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Individuals, organizations and businesses have an exciting opportunity to invest in the great ideas of our local teachers. They are creating amazing learning experiences for their students that have impact for years to come.


To see what needs your support, simply click on a grant request below to view the details and fund that opportunity!


If you would like to make a general contribution, please contact Jason Kurek at or 239-643-4755.




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Suncoast Credit Union

School Subject Project Amount Date Deadline
Calusa Park Elementary Technology "Hear" to Learn $139.03 7/13/22
Corkscrew Elementary Mathematics On your Mark…Get Set...GLOW! $161.37 7/01/22
Corkscrew Elementary Character Education Set the stage to ENGAGE! $462.23 7/05/22
Corkscrew Elementary Character Education Calm Down Corner
funded grant
Corkscrew Elementary Stem Breakout and LEARN!
funded grant
Corkscrew Elementary Language Arts BINGO! Sunshine State Young Readers Challenge
funded grant
Corkscrew Elementary Technology Say Cheese! Yearbook Club Is Ready To Take Your Picture $318.00 7/26/22
Corkscrew Elementary Language Arts Leaders Stick With It
funded grant
Eden Park Elementary Entrepreneurship "Sewing" Stitches Count with Entrepreneurship
funded grant
Eden Park Elementary Entrepreneurship Clean the Air for 3D laser $1,385.65 7/01/22
Eden Park Elementary Entrepreneurship Inspiring Young Entrepreneurs $425.75 7/01/22
Eden Park Elementary Stem Access to Design Software $359.28 7/01/22
Eden Park Elementary Other Larger than Life Rewards $577.75 7/01/22
Eden Park Elementary Stem Bobcat Boutique Essentials
funded grant
Eden Park Elementary Stem Flexible Seating $535.00 7/06/22
Eden Park Elementary Language Arts Helping Students Hear Lessons $89.98 7/07/22
Eden Park Elementary Language Arts Enhance My Reading $750.00 7/10/22
Golden Gate Middle Health/P.E. Falcon Fitness $1,000.00 7/19/22
Golden Gate Middle Character Education SOAR $2,000.00 7/20/22
Golden Gate Middle Language Arts Rewarding Reading $1,500.00 7/20/22
Golden Gate Middle Science Neutralizing Science with Nearpod $170.13 7/28/22
Golden Gate Middle Language Arts Classroom Organizational Tools $200.00 8/02/22 9/30/22
Golden Gate Middle Mathematics Building Thinking Classrooms in Mathematics $422.33 8/02/22
Golden Terrace Elementary Language Arts We Need the WRITE Stuff $1,505.76 8/05/22
Gulf Coast Charter Academy South Art Art and Technology $1,900.28 7/27/22
Gulf Coast High Music "Rising" to Success! $2,000.00 8/06/19
Gulfview Middle Language Arts Sunshine State Readers! $141.00 7/01/22
Gulfview Middle Language Arts Let’s ‘HEAR’ what we need to succeed! $100.00 7/01/22
Gulfview Middle Language Arts New BEST Standards…requires new BOOKS! $381.00 7/01/22
Gulfview Middle Language Arts Multilinguals Rock!!! $204.00 8/03/22 10/03/22
Herbert Cambridge Elementary Health/P.E. HCE Morning Run Club 22/23 School Year $371.85 7/11/22
Herbert Cambridge Elementary Health/P.E. CCPS 5k Race $400.00 7/12/22
Herbert Cambridge Elementary Science Creating a Student Friendly Science Lab $390.00 7/22/22
Herbert Cambridge Elementary Language Arts “TREAT YO’ SHELF” Cozy up to a good book at the HCE Media Center Book Nook $732.96 7/25/22
Herbert Cambridge Elementary Character Education Call Me Old Fashioned...The Power Of A Printed Photograph $493.09 7/27/22
Herbert Cambridge Elementary Science Hands on Science $871.95 7/27/22
Herbert Cambridge Elementary Health/P.E. 9 Square in PE $764.43 8/02/22
Immokalee High Language Arts Engaged in Learning $339.91 7/11/22
Immokalee High Language Arts Prizes for Positivity $846.00 7/20/22
Immokalee High Language Arts Cricut Club for Future Career Success $773.00 7/22/22
Immokalee High Character Education Furnish the IHS College and Career Office $616.74 8/03/22 11/30/22
Immokalee Middle Science What a Wonderful World! Exploring SWFL $2,000.00 7/18/22
Immokalee Middle Stem The STEAM Squad: Exploring Art, Science, & Entrepreneurship $1,270.00 7/18/22
Immokalee Middle Art Naples Artis: Community and Students Immersed in the Arts $800.00 7/18/22
Immokalee Middle Science Reach for the Stars! Inspiring Student Science Success $900.00 7/18/22
Immokalee Middle Science Super Science Sleuths $950.00 7/18/22
Immokalee Middle Engineering Junior Engineers: Building with Circuits and C++ $2,000.00 7/25/22
Immokalee Middle Science A Garden Science Station $532.10 8/09/22
Lake Park Elementary Language Arts Neon Read On $428.00 7/19/22
Lake Park Elementary Language Arts Soaring to Reading Success! $125.00 7/25/22
Lake Trafford Elementary Entrepreneurship Building Tomorrows Entrepreneurs Today! $804.98 8/03/22
Lely High Entrepreneurship Networking Dinner $700.00 7/13/22
Lely High Entrepreneurship Business and Finance Magazines $106.88 8/04/22
