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The goal of this project is to increase instructional time, student focus on lessons, and overall learning.

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Under Pressure; Sensory Input Items for ASD Students

Calvin A. Hunsinger 
Special Needs Students 
Bethany Bingham 
Behavior Specialists 
Students Impacted:
September 29, 2017

0% Funded



Only $500.00 Needed




The goal of this project is to increase instructional time, student focus on lessons, and overall learning.  


What will be done with my students

Students will be provided with items which fulfill their ongoing need for high, deep sensory input throughout the day. Examples include the following: weighted blankets and lap pads, body socks, and therapy hammocks. These items will be accessible throughout the day for students to access between lessons. 


Benefits to my students

The overall benefit of these materials will be increased learning gains. By allowing students opportunities to fulfill deep sensory input needs prior to and following lessons, students will be more relaxed and ready to attend to academic tasks. Students will not only have higher learning gains, but also be more comfortable in the academic setting. Behaviors caused by sensory disorders will decrease and students will spend more time on learning than correcting behaviors. 


Describe the Students

We are a Title 1 Center School for students with Emotional and/or Behavioral Disorders. Our school is in a High Poverty area and receive free breakfast and lunch; many students are in group homes or foster care. My classroom consists of students who are additionally identified as having Sensory Behavior Disorders (such as Autism), Intellectual Delays (IQ below 70), and/or other mental illnesses. My students are low performers resulting from their disabilities and require more intensive and hands-on instruction in order to progress academically.  


Budget Narrative

• Weighted items such as blankets are needed to help provide sensory input when students are anxious/agitated.
• Deep pressure items include compression vests/shirts, body socks, and therapy hammocks. These items are needed to provide opportunities for students to “center” themselves through deep tissue pressure.
• Noise Canceling headphones are needed for students who are sensitive to sound. These items help those students focus on the teacher rather than any other distractions and also help reduce behaviors caused by sensory overload.



# Item Cost
1 Weighted Blankets/lap pads $250.00
2 Noise-Canceling Headphones $150.00
3 Deep Pressure Items $100.00
  Total: $500.00

0% Funded



Only $500.00 Needed



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