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My goal is to fund my schools first ever Lego League program.

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Robotics Funding for First Lego League

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Dune Lakes Elementary School 
STEM Education 
Frances Granger 
Gina Park, Meredith Flowers, Julie Perk, Ben Lawson, Macie Horton, Donna Stark 
Students Impacted:
October 1, 2019


Thank you to the following investor for funding this grant.


The Alys Foundation - $1,500.00


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Impact to My Classroom

# of Students Impacted: 30

Thank you to your generous donotion we were able to have our first ever LEGO league at Dune Lakes Elementary. We had kids from Grade 1-5 who were able to practice team building and critical thinking skills. The kids were also required to practice presenting their creations as well. We had so many kids interested in joining our team that we had to create applications. We are looking forward to continuing our teams next year. Thank you so much for helping us get this started!

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Original Grant Overview


My goal is to fund my schools first ever Lego League program. 


What will be done with my students

Lego League is a STEM robotics team that works together to solve a real-world problem(s) allowing students to try and build a stronger, more sustainable future.

An application process selected 30 students for our schools first ever Lego League, five teams of 6 students. Teams meet weekly with coaches to discover, discuss, solve, and build solutions to an assigned problem. The 5th grade team is at a competitive level. They need a practice table, team shirts, event tokens to share with other school teams, and materials to create a display board for events. Competitive teams work to build challenge pieces then program/code a robot to perform several tasks that the team is evaluated on at competition. Teams also have to demonstrate teamwork in a core values challenge. Opportunity to progress to regional and national competitions is available to qualifying teams. Junior teams work to solve a problem set by the First Lego League and they attend expos to display their solution.

The mission of FIRST® (Lego League) is to inspire young people to be science and technology leaders and innovators, by engaging them in exciting mentor-based programs that build science, engineering, and technology skills, that inspire innovation, and that foster well-rounded life capabilities including self-confidence, communication, and leadership. The program is built around theme-based Challenges to engage children ages 6 to 16 in research, problem solving, coding, and engineering. The foundation of the program is the FIRST® Core Values, which emphasize teamwork, discovery, and innovation. Students emerge more confident, excited, and equipped with the skills they need in a changing workforce. -firstinspires.org



Benefits to my students

Proven, verifiable impact! FIRST LEGO League’s positive impact on participants is gratifying and well documented. Over 87% are more interested in doing well in school, and 88% have more interest in attending college.

Student participation will be measured by coaches using a rubric consisting of the following requirements: contributions made to group discussions, terminology used, cooperation with team members, and attendance to the program.  


Budget Narrative

Construction materials to build a wooden practice table to specific requirements, team shirts for 30 students and 10 coaches, project materials for display board at events, event tokens to be given away to other teams, registration fees for various events, next years registration fee to create teams. 



# Item Cost
1 Practice Table Materials $100.00
2 Team Shirts $250.00
3 Project Materials $194.00
4 Event Tokens $90.00
5 Pre-Qualifier Registration $50.00
6 Qualifier Registration $50.00
7 Regional Event Registration $75.00
8 Next Year's Registration FLL $235.00
9 Next Year's Registration Junior Team 4th Grade $114.00
10 Next Year's Registration Junior Team 3rd Grade $114.00
11 Next Year's Registration Junior Team 2nd Grade $114.00
12 Next Year's Registration Junior Team 1st Grade $114.00
  Total: $1,500.00


Please share this page to help in fulfilling this grant.

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Special Thanks to Our Presenting Partners


The Alys Foundation

St. Joe Community Foundation

Florida Power & Light


Dunlap Shipman Attorneys at Law