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Individuals, organizations and businesses are encouraged to invest in the creativity of a teacher to bring amazing learning experiences to their students. To get started, simply click on a grant below to view the details and fund online.


School Subject Project Amount Date
PLANTATION HIGH Art Materials for National Art Honor Society Student Activities $1,914.31 10/25/13
WINGATE OAKS CENTER Art Recycling Rocks! $1,150.00 1/26/14
Tavares High Art Educational art field trip to NY $15,036.00 4/21/15
Mount Dora High Art Ceramic Wheels for Growing Art Dept. $2,396.00 4/23/15
Leesburg High Art Help Ceramic Students Recycle Clay $3,198.00 11/09/15
Barron Collier High Art Mocha Madness: It’s Not Just for Starbucks Anymore $601.00 8/03/16
Osceola Elementary Art Clay Equals Creativity $769.99 8/12/16
Longstreet Elementary Art Safari Gaze: Eye See the Beat $527.85 8/15/16
Gulfview Middle Art Art in World Culture Research Technology $630.00 8/24/16
Mildred Helms Elementary School Art Relevant Student Art Display Delight $719.99 8/25/16
Port Orange Elementary Art "Things are Looking Up" An Outdoor Art Studio Under the Oaks $134.08 8/25/16
Horizon Elementary Art “CAP”turing Creativity and Soaring to New Horizons $371.28 8/30/16
Champion Elementary Art Champion students have a COLORFUL future $187.95 9/03/16
Mainland High Art Bringing Heroes Together With Photography $992.88 9/04/16
Mainland High Art Blogging Through Mainland Life, A take on Photojournalism $799.95 9/05/16
Elbert Elem. Art iPad for Creative Expression & Productivity $413.97 9/07/16
Gulfview Middle Art Learning is Forever Mural (Art Club) $248.75 9/07/16
Avalon Elementary Art Plast'r Craft 3-D Fish Playtime! $655.00 9/07/16
Avalon Elementary Art Mega-Cool Metalic Foilboard Embossed Art $320.00 9/07/16
Sweetwater Elementary Art Through the Hedge $979.93 9/08/16
Mainland High Art "Welcome to My World" $200.00 9/08/16
District Curriculum Art No Place to Sleep $855.00 9/08/16
Southwestern Middle Art The Art of Reflection: Using Interactive Journaling to Bridge Literacy and Art Across the Curriculum $959.20 9/09/16
Southwestern Middle Art Home Is Where The Art Is $650.00 9/09/16
Crystal Lake Mid. Art Mysterious Cityscapes $497.72 9/22/16
Newberry Elementary School Art The Art of the iPad to create a colorful classroom $1,326.00 9/26/16
Davenport Sch. Of Arts Art Connecting with the World Through Color Books $500.00 9/28/16
Union Academy Art Celebration Of Life $496.89 9/30/16
Metcalfe Elementary School Art 5th Grade Safety Patrols and Sponsor $1,500.00 12/15/16
FLAMINGO ELEMENTARY Art Blooming Artists $315.70 1/26/17
Silver Sands Middle Career & Technical Education Racing to the Top! $498.30 8/19/16
Silver Sands Middle Career & Technical Education Blasting Up to Higher Learning! $287.50 8/19/16
Heritage Middle Career & Technical Education What? Agriculture is Science? NO WAY! $593.20 8/26/16
Seabreeze High Career & Technical Education Marketing Our NEW School Based Enterprise $1,000.00 8/31/16
Seabreeze High Career & Technical Education Final Supplies for our NEW School Based Enterprise $1,000.00 9/08/16
Spruce Creek High Career & Technical Education Lights! Camera! Action! Technology and Teamwork in Video Production $1,000.00 9/08/16
Laurel Oak Elementary Character Education Decompress, Less Stress, Academic Success $307.85 8/02/16
Manatee Middle Character Education Supporting Positive Behavior $1,500.00 9/07/16
Avalon Elementary Character Education Mentoring Matters! $480.80 9/08/16
Lake Park Elementary Engineering STEM-tastic-History $150.00 8/11/16
Barron Collier High Engineering 3D printers in the classroom $1,870.00 9/04/16
Clermont Elementary Health/P.E. The CES Mile Club $1,000.00 4/23/15
Eustis Heights Elementary Health/P.E. Faster Stronger Healthier Happier $750.00 4/23/15
Pinellas Park Elementary School Health/P.E. Getting Fit for our Future $500.00 1/04/16
