Our goal is to have enough base ten blocks to create a new math tub with them.

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Making Math Count

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Pasadena Fundamental Elementary School 
Ashley Robinson 
Kathy Pennington, Courtney Gomes, Nancy Achuff 
Students Impacted:
March 12, 2018

0% Funded



Only $280.00 Needed



Our goal is to have enough base ten blocks to create a new math tub with them. 


What will be done with my students

Part of our Kindergarten curriculum is getting our students familiar with teen numbers. The goal is that they will recognize that these numbers are a group of ten plus however many ones.

We teach this is a variety of different ways. We use tens frames and other math manipulatives, but we have no base ten blocks. How can we teach this concept without the proper tools?

Once we have enough base ten blocks we will be able to create a math tub with them. This means the students will be able to interact with them daily to practice and deepen their knowledge of this concept. These can even be separated from the tub so students can work with them independently or with a partner. 


Benefits to my students

Kindergarten is hands on all the time. We need things in our hands to help us learn.

We can talk about the concept of beginning place value all day, and see it with our counting straws during calendar but we need a chance to practice it and build it ourselves.

Being able to have our own base ten blocks will allow us to introduce the concept earlier. We will no longer have to borrow them from another grade level and return them when they need them. We will be able to set up math centers and math tubs with them. These can be out all year to help us differentiate our teaching to meet the needs of our students.



Describe the Students

We are very fortunate to work at a Fundamental school. We have amazing parent involvement and our students strive for success.

Our students still come from a variety backgrounds. We have African American, Asian, Bi-racial, Eastern European and Caucasian students.

These students come to us at every level of learning as well. We have struggling students who are performing below expectations as well as students who have been performing at and above Kindergarten level since August.

We have a handful of students who have successfully tested into the gifted program as well as several students receiving speech services.  


Budget Narrative

We have 4 Kindergarten classes and are asking for 2 tubs of base ten blocks for each class.

Each tub costs (including tax and shipping) $35.00.
We would like 8 tubs total which would cost $280 



# Item Cost
1 8 tubs of Place Value Blocks from Lakeshore Learning $280.00
  Total: $280.00

0% Funded



Only $280.00 Needed



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