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Individuals, organizations and businesses are encouraged to invest in the creativity of a teacher to bring amazing learning experiences to their students. To get started, simply click on a grant below to view the details and fund online.


School Subject Project Amount Date Deadline
Cross Creek School Special Needs Students Enhance Classroom Environment/Social SkillsI $0.00 12/16/14
Sawgrass Lake Elementary School Other ACH- College Pennants $0.00 8/13/17
Sawgrass Lake Elementary School Language Arts Ten Championship Titles $0.00 8/13/17
Education Foundation High Art Spreading the Wings of Arts Integration $1.00 7/18/17
4What Test School History Test Grant $8.00 4/13/14
Spessard Holland Elem. Language Arts Gonna work on the floor? Let me grab my lap desk! $34.95 9/29/16
Veterans Memorial Elementary Technology Noise Management Made Fun! $38.71 7/26/17
Eden Park Elementary Stem Video This... $42.99 7/01/17
Dania ELEMENTARY Special Needs Students Fall into Reading $50.00 10/16/15
Veterans Memorial Elementary Language Arts Privacy Shields to Keep our Work Private $55.05 7/21/17
Eden Park Elementary Mathematics Can you hear me now? $57.98 7/01/17
Kathleen HS Social Studies Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, what! $59.80 9/29/16
Spessard Holland Elem. Language Arts Wiggle While You Work $69.75 9/29/16
Kathleen HS Social Studies Don't worry, Be Happy!!! $69.79 9/29/16
Golden Terrace Elementary Intermediate Language Arts Brag about Reading $75.00 8/10/17
Palmetto Elementary Special Needs Students TIME for Kids $77.52 7/17/17
Veterans Memorial Elementary Technology Time Management Helpers $82.23 7/21/17
Alternative Schools Other Positive Student Success $90.00 7/22/17
Alternative Schools Other Mind Over Graduation Matters $95.00 7/22/17
Hollywood Hills Elementary Music The Basic Beat $70.45 11/13/16
Lake Park Elementary Language Arts Boost Memory and Learning with Music $96.00 8/12/17
Bartow Senior Mathematics math & notes make a perfect "pear" $99.96 9/22/16
Kingsford Elem. Mathematics Hands on Learning in Math $107.94 9/28/16
Hollywood Academy of Arts & Science Middle Language Arts Books for Book Club $115.00 9/15/16
Lely High Technology Business and Technology Magazines $115.84 8/15/17
Estates Elementary Stem Kindergartners Can Code! $119.99 7/19/17
Immokalee High Mathematics Math at Your Own Pace $120.00 7/11/17
Manatee Middle Science Bringing Science To Life $121.00 8/12/17 12/31/17
Forest Lakes Elementary School Language Arts Watch Us Grow Portfolios $130.00 6/14/17
Vineyards Elementary Language Arts Florida Reads are paradise $133.90 8/11/17
John Snively Elem. Language Arts It's Not Just about the Pictures $139.80 9/29/16
Eden Park Elementary Stem Let's Listen Together $139.90 7/01/17
Vineyards Elementary Language Arts Florida Reads are a Hoot! $142.25 8/11/17
Pelican Marsh Elementary Science Where the Wild Things Are-Insect Life Cycles in Third Grade $143.50 7/11/17
Loughman Oaks Elem. Social Studies Literacy Across Content $144.64 8/26/16
Oakridge Middle Science Mineral ID $160.00 8/11/17
PERRY, ANNABEL C. ELEMENTARY Language Arts Peewee Podcasting! $175.00 10/22/14
Mulberry High School Special Needs Students Water Cycle Kid's Exploration CBI $180.00 8/29/16
Sea Gate Elementary Engineering STEM Engineering, Build Me A Car $183.90 7/18/17