Highlands Elementary Health/P.E. Excercise To Engage $238.80 7/26/16
Tarpon Springs High School Health/P.E. Care and Prevention of Athletic Injuries $1,250.00 8/01/16
Pinellas Park Elementary School Health/P.E. Technology in PE!?!?! $1,050.00 8/08/16
Shell Elementary School Health/P.E. Grant Request for Athletic Equipment $250.00 8/12/16
Longstreet Elementary Health/P.E. Movement with Music $641.27 8/12/16
Longstreet Elementary Health/P.E. Having a Ball in P.E. $967.91 8/12/16
Vineyards Elementary Health/P.E. Fit Classroom $357.95 8/23/16
Golden Gate Elementary Intermediate Health/P.E. Exercise Balls for Student Chairs $469.00 8/23/16
Golden Gate Elementary Primary Health/P.E. 2nd Grade Exercise Balls for Student Chairs $429.00 8/27/16
Cypress Creek Elementary Health/P.E. Get Smart! Get Fit! Get Ready! $981.14 9/06/16
Lake Park Elementary Health/P.E. Good Golly Miss Molly! $600.00 9/07/16
Golden Terrace Elementary Intermediate Health/P.E. Pedal Your Way to a Stronger Brain $2,000.00 9/07/16
Golden Terrace Elementary Intermediate Health/P.E. Smart & Fit $416.00 9/07/16
Indian River Elementary Health/P.E. Running Club $329.00 9/08/16
East Naples Middle Health/P.E. Supplemental Computers For H.O.P.E. Lab $2,000.00 9/08/16
Cypress Creek Elementary Health/P.E. Otter Fit 1/4 Mclean $960.00 9/09/16
Cypress Creek Elementary Health/P.E. Otter Fit 3/4 $960.00 9/09/16
Tommie Barfield Elementary Health/P.E. Wiggle While I Work $592.30 9/10/16
Sea Gate Elementary Health/P.E. Run, Sea Gate, Run! $879.78 9/11/16
Highlands Elementary Health/P.E. Pickleball For All "Promoting a Healthy Lifestyle" $1,639.00 9/14/16
Lakeland Senior Health/P.E. No More Sandbagging! $479.85 9/29/16
Fuguitt Elementary School Health/P.E. movement and coordinate play $165.55 2/08/17
Pine Ridge EDUCATION CENTER Health/P.E. Help us to Inspire Physical Education in their Lives $1,000.00 2/22/17
Volusia Pines Elementary Heart Health Healthy Hearty is as hearty grows and does! $87.00 6/08/16
Longstreet Elementary Heart Health "Yo-Ga" the Beat ("You Got the Beat") $998.10 7/11/16
New Smyrna Beach High Heart Health "Straight from the heart - Don't skip a beat" $400.00 8/24/16
Osceola Elementary Heart Health Physical Activity plus Academics equals Success! $904.93 9/04/16
Mainland High Heart Health The Heart of Principles of Biomedical Science $741.00 9/09/16
Cypress Creek Elementary Heart Health Otter Fit 4/4 Chartier $960.00 9/09/16
4What Test School History Test Grant $8.00 4/13/14
Starkey Elementary School History Help History Come Alive! $1,010.00 8/10/16
Deltona Middle History How can cardboard help you see? $115.50 9/09/16
PARKWAY MIDDLE Language Arts Read All About It $624.00 8/05/13
CYPRESS ELEMENTARY Language Arts Can't Stop E-Reading! $379.96 4/14/14
TROPICAL ELEMENTARY Language Arts Poetry in Motion $484.94 10/18/14
PERRY, ANNABEL C. ELEMENTARY Language Arts Peewee Podcasting! $175.00 10/22/14
Tradewinds ELEMENTARY Language Arts Playing With Words $379.99 12/15/14
Grassy Lake Elementary Language Arts Classroom Clicker System $595.00 4/23/15
Minneola Elementary Language Arts Daily 5: Listen to Reading PERSONAL CD PLAYERS $297.80 1/10/15
East Ridge Middle Language Arts Scope to Success $890.01 4/23/15
Spring Creek Elementary Language Arts Listening Center With Books $378.33 4/15/15
Pine Ridge Elementary Language Arts print this $178.99 4/23/15
Cecil E. Gray Middle Language Arts iPads $299.99 1/21/15
Eustis Heights Elementary Language Arts Pre-k Literacy Tea $585.00 1/30/15
Treadway Elementary Language Arts Writers' Workshop "Paper to Publishing" $882.23 4/21/15
Tavares High Language Arts Reading Library $912.73 2/09/15
Clermont Middle Language Arts Headphones for Achieves program $422.50 2/09/15
Mascotte Elementary Language Arts Promoting Literacy Through Project-Based Learning $815.20 2/09/15
Eustis Middle Language Arts Building Life Long Readers $500.00 2/11/15