Lorenzo Walker Technical College Other A Tradition for Nursing $1,000.00 7/12/22
Mike Davis Elementary Science Hands on Science $921.95 7/27/22
Mike Davis Elementary Stem Field Trip to the CCPS STEAM Expo! $1,345.00 7/31/22
Naples Park Elementary Entrepreneurship Cut Above Entrepreneurship Project $315.49 7/19/22
Naples Park Elementary Entrepreneurship Creating Future Entrepreneurs
funded grant
North Naples Middle Special Needs Students Picturing Myself Happy $939.82 8/01/22
Oakridge Middle Social Studies Red, White & Blue, We Engage You! $697.61 7/01/22
Oakridge Middle Science Out of this World $482.96 7/06/22
Oakridge Middle Art Pixton Comic Creating Software $99.00 7/20/22
Oakridge Middle Art Kahoots $108.00 7/20/22
Oakridge Middle Art Blooket $35.88 7/20/22
Oakridge Middle Art Make Your Own T-shirt!!! $1,546.93 7/20/22
Oakridge Middle Art Artwork Frames $166.00 7/20/22
Oakridge Middle Art Look Up At ART on Ceiling Tiles $332.00 7/20/22
Oakridge Middle Art Glow in The Dark "Show" $1,039.00 7/20/22
Oakridge Middle Art Peace "Rock Garden" $1,235.00 7/20/22
Oakridge Middle Art Community Mosaic $751.00 7/20/22
Oakridge Middle Character Education Cricut for social emotional learning $530.82 7/21/22
Oakridge Middle Social Studies PBIS in the classroom $369.97 7/21/22
Oakridge Middle Social Studies Scratch offs for vocabulary and PBIS $104.94 7/21/22
Oakridge Middle Language Arts Loving to Read, No Matter the Age $302.62 7/28/22
Oakridge Middle Science The Language of Science $1,956.77 7/29/22
Oakridge Middle Other Spanish I $248.05 7/29/22
Palmetto Ridge High Entrepreneurship Panthers Across Collier $2,000.00 7/31/22
Palmetto Ridge High Language Arts Unlocking Knowledge to Escape Traditional Learning Styles $997.47 7/31/22
Palmetto Ridge High Other 21st Century French Learners 2.0 $1,993.36 8/08/22
Parkside Elementary Entrepreneurship The Youngest and Newest Entrepreneurs! $322.89 8/05/22
Pine Ridge Middle Other Student Leadership Team $1,200.00 7/26/22 8/15/22
Pinecrest Elementary Language Arts Sunshine State of Mind Year 2!
funded grant
7/01/22 8/31/22
Pinecrest Elementary Entrepreneurship Cricut Crafting Team: Year 2! $605.00 7/01/22
Pinecrest Elementary Other 3D Dewey Decimal Support $730.00 7/11/22
Pinecrest Elementary Other Seat Sacks for Success $1,683.50 7/13/22
Pinecrest Elementary Language Arts Write Here, Write Now! $315.00 7/22/22
Pinecrest Elementary Science "Trust Your Gut": Learning about Human Body Organs $799.61 8/01/22
Pinecrest Elementary Language Arts Classroom rug $1,647.00 8/03/22
Pinecrest Elementary Art Let's read through ART! $658.26 8/06/22
Pinecrest Elementary Art Learning through PRINTMAKING! $828.90 8/06/22
Pinecrest Elementary Character Education Kids for Kindness $316.63 8/09/22
Poinciana Elementary Language Arts Game Time! $291.49 7/30/22
Poinciana Elementary Science Keep our Pelicans on the Global Weather Map $1,000.00 8/08/22
Sabal Palm Elementary Stem Caution...Pre-K STEM Builders at Work! $657.57 7/01/22
Sabal Palm Elementary Stem STEAMING SENSORY SCIENCE BINS $390.33 7/13/22
Sabal Palm Elementary Character Education SEL "Rocks!" $620.00 7/27/22
Sabal Palm Elementary Language Arts Write Away! $357.16 8/01/22
Sabal Palm Elementary Technology We’re All Ears! $179.98 8/01/22
Sabal Palm Elementary Other I'm Bored, They're Bored, We All Need New White Boards $271.96 8/01/22
Sea Gate Elementary Character Education Positive Behavior Incentive: We've got spirit! $338.00 8/04/22
Sea Gate Elementary Special Needs Students Tools for Tactile Teaching $252.79 8/09/22
Seacrest Country Day School - Lower School Science 21st Century Science Learners! $1,854.00 7/01/22
Seacrest Country Day School - Lower School Science More 21st Century Science Learners! $1,854.00 7/01/22
Seacrest Country Day School - Lower School Science Otterbox Cases to protect our 21st Century Science Learners! $1,008.00 7/01/22
Seacrest Country Day School - Lower School Other Flexible Classroom Seating $1,600.00 7/03/22
Seacrest Country Day School - Lower School Technology Small Drawing Tablets $999.00 7/18/22
Seacrest Country Day School - Lower School Other Keep Calm and Be Flexible $696.89 8/02/22
Shadowlawn Elementary Mathematics Teaching With Tablets (A new place for students to show their work!) $586.27 7/01/22
Shadowlawn Elementary Language Arts Read To Succeed $233.20 7/20/22
Tommie Barfield Elementary Language Arts Reading Success Streaks = Celebrations $1,264.37 7/25/22
Tommie Barfield Elementary Health/P.E. Running Bling $301.92 8/02/22
Tommie Barfield Elementary Language Arts Poppin Up Strong for Sight Words and Math $198.51 8/02/22 9/30/22
Veterans Memorial Elementary Technology Mouse in the House! $179.80 7/13/22
Veterans Memorial Elementary Science Diamonds in the Rough $152.36 7/13/22
Veterans Memorial Elementary