Deliver instruction in a way that should engage today’s student.

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Ghost Cubes

Seminole Middle School 
Jennifer Outzs 
Students Impacted:
September 7, 2017

0% Funded



Only $440.00 Needed



Deliver instruction in a way that should engage today‚Äôs student. 


What will be done with my students

We will make a miniature version of ghost cubes created by Erik Aberg ( with my ALPSS 6th grade math class. We will then investigate surface area and volume of 3-dimensional shapes. 


Benefits to my students

This project is a beautiful combination of mathematics and art. Part of our math curriculum is learning about surface area and volume and this project nicely meets these outcomes. Research shows that it is important for students to get a chance to have multiple opportunities for visualization and manipulation of shapes before entering into a formal Geometry class. This project affords the opportunity to this group of students that will be taking formal Geometry earlier than most. 


Describe the Students

My students are high performers. There are three classes of accelerated 6th grade math students for a total of 75 students. Roughly 40% are gifted. The materials purchased will be consumable as the students will take the projects home with them. 


Budget Narrative

EAI - Wooden Cubes: 1" Assorted Colors - Set of 510 in Tub - $50 each times 4 tubs = $200.
Stapes - Glow in the Dark Duct Tape - 1.88" by 10 ft - $10 each times 24 rolls = $240. 



# Item Cost
1 Wooden Cubes $200.00
2 Duct Tape $240.00
  Total: $440.00

0% Funded



Only $440.00 Needed



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