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Promote student learning and active participation with games. Put down that cell phone and have some fun!

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It's all fun and games...

Seminole High School 
Tera Cox 
Students Impacted:
October 11, 2016

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Only $261.66 Needed




Promote student learning and active participation with games. Put down that cell phone and have some fun!  


What will be done with my students

Technology is great, students love technology, but sometimes they love it too much. Students need a break from the glow of cell phones and computers. Chalk markers and games like connect four and Jenga are fun alternatives to promote learning in the classroom. These activities would allow students to interact face-to-face with each other and also keep them engaged while learning and reviewing new material. Since elementary school, we are told "Don't write on the desks". All that changes with the chalk markers. What was once taboo is now a desk of art and learning. These markers allow student to diagram, label, write and erase on their lab tables. Graffiti at its best! Connect four and Jenga are great games for learning and reviewing new material. Connect four and Jenga can be used for any test/unit/subject and can be used as a class or in small groups. Since they are games of chance, anyone can win! Just because 1 team gets more questions correct doesn't mean they will ultimately win the game, which encourages all students of all levels to participate in the game. These activities can be used many times and in a number of ways.  


Benefits to my students

All students will benefit from these activities. These activities encourage co-operative learning and interaction with their peers, promote student engagement and participation through games and social interactions. Students will benefit by seeing, hearing and doing with these activities.  


Describe the Students

I have a variety of students from different cultural and economic backgrounds. in all my classes. Classes are mixed with grades 10-12. 32% of students are classified as low level reading, math or both.  


Budget Narrative

Amazon has the most cost efficient products and shipping costs.  



# Item Cost
1 Chalk markers 12-boxes @ 11.99 $143.88
2 Hasbro connect 4-6 @ 9.94 $59.64
3 Jumbling tower 6 @ 9.69 $58.14
  Total: $261.66

0% Funded



Only $261.66 Needed



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