students the basic supplies to succeed in the classroom $99.54 10/09/17
Bartow Senior Mathematics math & notes make a perfect "pear" $99.96 9/22/16
Seminole High School Science FTBS-$100.00 Grat for school supplies $100.00 10/09/17
Calvin A. Hunsinger Special Needs Students FTBS-With the Supplies You Need, You WILL Succeed! $100.00 10/09/17
East Lake High School Language Arts FTBS - Supplies for Student Success $100.00 10/11/17
Calvin A. Hunsinger Science FTBS-Classroom Supplies for Special Needs Science Students $100.00 10/12/17
Calvin A. Hunsinger Special Needs Students FTBS-Documented Learning Gains $100.00 10/13/17
Safety Harbor Middle School Social Studies FTBS - Supplies for Success $100.00 10/19/17
Calvin A. Hunsinger Special Needs Students FTBS-Classroom Supplies $100.00 11/08/17
Bardmoor Elementary School Other FTBS- Help us be ready $100.00 8/14/18
Calvin A. Hunsinger Science FTBS-Classroom Supplies for Special Needs Science Students $100.00 8/14/18
Fuguitt Elementary School Special Needs Students FTBS-Supplies for kids in need $100.00 8/14/18
Midtown Academy Science FTBS-Science Lab $100.00 8/14/18
Osceola Middle School Language Arts Close the Gap Habits for HS College and Career $100.00 8/14/18 4/30/19
Dixie Hollins High School Language Arts FTBS - high needs school $100.00 8/15/18
Dunedin Highland Middle School Language Arts FTBS- binder notebooks $100.00 8/15/18
Bay Point Middle School Science FTBS - Interactive Science Notebooks $100.00 8/15/18
Clearwater High School Language Arts FTBS $100.00 8/15/18
Osceola Middle School Language Arts FTBS-Classroom supplies for engaging lessons $100.00 8/15/18
Bay Point Elementary School Other FTBS-School Supplies Needed $100.00 8/15/18
Osceola Middle School Mathematics FTBS-OsceolaMiddleSchool $100.00 8/15/18
Seminole Elementary School Science FTBS $100.00 8/16/18
Dunedin Highland Middle School Special Needs Students FTBS- Dunedin Highland Middle School Reading Classes $100.00 8/16/18
Campbell Park Elementary School Language Arts FTBS $100.00 8/16/18
Kingsford Elem. Mathematics Hands on Learning in Math $107.94 9/28/16
Hollywood Academy of Arts & Science Middle Language Arts Books for Book Club $115.00 9/15/16
Eden Park Elementary Science 2nd Grade Insect Adventures
funded grant
Manatee Elementary Technology Nearpod: Interactive Learning Tool
funded grant
Eisenhower Elementary School Language Arts Success in Guided Reading $127.00 9/25/17
Forest Lakes Elementary School Language Arts Watch Us Grow Portfolios $130.00 6/14/17
Veterans Memorial Elementary Language Arts O-Pen for learning! $139.50 7/14/18
John Snively Elem. Language Arts It's Not Just about the Pictures $139.80 9/29/16
Tarpon Springs Middle School Mathematics FTBS-Glue Sticks and Expo Markers $141.79 10/10/17
Loughman Oaks Elem. Social Studies Literacy Across Content $144.64 8/26/16
Golden Terrace Elementary Intermediate Science That Owl Ate What??? $151.00 8/05/18
McMullen Booth Elementary School Language Arts Boys Books $153.04 6/12/18
Palmetto Ridge High Stem Teaching Chemistry and STEAM Concepts While Making Soap $160.00 7/21/18
Astatula Elementary Special Needs Students Making Connections with K'Nex $166.32 10/03/17
Eden Park Elementary Stem Osmo for Learning $168.00 7/02/18
Lake Park Elementary Language Arts Leading and Reading with Digital Citizenship $169.51 7/16/18
PERRY, ANNABEL C. ELEMENTARY Language Arts Peewee Podcasting! $175.00 10/22/14
Bardmoor Elementary School Other Like learning at Starbucks $175.52 8/15/18
Avalon Elementary Science Sprouting our Wings in Second Grade!
funded grant
Eden Park Elementary Technology We can ALL hear you! $179.00 7/07/18
Mulberry High School Special Needs Students Water Cycle Kid's Exploration CBI $180.00 8/29/16
Laurel Oak Elementary Language Arts More "Charm" + More "Sunshine" = Successful Readers! $182.97 8/04/18
Mike Davis Elementary Language Arts Soaring to Reading and Sight Word Success ! $189.95 7/19/18
Corkscrew Elementary Language Arts Give ALL Students a Voice! $191.00 8/12/18
Blanche Ely HIGH Technology Blanche Ely High School Ten80 NSL Racing Challenge $43.96 5/06/15
Bright Horizons Center Special Needs Students Going Green-er! $170.68 11/05/14
Avalon Elementary Mathematics We Can All Learn, Differentiated Literacy Centers!
