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I want my students to have a fun exciting time, while I challenge their intellectual stamina!

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Avalon Elementary 
Kacee Farrar 
Students Impacted:
February 1, 2017

0% Funded



Only $500.00 Needed




I want my students to have a fun exciting time, while I challenge their intellectual stamina! 


What will be done with my students

I plan on using BREAKOUT BOXES to help improve critical thinking and stamina in my classroom. Have you ever tried an escape the room experience? An escape room is a physical adventure game in which players are locked in a room and have to use elements of the room to solve a series of puzzles and escape within a set time limit. I went to one and was hooked! Now they have made an escape the box version focused on educational learning.
The BREAKOUT EDU kit comes with over 250 different breakout games! Students will have to work in teams to figure out a series of clues and puzzles that will lead them to unlocking the box. 


Benefits to my students

This will help build team working skills along with stamina. It will also improve critical thinking in my classroom along with the rest of the third grade classrooms that will borrow these boxes.
These BREAKOUT BOXES will benefit more than 120 students and 5 teachers!
Teach children what to think and you limit them to your ideas. Teach children HOW to think and their ideas are UNLIMITED! Let's BREAKOUT OF THE BOX AND HAVE FUN LEARNING! 


Budget Narrative

The budget is for 4 breakout boxes. Each box contains over 250 games including an online code for teachers to collaborate and see other teacher's boxes and games they have created.
Each of the kits include the following items...
1 Large Breakout EDU Kit
1 Hasp
1 Alphabet Multilock
1 Directional Multilock
1 three-digit lock
1 four-digit lock
1 key lock
1 UV light
1 Deck of Reflection Cards
1 invisible ink pen
1 small lockable box
1 usb thumb drive
2 Hint cards 



# Item Cost
1 Breakout Box $125.00
2 Breakout Box $125.00
3 Breakout Box $125.00
4 Breakout Box $125.00
  Total: $500.00

0% Funded



Only $500.00 Needed



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