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Everyday teachers and administrators go beyond the curriculum and look for ways to enhance the learning environment for their students. By conducting creative, exciting projects and programs in and out of the classroom, they keep students motivated and engaged. Our foundation knows teachers are the real super heroes! Our foundation believes teachers and students are worth the investment of resources to support creating amazing learning experiences that have impact!


To see what needs your support, simply click on a grant request below to view the details. You can also do a detailed search and look for a project by a specific school, subject area, or teacher.


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School Subject Project Amount Date Deadline
Alafia Elementary English Language Arts W.O.R.D.S=Words Open Reading Doors $2,000.00 10/04/19
Alonso Senior High English Language Arts Journalists Matter $499.99 8/09/19
Alonso Senior High Science Using 3-D Printing to Improve Model Rockets $833.77 10/04/19
Bailey Elementary Mathematics Botley the Bot $471.00 8/29/19
Bailey Elementary Literacy The Power of Literacy $399.91 9/17/19
Barrington Middle School Career and Technical STEM Robotic Purchase $1,720.00 8/10/19
Barrington Middle School Literacy Reading Good Lit $1,800.00 8/20/19
Barrington Middle School Science Reading in Science-Say What Now?! $1,997.00 8/20/19
Barrington Middle School Mathematics Breaking Out $1,075.00 9/12/19
Benito Middle School History African American History Month $1,249.00 8/19/19
Benito Middle School Literacy Middle School Mayhem $1,999.65 8/19/19
Benito Middle School Music Musical Madness $1,329.53 8/29/19
Benito Middle School Music Wanted: Future Musician! $1,063.73 8/29/19
Benito Middle School Mathematics Stand Up! $1,684.10 9/04/19
Benito Middle School Science Science Rocks! $1,974.22 9/04/19
Benito Middle School Science Out of this world! $1,868.77 9/04/19
Benito Middle School Literacy Tabling Tricks $1,969.93 9/05/19
Benito Middle School Music Fiddlin' With My Hands $1,763.40 9/09/19
Benito Middle School History Zen-sational Seating $428.80 9/09/19
Benito Middle School Music Wired for Music $1,409.00 9/10/19
Benito Middle School Music Cinderella $1,980.00 9/17/19
Benito Middle School Music Sounds of the suburbs $1,572.38 9/17/19
Benito Middle School Science Space: The Final Frontier $740.35 9/24/19
Benito Middle School English Language Arts The Book Nook $552.54 9/26/19
Benito Middle School Music Stand(s) Up for Music $1,454.64 9/27/19
Blake Senior High Exceptional Child Ed Online Math program $549.00 9/06/19
Bloomingdale Senior High Other Worn Out Whiteboards $968.48 8/23/19
Bloomingdale Senior High Music Marching Mellophone $1,909.99 8/23/19
Bloomingdale Senior High Literacy Digital Literacy for 2020 $1,707.15 10/02/19
Boyette Springs Elementary Mathematics Achieving Mathematical Success through Technology $1,553.56 8/20/19
Brooker Elementary English Language Arts Spark a Love of Learning $1,989.93 10/18/19
Broward Elementary Other No Child Left Behind: We Need Technology and Flexible Seating Too! $1,973.99 8/08/19
Broward Elementary Literacy Today's Readers =Tomorrow's Leaders $1,860.00 8/08/19
Broward Elementary Science Technology and Teaching Resources for 21st Century Learners $1,959.19 8/13/19
Broward Elementary Mathematics Unlocking the Potential $1,463.72 8/15/19
Broward Elementary Other Promoting Cultural Arts $369.00 9/12/19
Broward Elementary Mathematics Unlocking Engagement $1,610.00 10/14/19
Bryan Elementary-Plant City Science Preschool Garden $190.68 8/16/19
Bryan Elementary-Plant City Art Chihuly- A Creative Life $1,080.00 8/22/19
Burns Middle School Literacy Manga for Many $1,993.10 8/29/19
Cannella Elementary Mathematics Building using creative thinking $750.00 9/18/19 2/14/20
Chiaramonte Elementary Music Rocking into Music Standards & Drumming Up A Commotion! $524.95 8/20/19
Chiaramonte Elementary Literacy Give One, Get One Chiaramonte Lion Book Exchange $250.00 9/04/19
Chiles Elementary Science Barter Bargains $600.00 10/01/19 3/28/20
Claywell Elementary Mathematics Diverse Bottom Quartile - SHOOTING FOR THE STARS!!! $1,859.96 10/01/19
Claywell Elementary Science Making Our Garden Greener $400.44 10/07/19
Claywell Elementary Science Supersizing STEM Skills $1,737.90 10/07/19
Cleveland Elementary Music Folk Music Expedition $2,000.00 8/19/19