Lost Lake Elementary Stem Life Cycle of the chicken $13.89 4/23/15
Mike Davis Elementary Language Arts Soaring to Sight Word and Reading Success ! $189.95 8/12/17
Vineyards Elementary Language Arts Big Friendly Great reads $190.50 8/11/17
Village Oaks Elementary Stem Unlocking Engineering Potential $190.65 7/18/17
Blanche Ely HIGH Technology Blanche Ely High School Ten80 NSL Racing Challenge $43.96 5/06/15
Bright Horizons Center Special Needs Students Going Green-er! $170.68 11/05/14
Citrus Ridge: A Civics Academy Technology Let's Make a Movie $200.00 9/07/16
Meadowlawn Middle School Language Arts By adding a kindle, you're adding another teacher. $200.00 6/07/17
Palmetto Ridge High Stem Green Chemistry - Making Biodegradable Plant Based "Styrofoam" $200.00 7/24/17
Palmetto Ridge High Science Chemical Glass Etching - Chemical or Physical Change? $200.00 7/24/17
Palmetto Ridge High Science Making Safe Burning Candles, Determining Melting Points, and Graphing Cooling Curves $200.00 7/15/17
Naples Park Elementary Special Needs Students Learn English, increase fluency $200.17 7/17/17
Immokalee High Science Zippity Quick Grading $200.83 8/09/17
Cleveland Court Elem. Other Sunshine - " Funshine " Reading $203.85 9/09/16
Alternative Schools Other Celebrating Success While Increasing the Graduation Rate $207.36 7/22/17
Chain of Lakes Collegiate High School Language Arts Visual Media and Effective Journalism $209.96 8/26/16
Palmetto Elementary Special Needs Students Watch Us Grow $210.00 7/17/17
Vineyards Elementary Language Arts Be witching reads $211.75 8/11/17
Vineyards Elementary Science Interacting in Note Taking $218.53 8/12/17
Lake Trafford Elementary Other Wiggle, Wiggle $221.28 7/18/17
Palmetto Ridge High Stem Teaching Chemistry and STEAM Concepts by Making Natural Soaps $225.00 7/15/17
Kathleen HS Social Studies Bored Games?!? $227.19 9/29/16
John Snively Elem. Language Arts Relax and Read -- Reading Nook $234.87 9/26/16
High Point Elementary School Language Arts Read Aloud Books $235.01 8/04/17
Palmetto Ridge High Stem Making Colorful Fishing Lures and Charms While Teaching Chemistry & Electricity $240.00 7/15/17
Lake Park Elementary Language Arts Interactive Reading $240.00 8/12/17
Lake Park Elementary Mathematics Math is Fun $240.00 8/12/17
Campbell Park Elementary School Other Arts and Crafts Supplies $247.00 3/03/17
Laurel Oak Elementary Language Arts A "Charm"ing Classroom Filled with Sunshine! $247.09 7/13/17
Cleveland Court Elem. Other Histories Mysteries $249.90 9/13/16
Caldwell Elementary Mathematics Versatile Learning in Math with VersaTiles $249.95 9/22/16
Lena Vista Elem. Language Arts Classroom Library $250.00 9/21/16
Sea Gate Elementary Geography Have Stamp Will Travel $250.00 7/20/17
Bartow Elem. Acad. Technology Electronic Portfolios for Students $255.00 9/09/16
Oakridge Middle Language Arts It's Not Square to be in a Literature Circle $262.25 7/20/17
Lely High Language Arts The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins $268.79 8/07/17
Spook Hill Elem. Special Needs Students Community Workers Help Us Communicate! $271.72 9/26/16
Big Cypress Elementary Special Needs Students Empowering a Growth Mindset for Students with Disabilities $276.00 7/12/17
Winston Elem. Language Arts A Little Wiggle Room Allowed $280.00 9/18/16
Eden Park Elementary Science Butterflies and Botanists $280.00 7/15/17
