For each desk in two classrooms to have a foot-pedal machine underneath.

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Cycling through statistics

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Bay Point Middle School 
Christina Webb 
Katie Swango 
Students Impacted:
January 17, 2018

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Only $995.65 Needed



For each desk in two classrooms to have a foot-pedal machine underneath. 


What will be done with my students

Under each student's desk, I will place a foot-pedal machine with a computer that tracks revolutions. Students will take data of their revolutions and we will graph them and compute mean, median, mode and range. Advanced students will also be able to compute mean absolute deviation. All of these statistics are assessed on their state testing and it would be a great way for them to practice with the material. They can practice comparing and graphing - an added bonus! 


Benefits to my students

This will benefit my students in many ways. Not only will they be producing real-world data that they can manipulate and compare, the physical activity will allow them to direct their energy towards a positive goal. It will help hyperactive students to remain engaged. 


Describe the Students

I have a mixture of low and high performers. Some students are performing at a level 4 or 5 on the Florida Standards Assessment and are in the Advanced 7th grade track. Other students are performing at or below grade level and are following the traditional 7th grade curriculum. This project would affect 30 ESE students with varying disabilities such as language impairment, specific learning disability, autism, and gifted. Many students have also been diagnosed with ADHD.  


Budget Narrative

I would need 49 of these machines. Item priced on 



# Item Cost
1 Marcy Mini Cardio Cycle - (Qty 49) @ 18.99/ea $995.65
  Total: $995.65

0% Funded



Only $995.65 Needed



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