Cork Elementary English Language Arts Reading Ready!!! $1,701.36 10/04/19
Cork Elementary Other Learning with BrainPop! $2,000.00 10/09/19
Crestwood Elementary Mathematics Making Math Station Meaningful $935.63 8/17/19
Crestwood Elementary Mathematics Hands on Small Group Math for a Whole Year! $849.90 8/18/19
Crestwood Elementary Science What would you have wanted in your Math/Science Classroom? $1,710.00 9/03/19
Crestwood Elementary Mathematics Exploring Math through Learning Stations $935.73 9/13/19
Davis Elementary Other Fired Up For Learning $696.97 8/02/19 3/15/20
Dover Elementary Other Safety is a Priority $2,000.00 8/15/19
Dover Elementary Health/P.E. 9 Hole Frisbee Golf $1,381.32 8/18/19
Dr Carter G Woodson K-8 Mathematics Enriching Math skills during Lunch $281.21 8/30/19 5/15/20
Dunbar Elementary Magnet Science "WeDo" Love Lego Robotics! $1,711.00 8/08/19
Dunbar Elementary Magnet Literacy Big Books for Shared Reading $486.98 8/13/19
East Bay Senior High Science CSI: Tampa- Practicing Forensic Science $640.00 8/09/19
Eisenhower Middle School English Language Arts Technology Needed for Equitable Learning Opportunity $1,615.00 8/21/19
Eisenhower Middle School Music Music Books for my students $533.68 8/23/19
Eisenhower Middle School Literacy The Exceptional Reading Corner $1,514.69 9/11/19
Essrig Elementary English Language Arts Wobble, wobble, wobble! $635.88 8/16/19
Essrig Elementary Exceptional Child Ed A Sense of Calm $111.77 8/28/19
Essrig Elementary Science Scientists Need to Wiggle, too! $499.90 9/13/19
Essrig Elementary English Language Arts Wobble, wobble, wobble! $635.88 9/13/19
Essrig Elementary Literacy A Nightly Dose of Reading $826.00 10/13/19
FishHawk Creek Elementary Music Falcons are drumming off some STEAM! $1,958.80 8/09/19
Forest Hills Elementary Literacy Reading Success: Something to Brag About! $400.00 9/08/19
Foster Elementary Character Development Help us create a memory of a lifetime! $1,920.00 8/20/19
Gibsonton Elementary Other Planning With Growth Goals in Mind $1,127.68 9/03/19
Giunta Middle School Literacy Get them Reading with Graphic Novels! $1,999.27 9/18/19 5/19/20
Grady Elementary Other Flexible Seating for Success! $249.91 8/21/19
Grady Elementary Other Super-Charged $1,800.00 9/08/19
Greco Middle School English Language Arts Increasing Engagement through Flexible Seating $2,000.00 8/09/19
Greco Middle School English Language Arts Wiggle Room $1,792.83 9/08/19
Heritage Elementary English Language Arts The Reading Strategies Book Study $638.80 10/01/19
Hill Middle School Mathematics Epson Wall Mounted Projector $1,945.00 9/08/19
Hunter's Green Elementary Science Science Centers Steminists $1,827.62 8/16/19 3/03/20
Hunter's Green Elementary Character Development "Kiln"-ing It! $1,588.97 8/16/19 3/16/20
Hunter's Green Elementary Science Science and Engineering . . . IN 3D! $1,911.14 8/16/19 3/02/20
Hunter's Green Elementary English Language Arts Quirly Qwerty! $1,872.90 8/27/19 3/12/20
Hunter's Green Elementary Health/P.E. Sound System; Going Widdershins and Soon Gubbins! $1,995.00 8/27/19
Hunter's Green Elementary Mathematics The Meaning of Mathematics $1,996.00 8/27/19 3/11/20
Hunter's Green Elementary Character Development Soft Starter! $1,911.21 9/06/19
Hunter's Green Elementary Literacy Ready Readers! $1,797.54 9/06/19
Hunter's Green Elementary Character Development Little Wigglers! $1,746.80 9/06/19 3/12/20
Hunter's Green Elementary Character Development Breaking Out: Escape Room Learning $1,248.84 9/25/19
Hunter's Green Elementary Music Turning the Tables for Orff Music $1,904.00 9/26/19
Hunter's Green Elementary Science Springing Into STEM $1,715.05 10/11/19
Ippolito Elementary Science WeDo Too! $1,980.00 8/09/19
Jackson Elementary Music Music for All!: Essential Percussion Upgrade $247.78 8/09/19
Jackson Elementary English Language Arts Book Tacos Help Reading Accountability $388.95 8/21/19 3/13/20
Jackson Elementary Art Acrylic Aurora Pour $576.68 8/23/19
Jackson Elementary English Language Arts Flexible Seating: Yoga Balls $359.82 8/28/19
Kimbell Elementary Mathematics Attaining automaticity with Reflex $1,965.00 9/11/19
Kimbell Elementary English Language Arts Building our Toolbox with Strategies for Reading $1,490.00 9/18/19
Kimbell Elementary Other Cougar Cart $1,960.10 9/27/19 5/01/20
Kimbell Elementary Art art displays $1,079.79 10/07/19
Kimbell Elementary