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To grow our PBIS initiative by improving our "school store."

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CEC Mini Grant RLS

Richard L Sanders 
Special Needs Students 
Angela Tuckett 
Students Impacted:
January 17, 2024


Thank you to the following investor for funding this grant.


CEC - $250.00


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To grow our PBIS initiative by improving our "school store."  


What will be done with my students

We are requesting materials to supplement our School Store, which is one of our most important components of our PBIS system. These would include: funding to buy snacks and drinks, small electronic accessories, sports equipment, and beauty products. Our students are able to shop in the school store with points they earn for displaying positive behaviors.  


Benefits to my students

The PBIS committee is able to monitor success through out point and level system. Students at Richard L. Sanders are able to earn up to 100 points per day by adhering to the 4 school-wide expectations: responsible interactions, participates in learning, communication, and safety. Students are also able to earn "bonuses," in which they will receive additional points for exhibiting one of our five traits for success: being compassionate, courageous, mindful, resilient, and restorative. These points determine what level and day a student is on; all students start on level 1 day 1 and move up through the level system based on how many points they have earned. We can determine the success of the PBIS initiative by collecting pre and post data on our students and what level they are on. The points that students earn each day are added to their school store "bank" and they are able to then spend those points in the store. Each student is responsible for keeping track of their own school store "ledger" to help promote self-awareness and independence.  


Describe the Students

Richard L Sanders School serves students K-12 and Extended Transition. All have been identified as having severe emotional and behavioral issues. Many are cognitively low-functioning, have mental health diagnoses, and experience behavioral difficulties which impedes their learning. A large number of our students are economically disadvantaged, live in single-parent homes, live with non-parental guardians, or are foster care students living in group homes. Our school does not have the typical supports most schools enjoy including a PTA or Family-Community Liason, and therefore we rely heavily on staff donations and grants to support our students. Our PBIS program is in need of additional funds to support our "School Store" which provides incentives for students who meet a specific criteria set by the PBIS committee. This grant would support the school store and our Level System, which is our school-wide behavior management system. At this time we have $168.38 in remaining funds to restock our school store. Our students respond positively when we are able to have incentives that they desire. Through a survey process we are able to identify what types of incentives motivate different students. We try to offer those incentives to keep students interested and moving forward through the Level System.


Budget Narrative

Electronics: $100
Sports Equipment: $50
Beauty products: $25
Snacks/drinks: $75  



# Item Cost
1 Electronics $100.00
2 Sports equipment $50.00
3 beauty products $25.00
4 snacks and drinks $75.00
  Total: $250.00


Please share this page to help in fulfilling this grant.

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Special Thanks to Our Presenting Partners