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The goal of this grant is to give students the opportunity to pursue research they are passionate about while giving them the chance to engaged in hands-on learning with higher-level research.

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Research Done Right

Freeport High School 
Career/Technical Education 
Hillary Williams 
Students Impacted:
October 2, 2019
November 30, 2019


Thank you to the following investor for funding this grant.


St. Joe Community Foundation - $963.14


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Impact to My Classroom

# of Students Impacted: 17

"The grant money helped me to collect and visualize data for my research paper, making the project much easier to work on and to read. I used my grant money on Survey Monkey, which provided an easy and efficient way to create my survey, collect responses, and organize data. I collected upwards of 300 responses with their service!" -Kaitlyn Brown, FHS AP Capstone Research student


"I am writing to thank you for the grant your company provided to us for my research project to be conducted. The blood pressure machine purchased with some of the money provided from the grant allowed me to test whether a coach’s and varsity athlete’s blood pressure increases or decreases after the game as compared to what it was before it. I truly appreciate how your grant also helped my fellow classmates conduct their research in order to reach some remarkable discoveries. Without your aid, my research and my classmates, would have been a lot harder to conduct." -Diego Mendoza, FHS AP Capstone Research student

"Thank you, St. Joe Company, for giving me the opportunity to pursue my research and learn mroe than I thought possible from it." -Isabella Guardia, FHS AP Capstone Research student

"Thank you for fulfilling the classroom grant for the 2019-2020 AP Research class! As a student of this class, I can say with certainty it really meant a lot to everyone. Since this class was mostly independent research, a majority of the time the students were left to their own devices. It was actually the students who wrote the grant request form, with some help from our teacher, Mrs. Williams. I was the student in charge of organizing the class to write the request form. With the money from the grant, we were able to purchase some classroom essentials that we went through a lot of, such as paper and day to day supplies (pens, pencils, chart markers, etc.), as well as some student-specific items necessary for some students to complete their research projects. Specific project items included a blood-pressure cuff, a salivary kit (specifically an IL-6 Human ELISA Kit), and a subscription to SurveyMonkey. Once again, thank you for fulfilling our classroom grant. It allowed the entire class to complete their research projects, as well as help some students complete their research in areas that interest them, which would not have been possible without the grant. Again, thank you, Emily Phillips, FHS AP Capstone Research student

I would like to thank the Walton Education Foundation and the St. Joe Company for providing my AP Research students the experience of organizing materials, needs, and writing a grant to fund their individual research projects.  The AP Capstone process consists of two courses: AP Seminar and AP Research.  Seminar teaches students the research process because students engage in finding published research and completing essays and projects to argue their given topics.  In our course, Research, students conduct actual research projects.  They decide a topic, a research question, the discipline their inquiry falls within, complete literature reviews, and conduct actual research.  Students conduct surveys, engage in experimental research, observational research, content analysis, and correlational studies.  By providing us with the grant, students were able to learn one crucial step in the research process: funding.  They were also able to complete their projects and submit their work for college credit, pending their final scores (released July 15th).  Once again, thank you so much for your generous donation to my students. I have uploaded photos of a student's binder to show a portion of the paper all students use in AP Research.  This format will not allow me to upload a short video taken by a student or their final research papers. -Hillary Williams, FHS AP Capstone Research teacher

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Original Grant Overview


The goal of this grant is to give students the opportunity to pursue research they are passionate about while giving them the chance to engaged in hands-on learning with higher-level research.  


What will be done with my students

Students will carry out their research projects using the materials provided through this grant. Diverse research methods will be used by the students; for example, scientific research on the effects of types of sleep on the immune system will be done through analysis of protein levels in saliva and correlational and quantitative research will be done by many students through the use of survey and data analysis using surveys and medical equipment.  


Benefits to my students

The 18 students will be given the opportunity to go beyond surface-level research to implement methods that will give them a greater understanding of conducting research and the wide variety of research methods available. These methods include mass surveying, experimental research, naturalistic observation, and correlational studies. Students will also be able to dive into different fields of study such as social science, biology, and psychology. The current and future students will have more valuable resources made available to them through this grant. For example, proper equipment to conduct experiments with, access to software used to set up and analyze data, and resources used to create and send out surveys.  


Budget Narrative

The tools and materials we are asking for are necessary for students to carry out their individual research projects. This grant will provide cytokine measuring kits that will be used to measure immune function in relation to sleep, a blood pressure cuff to measure blood pressure and stress levels of coaches and athletes, survey software will be used by most if not all of the class to develop better quality surveys and reach out to a wider margin of people, four cases of copier paper will be used to print surveys and consent forms. More conclusive, and descript data is possible if contacting a larger body of participants is made possible. 



# Item Cost
1 Salimetrics Interleukin-6 salivary assay kit $404.00
2 Salimetrics passive drool collection method kit $108.00
3 200pc 3 mL disposable plastic transfer pipettes $8.09
4 25 15 mL conical centrifuge tubes $13.05
5 4 cases of copier paper $120.00
6 Omron 10 Series Wireless Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor with Two User Mode (200 Reading Memory) $55.00
7 Survey Legend (online survey analytics) $255.00
  Total: $963.14


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Special Thanks to Our Presenting Partners


The Alys Foundation

St. Joe Community Foundation

Florida Power & Light