Our aim is to provide an opportunity for these students to realize their true potential and future success by experiencing real life possibilities.

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Opening Doors Of Possibilities

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Largo High School 
Brenda Brunelle 
Students Impacted:
November 9, 2017

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Only $3,650.00 Needed



Our aim is to provide an opportunity for these students to realize their true potential and future success by experiencing real life possibilities. 


What will be done with my students

We would like to arrange a tour of the USF-Tampa campus for our Freshman Academy Scholars. We would need buses for approximately 250 to 300 students and chaperones. We would leave LHS at 8am, arriving no later than 9am at USF-Tampa. The students would be taken on a campus tour in small groups. This would be followed by a brief presentation about the college experience. The tour and presentation would take approximately two hours. In addition, we would like to arrange lunch on campus with currently enrolled USF-Tampa students to encourage additional sharing of campus life. We would be back on the buses by 12:30 pm returning to LHS by 1:30pm. This is a one-time activity with the potential for annual reoccurrence. The field trip will connect with current curriculum by providing hands-on college and career readiness. Furthermore, this experience will demonstrate independence and strengthen decision-making skills, both of which are relevant to future success. 


Benefits to my students

By identifying and working with these students early in their high school education, providing them real tangible experiences, and showing them the opportunities available to them, we hope the results are that they choose wisely, work hard, and strive to be the best version of themselves.
Approximately 250 students will directly benefit, with the potential for them to encourage other classmates by talking about their experience as well as participating in follow-up activities in the classrooms. 


Describe the Students

Largo High School is a Title I school. All of these students are considered low academic performers.The distinctions of these students vary. Many are ESE, ESOL, and come from low socioeconomic communities. A majority are on free and reduced lunch. Parent involvement is challenging making opportunities like this unattainable without assistance.



Budget Narrative

Transportation for 250-300 students and chaperones to USF-Tampa traveling by school bus. Lunch on campus and return trip home. Our school motto is, "Don"t Forget the Mission. The Mission is Graduation!" The memento will serve as a visual reminder of the experience as well as reinforce the school motto, which will be printed on the keepsake. 



# Item Cost
1 5 buses seating 56 each. $1,250.00
2 Lunch at USF-Tampa $2,000.00
3 "Don't Forget the Mission" memento $400.00
  Total: $3,650.00

0% Funded



Only $3,650.00 Needed



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