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The goal of this project is to enhance the students' math and science competency through NewsELA, an online source of adaptable, current news articles.

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JABIL - Current Events in Science and Math

High Point Elementary School 
Nicole Yakubovsky 
Students Impacted:
November 13, 2016

0% Funded



Only $700.00 Needed




The goal of this project is to enhance the students' math and science competency through NewsELA, an online source of adaptable, current news articles.  


What will be done with my students

The students are able to use computers during intervention time, core instruction time, and can earn additional time when work is completed. Students will be able to keep on on current events, especially those in math and science, and answer comprehension questions aligned to Common Core/Florida Standards to ensure that they are really "getting it." So much time is allocated towards teaching the standards and covering material that will be found on state assessments that sometimes, the students lose sight of what is going on in the world and how those connections can be brought back into the classroom.  


Benefits to my students

There are many benefits to the NewsELA program. For example, many of our fifth grade students attend chorus once a week, which is during the assigned science time. The students that remain in the classroom can then go onto NewsELA, choose a science/math based text or one that has already been assigned by the teacher, and adapt the article based on his/her reading level. Once the student has read the text, they are asked four comprehension questions. With NewsELA Pro, the test results are then sent to the teacher and are able to be tracked that way, in order to keep the students accountable. NewsELA is also accessible at home, so if a student misses the assignment, he or she can log in at home and complete the work missed.  


Describe the Students

My students astound me everyday. I taught 5th grade last year, and decided to departmentalize. They are amazing young ladies and gentleman, and they DESPERATELY want to make learning gains and to be successful but because most of them are English language learners and/or socioeconomically challenged, they often struggle to make the necessary gains needed each school year.

High Point is considered a "transformation zone." We follow an Instructional Focus Calendar, with standards sometimes switching everyday! Because of this, it is sometimes difficult to use the modules provided by the district.

My school draws from a very low-income community, and due to the financial status of the area and the student population, all students receive free lunch! My school is very lucky to receive Title I funding and corporate donations, and my students are so grateful. High Point is a positive, beautiful, safe environment for children to learn in and I know that our students would be so appreciative of these materials!



Budget Narrative

NewsELA for the grade level is $2,100. Three teachers from the grade level have split the cost into three grants, therefore not exceeding the $1,000 per grant.  



# Item Cost
1 NewsELA Pro (1/3 of grade level price) $700.00
  Total: $700.00

0% Funded



Only $700.00 Needed



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