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My goal is to engage boys in reading books and become life-long readers.

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Boys Books

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McMullen Booth Elementary School 
Language Arts 
Tanya Hilkert 
Students Impacted:
June 12, 2018

16% Funded



Only $128.04 Needed



My goal is to engage boys in reading books and become life-long readers. 


What will be done with my students

These book titles are geared towards boys who are reluctant to read. Students are expected to read up to 30 minutes a day during language arts. My goal is to provide books that are engaging for boys who tend not to read through an entire book and who struggle to read for 30 minutes. Book discussions will be held to talk about their reading experiences. Book titles are carefully selected to provide boys with varied stories they will find interesting.  


Benefits to my students

By providing a wide range of fictional book choices for boys, I predict boys will be able to relate to the stories they read and have discussions about their reading experiences. Reluctant readers will find topics they like and will enjoy reading. Engaging books for boys can increase their reading performance and likely create life-long readers. Boys will develop good reading habits by finding engaging fictional books to read. 


Describe the Students

I have not been assigned my students as it is summer time, however I will teach two language arts classes each day. I can update this section in August when I receive my class list. We are a Title 1 school and our school has implemented a program to bridge the gap between boys and girls. 


Budget Narrative

The cost of 18 books totals $153.04. These book prices are based on Amazon Prime prices. 



# Item Cost
1 Addison Cooke and the Treasure of the Incas $7.62
2 Sky Raiders (Five Kingdoms) $7.19
3 The Ruins of Gorlan (Ranger's Apprentice book 1) $7.19
4 The Burning Bridge (Ranger's Apprentice book 2) $7.19
5 Prince Martin Wins His Sword $10.40
6 George's Marvelous Medicine $7.99
7 My Wierd School Collection (books 1-4) $11.98
8 The Cardboard Kingdom $8.49
9 The Last Akaway - A Spirit Animal Adventure $14.82
10 Theodore Boone: Kid Lawyer $7.62
11 Theodore Boone: The Fugitive $6.41
12 Brainwashed: Crime Travelers (book 1) $11.16
13 The Bad Beginning: Or, Orphans (A Series of Unfortunate Events book 1) $6.99
14 Peter and the Starcatchers $7.99
15 Zoobreak $5.99
16 Tuck Everlasting $7.48
17 Hero (by Sarah Lean) $9.34
18 The Night They Stole the Stanley Cup (Screech Owls) $7.19
  Total: $153.04

16% Funded



Only $128.04 Needed



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