Windy Hill Middle Language Arts Personalized Learning Flexible Seating Options $600.00 4/23/15
Eustis Middle Language Arts Let's Write! $825.00 4/23/15
Cecil E. Gray Middle Language Arts Ipad $499.00 6/27/15
East Lake Middle School Academy of Engineering Language Arts Building a Classroom Library for 7th Grade Language Arts $490.81 6/30/15
Cross Bayou Elementary School Language Arts Changing a Community of Readers - Watch us grow! $3,500.00 1/11/16
Umatilla High Language Arts Standing Tables for Students $651.00 2/06/16
High Point Elementary School Language Arts Stepping up to Literacy $3,078.00 3/03/16
High Point Elementary School Language Arts Loving Literacy $3,078.00 3/03/16
Hunt, James S Elementary Language Arts Eating Up the Alphabets $455.66 3/28/16
Summer Reading Language Arts Get in the Game Summer Reading Initiative $25,985.00 4/07/16
Heritage Middle Language Arts Teaching Outside of the Box $416.00 7/06/16
Lake Trafford Elementary Language Arts Success In Sight! $205.64 7/07/16
Forest Lakes Elementary School Language Arts Learning through Purposeful Play $1,700.00 7/12/16
Forest Lakes Elementary School Language Arts Discovering Technology in Kindergarten $3,760.00 7/12/16
Heritage Middle Language Arts The World of Words... $441.74 7/14/16
Forest Lakes Elementary School Language Arts Developing Literacy Footprints $2,850.00 7/15/16
Lake Trafford Elementary Language Arts Leaping to Success with LeapPads $525.48 7/19/16
Golden Terrace Elementary Intermediate Language Arts Where can I find the comic books? $500.00 7/26/16
Gulfview Middle Language Arts Tom Sawyer Novel Study $713.30 7/27/16
Pride Elementary Language Arts Building Better Writers Through "Time Keepers" Yearbook Club $599.90 7/29/16
Bay Vista Fundamental Elementary School Language Arts Apples for the Students $1,522.45 8/01/16
Southwestern Middle Language Arts Writers Make Readers: 8th Grade Students Author Children's Books for Local Elementary School $650.00 8/01/16
Calusa Park Elementary Language Arts Notice & Note Literary Annotations $440.00 8/02/16
Professional Development Language Arts Reading Kit $715.02 8/03/16
Pinellas Park High School Language Arts Reading Plus Rewards! $500.00 8/04/16
Sabal Palm Elementary Language Arts Amazing Authors! $975.00 8/07/16
East Naples Middle Language Arts Kindles in the Classroom $948.00 8/09/16
Avalon Elementary Language Arts Get on TARGET in Guided Reading! $428.00 8/09/16
Avalon Elementary Language Arts Interactive Whiteboards Enhance Classroom Instruction and Learning $296.00 8/09/16
Lake Park Elementary Language Arts Sleep Less, Read More! $879.79 8/10/16
Lake Park Elementary Language Arts Books are ALIVE in Fifth Grade $1,837.94 8/10/16
Pine Ridge Middle Language Arts "The Spirit of Poe" $350.00 8/11/16
Lake Park Elementary Language Arts Every Teacher Needs an Easel $400.00 8/11/16
Gulf Coast Charter Academy South Language Arts Listen Carefully $297.99 8/12/16
Everglades City School Language Arts Bounce Into Reading!! $554.80 8/12/16
Anona Elementary School Language Arts Classroom Library $1,000.00 8/14/16
John M. Sexton Elementary School Language Arts ACH-Second Grade Superheroes Ready to Soar $990.00 8/15/16
Bauder Elementary School Language Arts FTBS- School Supplies $100.00 8/15/16
John Hopkins Middle School Language Arts Teaching Financial Literacy Through a Classroom Economy $300.00 8/16/16
Westside Elementary Language Arts Leveling the Learning Field $698.40 8/18/16
Melrose Elementary School Language Arts FTBS - Liven Up The Library With Color! $92.90 8/19/16
Ormond Beach Elementary Language Arts Project Pen Pals $648.97 8/20/16
Avalon Elementary Language Arts Successful Reading, One Page at a Time $300.00 8/20/16
Turie T. Small Elementary Language Arts Expanding Expression through Writing $70.00 8/21/16
Heritage Middle Language Arts "Tweeting in the Moonlight" $497.02 8/22/16
Osceola Fundamental High School Language Arts Table Top Tales $270.00 8/23/16