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The goal of this grant is to purchase items to increase and enrich what little we currently have. These items will be for use in the pre-kindergarten classroom in the dramatic play center to increase students' fine and gross motor skills, math, literacy, real world applications, social skills, writing and science.

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Dramatic Play Grant-Various Play Themes

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Lynch Elementary School 
Karen Mishley 
Students Impacted:
September 7, 2018

0% Funded



Only $2,323.17 Needed



The goal of this grant is to purchase items to increase and enrich what little we currently have. These items will be for use in the pre-kindergarten classroom in the dramatic play center to increase students' fine and gross motor skills, math, literacy, real world applications, social skills, writing and science.


What will be done with my students

Every few weeks the dramatic play area in our classroom will be changed out to match our learning goals and state standards. Some of the themes we would like to have include, playing house with dress up clothes, babies and kitchen items. Another is a restaurant, with food, menus and waiter/waitress outfits. Pretend play in these situations will help students learn how to act in a restaurant and pretending to play house will teach them to be gentle with babies, be kind and work hard by making food and folding laundry. There are many state standards for PreK that teachers need to meet and by purchasing these items, we can easily meet those standards and help our students to be more well rounded, kind, caring individuals. Other themes we would put out would be camping, a flower shop for Spring, a pizzeria, a construction site, a grocery store, a Veterinarian's office, and an ice cream parlor. Currently we have very little toys and many things are broken or incomplete. 


Benefits to my students

The items purchased will be shared with all four Pre-K classes, each of which about 15 students. The items will be stored each year in the Pre-K storage which will give these classes unlimited access and benefit an unlimited amount of students. Many studies have recently shown that the dramatic play center benefits students achieve important psychosocial growth milestones in early education. It gives students an emotional outlet. It is a time when they can be themselves and express and explore their thoughts and feelings. Also, pretending to be someone else, such as a policeman or mommy or daddy, the students are brave enough to say how they feel and to express ideas. This gives the students confidence which will help them to succeed in the upper grades. It gives teachers a natural way to teach conflict resolution when disagreements come up. This could be over a toy, or an idea or how to pretend. When the teacher monitors dramatic play they are able to stop the disagreement by teaching students to use their words and tell their friend what they want or how they feel. Students also get literacy support by seeing print on signs, menus, magazines and words on play food. Dramatic play is essential for teaching students social skills. These social skills are the building blocks for their emotional health in the future as they grow older. If a child does not learn these skills and achieve the milestones, they most likely will not learn them later. If a child does not develop social skills, for example, they may hit, yell kick or throw things to express anger. They will not know how to make friends and become isolated and lonely, which can cause behavior issues in the upper grades.  


Describe the Students

Currently in the Prekindergarten three and four year old class there are 9 special needs students and 6 general education students for a total of 15. Of the special needs students, all of them are Language Impaired. This means they are delayed in expressing and/or understanding language. Two of them also have Autism and the rest are Developmentally Delayed. There are 2 students who speak other languages. One student is Hispanic and speaks primarily Spanish and the other is Indian and speaks primarily Bengali and Hindi. Three students are African American, one is Hispanic, one is Indian and the other ten are Caucasian. This is my class this year, but this grant will benefit an unlimited amount of students for years to come. This class is so wonderfully diverse and one of the items that would be purchased by this grant would be dolls of various colors so that our students will be able to identify with the toys. Currently, we only have 1 very old and worn Caucasian doll. 


Budget Narrative

Items will be purchased online through Melissa and Doug, Kaplan Early Learning Company, Lakeshore Learning. All items are within the parameters of this grant and the items listed are the items that will be purchased. 



# Item Cost
1 Melissa & Doug Felt Food Pizza Set $27.95
2 Cutting Fruit Set - Wooden Play Food $19.99
3 Chef Role Play Costume Set $29.99
4 Doctor Role Play Costume Set $29.99
5 Let's Play House! Condiment Set $16.99
6 Thirst Quencher Dispenser $29.99
7 Top & Bake Pizza Counter - Wooden Play Food $49.99
8 Bread & Butter Toast Set $14.99
9 Felt Play Food - Pizza Set $19.99
10 Victorian Doll Family - African-American $19.99
11 Victorian Doll Family - Caucasian $19.99
12 Shopping Cart Toy - Metal Grocery Wagon $69.99
13 New Sprouts - Camp Out! Activity Set $18.39
14 Color Rings Sorting Board $19.99
15 Learn the Alphabet! Dough Mats $19.99
16 Lakeshore Washable Baby Dolls $74.99
17 Pet Vet Center $34.99
18 Kid safe Appliances $49.99
19 Jungle House $228.97
20 Machine-Washable Alphabet Puppet Set $199.00
21 Lakeshore Tabletop Drying Rack $49.99
22 Washable Sensory Play Materials - Complete Set $149.00
23 classic ocean animal collection $49.99
24 Pretend and Play diner $79.99
25 under Construction! Project Barriers $39.99
26 Little Hands Tool Tote $24.99
27 Keep It Safe! Traffic Signs $79.99
28 Real-Working Construction Crane $49.99
29 Soft and Washable School Doll Set $229.00
30 Soft and Washable Doll Bassinet $19.99
31 Kid-Safe Microwave $19.99
32 Scoop and Serve Ice Cream Counter $49.99
33 Fresh Mart Grocery Store Companion Collection $29.99
34 Birthday Party- Wooden Play Food $19.99
35 Rotisserie and Grill Barbeque Set $49.99
36 Let's Play House! Wash Dry and Iron $39.99
37 Server Role Play Costume Set $29.99
38 Multi-Level Solid Wood Dollhouse $89.24
39 B. Teepee Play Tent - Sea Blue $39.99
40 All Vinyl Baby Doll Set $94.95
41 Melissa & Doug Kids' Deluxe Puppet Theater $89.99
  Total: $2,323.17

0% Funded



Only $2,323.17 Needed



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