Laurel Oak Elementary Technology Flipgrid Fever! $280.92 7/13/17
Avalon Elementary Language Arts Ready for Writing $284.97 8/04/17
John Snively Elem. Language Arts Ignite a Love for Reading $285.76 9/28/16
Poinciana Elementary Science Kinder "Garden" $290.00 7/02/17
Gulf Coast Charter Academy South Language Arts Listen Carefully $297.99 8/07/17
Kathleen Mid. Technology Go pro with GoPro! $299.00 9/21/16
Eden Park Elementary Stem Robot Mouse- Coding Activity for ALL ages! $299.70 7/01/17
Safety Harbor Elementary School Special Needs Students Digital Dynamics! $299.86 6/19/17
SAWGRASS SPRINGS MIDDLE Social Studies Live at the "Civics" Center...Supreme Court Actions $280.00 8/14/13
Banyan Elementary Special Needs Students Leap into Reading $300.00 12/15/14
Jewett SOA Technology Going on a Trip, A Little Virtual Trip $300.00 9/28/16
Palmetto Elementary Special Needs Students Core Curriculum Meets Authentic Community Connections $301.00 7/11/17
Gulf Coast Charter Academy South Science Sustainability and Creating Environmentally Conscious Students $301.56 8/05/17
Sawgrass Lake Elementary School Social Studies Social Studies Weekly Class Sets $306.00 8/16/17
Gulf Coast Charter Academy South Technology i <3 hands on learning! $319.00 8/06/17
Lake Gibson Mid. Other Reading and integrating technology $320.95 8/29/16
Pinecrest Elementary Language Arts Connecting The Two $324.81 7/24/17
Highlands Elementary Science Mnemonic Devices $326.00 8/14/17
Fort Meade Mid./Sr. Science Contributors to the Carbon Cycle $327.75 9/01/16
Berkley Elementary Science First Grade Science FUN! $331.31 8/28/16
Village Oaks Elementary Art Community Art Mural $332.38 7/15/17
Golden Terrace Elementary Primary Science "Veggin' Out" $345.00 8/05/17
Whispering Pines EDUCATION CENTER Special Needs Students BEHIND THE CHARMS $298.96 1/26/15
Elbert Elem. Stem Pumpkin Investigation $350.00 9/29/16
Eden Park Elementary Stem Lego WeDo 2.0 $351.90 7/01/17
Sunset Hills Elementary School Special Needs Students Mindful Moments $361.00 3/01/17
Mike Davis Elementary Science Mighty Machines- Lego Style $363.69 7/17/17
FLAMINGO ELEMENTARY Art Blooming Artists $315.70 1/26/17
Tommie Barfield Elementary Language Arts Unless: Unless Someone Like You Cares A Whole Awful Lot, Nothing Is Going to Get Better. It's Not. $372.34 8/13/17
Eagle Lake Elem. Special Needs Students Reading with STEAM $376.36 9/21/16
Pinecrest Elementary Language Arts Just For Me! $377.10 7/25/17
CYPRESS ELEMENTARY Language Arts Can't Stop E-Reading! $379.96 4/14/14
Tradewinds ELEMENTARY Language Arts Playing With Words $379.99 12/15/14
Haines City HS/IB East Science Kinematics Labs $384.00 9/12/16
Winter Haven HS Other Raised Garden Beds for Ag Classes $386.80 9/29/16
Eden Park Elementary Stem Teach with Tech $389.00 7/01/17
Emerald Coast Middle School Technology Click it for the exit ticket $390.00 2/15/17
High Point Elementary School Mathematics Banking for Nonreaders Complete Set (Book & set of 10 Check Packets) $395.89 3/24/17
Ridge Community High Music Let's make a record! $399.00 8/27/16
Denison Mid. Technology Raspberry Pi Programming $399.92 9/29/16
Cleveland Court Elem. Music Bucket Drumline STEAM Project $400.00 9/22/16
Astatula Elementary Special Needs Students Log-in to get iReady! $400.00 2/14/17
Bartow Elem. Acad. Other Sunshine State Superstars $402.54 8/30/16