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To energize my students' creativity with writing games and books

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Let Their Creative Writing Flow

Hollins High School 
Language Arts 
Teresa Zemaitis 
Students Impacted:
November 4, 2022


Thank you to the following investor for funding this grant.


Helios Foundation - $370.34


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To energize my students' creativity with writing games and books 


What will be done with my students

My students have full access to my Writers' Resource Shelf where they can find How To books about a variety of genres as well as books about a variety of topics they may need to research for their stories.
Additionally, my students earn game days where they get to play with words and story building activities. 


Benefits to my students

My students are excited to write! They are given to opportunity to write in a wide variety of genres, explore genres and topics in books, and go on field trips to art museums and Ringling College. All of the supplies I am requesting here will add to their available resources and keep their creativity flowing. 


Describe the Students

My students run the gamut. Hollins is a low socioeconomic school. I have high performing Cambridge students. I have students who joined the class because they were once in my journalism class and liked me. Funny, but those kids have learned to love to write and, guess what, their reading improved! Funny how that works, right?


Budget Narrative

I was granted money for books and writing resource games in a previous grant. The items listed here are all classroom supplies (from Office Depot) that help the class run smoothly and efficiently which add to the calming atmosphere I try to create for my students.  



# Item Cost
1 Post-it® Pop-Up Dispenser Notes, 3" x 3", #514228 $16.16
2 Post it® Notes Super Sticky Notes, 3" x 3", #336977 $18.45
3 Post-it® Super Sticky Notes, #264684 $10.67
4 Post-it® Recycled Super Sticky Notes, #732987 $19.88
5 Post-it® Notes Durable Filing Tabs, #335185 $5.28
6 Elmer's® Glue Stick Classroom Pack, #698283 $8.64
7 Office Depot® Brand Standard Staples, #432255 $9.61
8 TUL® GL Series Retractable Gel Pens (x2) $12.80
9 U Brands® Wood Push Pins, #9559578 $10.99
10 Fashion Magnets, Assorted Shapes, #351910 $5.69
11 Office Depot® Brand Jumbo Paper Clips, #221784 $6.76
12 Clorox® Disinfecting Wipes Value Pack, #149452 $9.60
13 U Style Antimicrobial Composition Book (x47),#6742888 $140.53
14 Sharpie® Permanent Fine-Point Markers, #925531 $9.72
15 Sharpie® Permanent Markers Black, Chisel Tip, #134057 $6.99
16 Sharpie® Permanent Markers Asst Colors, Chisel Tip, #265078 $4.51
17 Sharpie® Flip Chart™ Markers (x3), #696211 $38.37
18 EXPO® Low-Odor Dry-Erase Markers, (x2), #268571 $14.64
19 Brother® TZe-221 Black-On-White Tape, #776897 $8.10
20 Office Depot® Brand Eraser Caps, #206426 $1.73
21 Office Depot® Brand Wood Pencils, #825488 $11.22
  Total: $370.34


Please share this page to help in fulfilling this grant.

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