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To acquire a set of 20 ukuleles in order to start a group at Norton where students can learn and perform using the instruments.

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Norton Elementary School 
Patrick Duke 
Students Impacted:
April 12, 2017

15% Funded



Only $1,015.00 Needed




To acquire a set of 20 ukuleles in order to start a group at Norton where students can learn and perform using the instruments. 


What will be done with my students

Students who are in the group will meet regularly either before or after school. They will learn how to properly play the ukulele as well as how to read music using ukulele tablature. Once the students are ready, we will put on performances throughout the year. 


Benefits to my students

There are many benefits to learning the ukulele or, frankly, any instrument. Learning an instrument can give a child more self confidence and a way to express themselves creatively. Furthermore, learning an instrument can have many cognitive benefits.
One study demonstrated that elementary aged students in a focused music training program (a strings course in the study) performed slightly better when tested on verbal recall than students in the control group after one year of the study (Rickard, Vasquez, Murphy, Gill & Toukhasti, 2010). Speaking specifically to ukulele education in classrooms, educator Philip Tamberino - who has implemented a ukulele program at his school - feels that this versatile instrument is particularly good for school programs as it is "light, portable, inexpensive, [and] easy for beginners" (Perlmutter, 2011). Additionally, the ukulele is "rare in that it is actually an adult instrument and not scaled down for children." (Perlmutter, 2011).
On top of the developmental benefits this group could provide for children, I believe it will also give them a creative skill they can take with them beyond elementary school. My hope is that students who participate in this group will be able to continue learning and performing on the ukulele, and that learning this instrument will inspire these children to take up other instruments in the future.


Rickard, N. S., Vasquez, J. T., Murphy, F., Gill, A., & Toukhsati, S. R. (2010). Benefits of a classroom based instrumental music program on verbal memory of primary school children: A longitudinal study. Australian Journal of Music Education, (1), 36-47.

Perlmutter, A. (2011, August). Make room for ukuleles. Teaching Music, 19(1), 56. 


Budget Narrative

Each "set" includes the instrument, a padded case, and a tuner. 



# Item Cost
1 20 Makala Soprano Ukulele Sets $1,200.00
  Total: $1,200.00

15% Funded



Only $1,015.00 Needed



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