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To provide kinesthetic opportunities for gifted students to show their learning.

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Creativity for Gifted students

Seminole Middle School 
Aimee Kessler 
Students Impacted:
June 2, 2018

0% Funded



Only $357.85 Needed



To provide kinesthetic opportunities for gifted students to show their learning.  


What will be done with my students

Model Magic clay and scratch art are incorporated into the curriculum to supplement traditional options with high interest authentic student made products.  


Benefits to my students

Not all learning has to be assessed through paper and a pencil. Using these creative tools gifted students can create a product and explain its significance connected to what they have learned. These items also encourage divergent thinking and stimulate creativity. Using hands-on lessons stimulate and enhance curriculum beyond traditional means, fostering a memorable learning experience. 


Describe the Students

My students are gifted. They are considered ESE as they are exceptional.  


Budget Narrative

Quotes taken from 



# Item Cost
1 Crayola Model Magic Modeling Dough Classpack, Assorted Colors, Pack of 75 $158.68
2 Crayola Model Magic Non-Toxic Mess-Free Modeling Dough, 4 oz, Black $45.84
3 Crayola Model Magic Non-Toxic Modeling Dough Set, 8 oz, Assorted Natural Color, Set of 4 $44.24
4 Scratch-Art Original Scratch Art Paper, Assorted Colors, Pack of 60 $65.46
5 Scratch-Art Large Stylus Stick, 5-1/4 x 1/4 Inches, Pack of 25 $20.22
6 Tax $23.41
  Total: $357.85

0% Funded



Only $357.85 Needed



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