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To give students the opportunity to learn through technology.

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High Point Elementary School 
Melanie Fischer 
Students Impacted:
February 7, 2017

19% Funded



Only $219.82 Needed




To give students the opportunity to learn through technology. 


What will be done with my students

Students use computers in the classroom throughout the day, for reading and math interventions. Our classroom also has 8 iPads. Students use the technology to access Istation, ST math, MyOn and other educational programs. New headphones will allow them to use this technology to its fullest, without interrupting the learning of others. The headphones will be used immediately once received, and everyday.  


Benefits to my students

Technology is a major part of our classroom learning and with these new headphones student learning will only continue to excel. Istation benefits students because the program differentiates based on each students level. It allows me, as the teacher, to see where they are struggling and bring that into small group lessons. MYon has been a great resource in the classroom, giving my students a passion for reading, allowing them to choose and read books that interest them. ST math follows our curriculum and is a fun way to give students extra practice/support on topics we have discussed during lessons.  


Describe the Students

I have a classroom of 18 students. I have a total of 6 ELL students, all at varying levels. The academic levels of my students really vary. More than half of my class is below grade level, 11 students total.  


Budget Narrative

18 headphones
Amazon Prime
$14.99 each



# Item Cost
1 $14.99 x 18 $269.82
  Total: $269.82

19% Funded



Only $219.82 Needed



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