funded grant
Citrus Ridge: A Civics Academy Technology Let's Make a Movie $200.00 9/07/16
Meadowlawn Middle School Language Arts By adding a kindle, you're adding another teacher. $200.00 6/07/17
First Baptist Academy Science Creating a Magnetic Masterpiece $200.00 7/11/18
Campbell Park Elementary School Other Mary Alice Farrar Grant
funded grant
Palmetto Ridge High Science Studying Chemical Thermodynamics While Making Safe Burning Candles, Determining Melting Points, and Graphing Cooling Curves $200.00 7/21/18
Cleveland Court Elem. Other Sunshine - " Funshine " Reading $203.85 9/09/16
Chain of Lakes Collegiate High School Language Arts Visual Media and Effective Journalism $209.96 8/26/16
Veterans Memorial Elementary Technology Set the Tone with new HeadPhones! $210.00 7/14/18
Curlew Creek Elementary School Language Arts 3rd Grade Writing Units of Study Writing Rock Stars $165.00 4/12/18
Palmetto Ridge High Science Chemical Glass Etching - Chemical or Physical Change? $222.60 7/21/18
Kathleen HS Social Studies Bored Games?!? $227.19 9/29/16
John Snively Elem. Language Arts Relax and Read -- Reading Nook $234.87 9/26/16
Veterans Memorial Elementary Technology Charging up iPads! $237.42 7/13/18
Immokalee High Technology Learn At My Own Pace $240.00 8/09/18
Golden Terrace Elementary Intermediate Stem STEAM forward with Family Involvement $241.62 8/05/18
Campbell Park Elementary School Other Arts and Crafts Supplies $247.00 3/03/17
Cleveland Court Elem. Other Histories Mysteries $249.90 9/13/16
Caldwell Elementary Mathematics Versatile Learning in Math with VersaTiles $249.95 9/22/16
Lena Vista Elem. Language Arts Classroom Library $250.00 9/21/16
Calvin A. Hunsinger Special Needs Students Breakfast of (Behavior) Champions! $250.00 10/09/17
Calvin A. Hunsinger Special Needs Students This One's for You, Mom! $250.00 3/07/18
Bartow Elem. Acad. Technology Electronic Portfolios for Students $255.00 9/09/16
Immokalee High Mathematics Helping math "click" $257.70 7/10/18
Eastside High School Special Needs Students Students ace their test with the scanning pen! $263.00 11/12/17
Spook Hill Elem. Special Needs Students Community Workers Help Us Communicate! $271.72 9/26/16
Immokalee Middle Science Field Trip to the Conservancy of Southwest Florida $274.00 8/16/18 10/01/18
Seventy-Fourth Street Elementary School Technology Jaguar News Crew $275.00 9/21/17
Forest Lakes Elementary School Language Arts We Are Kindergarten Publishers....Again! $275.00 10/24/17
Calvin A. Hunsinger Special Needs Students Learning to Self-Regulate - Sensory Area for ESE Students $275.00 11/06/17
Manatee Elementary Mathematics Crack the Lock to Escape $275.00 8/06/18
Immokalee Middle Science Field Trip to Naples Botanical Garden $275.00 8/16/18
Winston Elem. Language Arts A Little Wiggle Room Allowed $280.00 9/18/16
Pasadena Fundamental Elementary School Mathematics Making Math Count $280.00 3/12/18
Palmetto Ridge High Character Education Creating Highly Effective Teens $284.04 7/17/18
John Snively Elem. Language Arts Ignite a Love for Reading $285.76 9/28/16
Veterans Memorial Elementary Technology Time Management Helpers $287.97 7/13/18
Palmetto Ridge High Special Needs Students College Connection $290.00 7/18/18
Golden Terrace Elementary Intermediate Stem Let there be light! $293.64 8/13/18
First Baptist Academy Language Arts Morning Tub Marvel $294.00 7/09/18
Palmetto Ridge High Language Arts Striving Readers Build Skills Through Collaborative Learning $296.72 7/26/18 9/20/18
Kathleen Mid. Technology Go pro with GoPro! $299.00 9/21/16
Seminole Middle School Language Arts Reading Counts! $299.90 1/16/18
Maximo Elementary School Stem Jabil - STEAM through Legos $299.90 3/28/18
SAWGRASS SPRINGS MIDDLE Social Studies Live at the "Civics" Center...Supreme Court Actions $280.00 8/14/13
Banyan Elementary Special Needs Students Leap into Reading $300.00 12/15/14
Jewett SOA Technology Going on a Trip, A Little Virtual Trip $300.00 9/28/16
Sawgrass Lake Elementary School Other ACH- College Pennants $300.00 8/19/17
Irby Elementary School Art Embroidery Art Project $300.00 1/17/18
Palmetto Ridge High Language Arts