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Our library media center is in need of new comfy furniture for students to use when reading and checking out books in the library.

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Cozy Reading Corner for Library Learners

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Leila G. Davis Elementary School 
Shannon Scott 
Students Impacted:
Pre K - 5 
March 23, 2017

0% Funded



Only $1,979.79 Needed




Our library media center is in need of new comfy furniture for students to use when reading and checking out books in the library. 


What will be done with my students

Our library media center is a busy spot in our school. Students and classes come and go throughout the day selecting new books to read each and every day. The Leila Davis library was recently acknowledged by the county for being one of the top elementary schools for book checkout and circulation statistics! In order to accommodate our scholars and provide comfortable children’s furniture, I need new small couches and chairs for student use.  


Benefits to my students

Our current furniture in our picture book area of the library media center is well used. Students enjoy sitting and reading on them before, during, and even after school hours. As a result of this constant use, the material on the furniture is worn and ripping! I would like to replace the worn out furniture with new cozy and comfortable seating.  


Describe the Students

Our school is a fairly large elementary school with over 750 students. We have a diverse population and our ESOL population is increasing and expanding each year. Working in the library, I have the benefit of seeing all students in the school. I have regular lessons and checkouts throughout the school year with our Pre-K through 5th grade students. 


Budget Narrative

Demco is a library supply company that is on our Pinellas County Bid List. I would like to order 2 small sofas, 2 small love seats, and 1 carpet for our cozy reading corner. All items will be purchased from at the cost of $1979.79 



# Item Cost
1 Kidovation Reading Furniture Chair $404.55
2 Kidovation Reading Furniture Chair $404.55
3 Kidovation Reading Furniture Loveseat $460.35
4 Kidovation Reading Furniture Loveseat $460.35
5 Joy Carpets Scattered Books $249.99
  Total: $1,979.79

0% Funded



Only $1,979.79 Needed



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