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The goal of this grant is to bring the implementation of restorative practices to all classrooms in the school.

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Restorative Practices Implementation

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Bay Point Middle School 
Sarah Swoch 
Aubrey Amstutz 
Students Impacted:
July 7, 2018

0% Funded



Only $392.33 Needed



The goal of this grant is to bring the implementation of restorative practices to all classrooms in the school.  


What will be done with my students

Teachers will be trained in the restorative practices ideas of affective language and fair process. Once the staff is trained during pre-school they will need to bring the practices into their classrooms with their students. This will require continued support as well as some materials so students have a talking piece to pass around the restorative circle. Students and teachers will also have to set guidelines for the circles that will need to be posted in each classroom.  


Benefits to my students

Students in classrooms that use restorative practices have higher levels of self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship management, and responsible decision making. Teachers will be able to make decisions with students instead of for them or to them, creating a classroom environment where student voices are heard and issues are addressed through a fair process.  


Describe the Students

Students at Bay Point Middle is a 100% Free and Reduced Lunch Title I school. The school serves students with various exceptionalities in it's MMI units, inclusive classrooms, magnet program, and gifted program. Bay Point students are 60% African American, 20% White, 10% Hispanic, and 10% Other.  


Budget Narrative

10 IIRP Globe Talking Pieces @ $3.00 each
1 pack of 100 Restorative Question Cards @ $10
1 Better than Sticks and Carrots Book @ $24.03
50 Restorative Questions Posters @ $6 each
Shipping Costs for IIRP Order @ $28.20 



# Item Cost
1 IIRP Globe Talking Piece $30.00
2 Better Than Sticks and Carrots $24.03
3 100 Restorative Questions Cards $10.00
4 50 Restorative Questions Posters $300.00
5 Shipping $28.30
  Total: $392.33

0% Funded



Only $392.33 Needed



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