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To increase the school community knowledge of ways to reduce, recycle and reuse to help the earth.

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Service Learning Challenge

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Azalea Elementary School 
Carol Mutert 
Jennifer Pardise 
Students Impacted:
October 4, 2017

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Only $499.86 Needed




To increase the school community knowledge of ways to reduce, recycle and reuse to help the earth.  


What will be done with my students

This is an after school club that meets weekly. The students in the club are responsible for all the recycling at our school. The student use wheel large recycling bins to do the collection. The money would be use to purchase better student friendly containers to use in the recycling of paper, cardboard, plastic and cans. Right now the containers are large and hard to use for most of the students. Many of the bins are starting to crack because they have been used for over 10 years.  


Benefits to my students

Students will be able to continue to recycle paper, cardboard, plastic and cans throughout the school in a more efficient way. The students are very proud to be part of this club and having supplies that are more efficient will help the students continue to recycle in our school community  


Describe the Students

The students in the club are in grades third through fifth grade. Academically the range from K- 6th grade. We are a title one school and 60% of this club receive free and reduce lunches. There is a variety of nationality; Caucasian, African American, Hispanic and Asian. We also have 2 students who are full time in the Autistic classroom. 33% of our students attend the YMCA after school club at our school.  


Budget Narrative

The 20 gallon containers will be used to collect paper and/or cardboard throughout the school. The cart and recycling bins will be used to collect and separate cans and plastic throughout the school.  



# Item Cost
1 4 Recycling 20 gallon trash can at $34.99each $139.96
2 5 Recycling moving two level cart at $49 $245.00
3 10- 14 gallon recycling bin at 11.49 $114.90
  Total: $499.86

0% Funded



Only $499.86 Needed



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