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Our goal is to be able to send our 5th grade safety patrols and an additional teacher chaperone to Washington, D.C.

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5th Grade Safety Patrols and Sponsor

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Metcalfe Elementary School 
Amanda Moo 
Cynthia Starr 
Students Impacted:
December 15, 2016

0% Funded



Only $1,500.00 Needed




Our goal is to be able to send our 5th grade safety patrols and an additional teacher chaperone to Washington, D.C. 


What will be done with my students

Our students will get a once in a lifetime opportunity to explore different historical sites in our Nation's Capitol. This is a wonderful trip that offers our students a glimpse into the history and inner workings of our country. An additional teacher chaperone will help support their physical and emotional safety.  


Benefits to my students

Our patrols are upstanding students and individuals. They were selected based on the example they set for the rest of our school in upholding Metcalfe and Alachua County school's expectations. Our school is in a low-income area, and although we are working on other fundraising opportunities, the tuition for the trip is out of range for many. Many of our students get their basic needs met only at school. Most of our students qualify for free breakfast and lunch at school, as well as other healthy snacks to ensure their nutritional needs are being met. This trip would be an incredible opportunity for our students, many of which who have never traveled beyond Alachua county. Although many of our parents would also like to attend, it would pose a financial challenge. By having an additional teacher chaperone, we would be able to meet the needs and care for all of our students that are attending.  


Budget Narrative

We are hoping to raise enough money to be able to split between our safety patrols that are planning to attend the trip, and 1 additional teacher chaperone, in order to subsidize the cost of tuition for the trip. The student tuition is $659, and the adult tuition is $823. 



# Item Cost
1 Students and teacher chaperone tuition subsidy $1,500.00
  Total: $1,500.00

0% Funded



Only $1,500.00 Needed



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