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The goal is for students to learn the value of saving and spending by budgeting, prioritizing needs over wants.

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ACH-Spending and Saving Using School Cash

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Safety Harbor Elementary School 
Michelle Bardelli 
Sarah Webb, Melina Tickner, Brian Peterson 
Students Impacted:
Pre K - 5 
August 31, 2018

0% Funded



Only $1,000.00 Needed



The goal is for students to learn the value of saving and spending by budgeting, prioritizing needs over wants.  


What will be done with my students

Each teacher will pay students in Turtle Cash. Students will earn School Cash for completing homework, class jobs and being a good citizen in the classroom.
Some classes will be giving students a paycheck that will need to be turned into the class "banker" for Turtle Cash.
The banker will be responsible for making change for items purchased and cashing students paychecks. The banker job will be rotated throughout the year, giving all students and opportunity to learn the process.
Students will use the Turtle Cash to shop in the class store every other week. They will need to buy some items such as pencils, markers, highlighter, etc. They will also have an opportunity to purchase luxury items;slime, fun erasers, stickers, mechanical pencils, computer pass, free time pass etc. Students may also save their money for big ticket items; lunch with the teacher, choose a special seat, etc.
Students will have to create a budget, similar to balancing a check book.


Benefits to my students

Students will learn important math skills, adding and subtracting, but more importantly they will learn the importance of earning a pay check and budgeting, which most adults still struggle to do. They will learn to prioritize their purchases, first taking care of needs, then wants.
It also gives students positive reinforcement and an incentive to follow the school-wide and class expectations.
We have used this model in the past and it is amazing to see students who, couldn't even count their 20's, 10's, 5's and 1's are able to tell you how much change they should get back after making a purchase.  


Describe the Students

83 students in grades 3 and 5
11 Gifted students
25 Low performing students
7 ESE students
3 ESOL students
5 students on a behavior plan


Budget Narrative

Astro Bright Paper: Printing Turtle Cash, Free Homework pass, computer pass, etc. and
Ink: For computers to print passes and Turtle Cash
School Supplies: Markers, pencils, erasers for kids to purchase
Printing and Laminating: School Store Items and Cost Poster to be posted in the classroom
Special Seating: Highly coveted big ticket item, "Kore" wobble chairs allow students to wobble back and forth while they work.  



# Item Cost
1 Astro Bright Paper $20.00
2 Ink $150.00
3 Printing and Laminating $30.00
4 School Store Item $520.00
5 Special Seating $280.00
  Total: $1,000.00

0% Funded



Only $1,000.00 Needed



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