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My goal is to satisfy the needs of sensory input and movement while students can still remain seated and focused on the lesson at hand.

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I Like to Move It, Move It! Specialized Seating for ASD Students

Calvin A. Hunsinger 
Special Needs Students 
Bethany Bingham 
Students Impacted:
October 24, 2016

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Only $425.00 Needed




My goal is to satisfy the needs of sensory input and movement while students can still remain seated and focused on the lesson at hand. 


What will be done with my students

Students will be provided with specialized seating and items to accommodate their need for sensory input through gross motor movement while allowing them to remain seated at their desk during lessons. Items will be individualized according to each student's need and the amount of gross motor input he/she requires.  


Benefits to my students

The ultimate goal for all students using specialized seating will be increased learning gains. By allowing students who are kinesthetic learners (those who learn while moving) to satisfy this need while still attending to task, students are able to participate appropriately during the lesson. Students who may normally disrupt the class by walking around, pacing, standing, and other types of large muscle movements, will be able to sit while still attaining this sensory input. These items will benefit not just the student provided with specialized seating, but also their peers, who are often distracted by these movements. 


Describe the Students

My students attend a Center School for Students with Emotional and/or Behavior Disorders, located in the highest poverty area. We provide a low teacher:student ratio in order to provide more individual attention to students and focus on behavior modification in addition to their required academics. My class is even more specialized, as each of my students also have Sensory Behaviors, such as those on the Autism Spectrum. These behaviors can present very differently than other Behavior Disorders. In addition, the students in my class all have intellectual impairments as well as other disabilities, such as mental illness, OCD, etc. They are all low performers and require specialized instruction of academics as well as social skills. Many live in group homes or foster care and cannot attain access to the specialized needs they require in regards to their disabilities.  


Budget Narrative

Balance Balls and Wobble Chair can be used for alternate seating as opposed to typical chairs.
The deskerciser will allow students to work gross muscles in legs and the wiggle seat will allow students to move and wiggle while staying seated. 



# Item Cost
1 Stay in place Balance Ball x8 $175.00
2 Wobble Chair $50.00
3 deskerciser for chairs x8 $150.00
4 wiggle seat cushions x3 $50.00
  Total: $425.00

0% Funded



Only $425.00 Needed



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