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Build an air-powered car using the LINX system. This engineering project will have a final goal of a class race.

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STEM Engineering, Build Me A Car

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Sea Gate Elementary 
Denise Varboncoeur 
Students Impacted:
July 18, 2017


Thank you to the following investor for funding this grant.


Perna-Rose Foundation fo Hope - $183.90



Build an air-powered car using the LINX system. This engineering project will have a final goal of a class race. 


What will be done with my students

The students will use the wooden materials from the LINX system to plan, engineer, and build a moving vehicle, powered by air. The students will need to use accurate measuring, and cutting skills while building the wooden frame using a miter box, drilling jig, hand saw and hand drill. These tools are from the original LINX system, and are small tools so that little hands will have success. 


Benefits to my students

A culminating performance activity is a car race. This will take place after a two week building process. This engineering project will show mastery in the areas of measurement and Forces and Motion for Science. Quality of work plays a big part in the ultimate success or win of the final race.

Each student will need to keep a journal on their progress throughout this two week activity. They will be stating what was accomplished each day, and what didn't work. The students will also be writing a final step-by step guide as to how to build this vehicle, and a reflection.

Each student will be able to "tweak" their vehicle before the BIG race. Our reading buddies will be our fans.

I have done this project for the past 16 years and the one thing my students remember is this race! 


Budget Narrative

22 years ago, I wrote a Builders grant for this amazing kids building system (LINX) . The grant provides the consumable materials so that each child can engineer, build and keep their balloon-powered car.

*** Shipping price was an estimate amount. 



# Item Cost
1 21334- Wheels $25.00
2 21334- Wheels $25.00
3 21334- Wheels $25.00
4 21658 thin sticks $19.90
5 21301 framing sticks $24.50
6 21301 framing sticks $24.50
7 balloons $10.00
8 shipping $30.00
  Total: $183.90


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