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To improve the accuracy of calculating student running/walking performance and providing immediate positive feedback.

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EZ Tally (Mile Marker)

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Highland Lakes Elementary School 
Steve Fay 
Shannon Shakespeare 
Students Impacted:
Pre K - 5 
September 1, 2017

1% Funded



Only $887.48 Needed



To improve the accuracy of calculating student running/walking performance and providing immediate positive feedback. 


What will be done with my students

Currently students participate in tracking their running/walking performance during PE class with carry cards marked by the teacher with pen/marker. We want to upgrade this process with EZTally technology using bar codes and three IPad scanners. The technology allows students a more interactive experience encouraging them with positive prompts and accurate data collection. 


Benefits to my students

All of our PK-5 grade students participate in our Mile Marker (running/walking) program during PE class. This has been a favorite student activity and continues to engage and encourage participation in a life long physical fitness activity. The EZ Tally program will improve the accuracy of our data collection process with students carrying a bar code, scanning the card using the IPad camera, receiving instant visual feedback of the distance ran and a positive encouraging comment. We expect this technology to speed our reporting process to classroom teachers and parents and increase student interest in improving their physical fitness with personalized rewards and feedback.  


Describe the Students

Highland Lakes Elementary
582 Enrolled
Asian -3.6%
Black -3.9%
Hispanic -14.1%
Multi Racial -5.5%
White -72.9%
Other -.2%
EBD/ESE - 2%
ELA Proficiency: All - 63%, Learning Gaines 53%, Lowest 25%- 32%
Math Proficiency: All - 69%, Learning Gaines 55%, Lowest 25%- 51%


Budget Narrative

The price estimate of $897.00 for three Apple IPad's WiFi 32GB engraved with Property of Pinellas County Schools is from the current Apple Inc. Education Price Quote valid until December 31, 2017. 



# Item Cost
1 iPad WiFi 32GB Space Gray $299.00
2 iPad WiFi 32GB Space Gray $299.00
3 iPad WiFi 32GB Space Gray $299.00
  Total: $897.00

1% Funded



Only $887.48 Needed



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