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My goal is to use the Science World magazines to help my students become science literate citizens.

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Current Science for Sanderlin MYP

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Sanderlin PK-8 
Dianna Mills 
Students Impacted:
August 9, 2022


Thank you to the following investors for funding this grant.


Nurije Eller - $20.00

Sarah Rumschlag - $25.00

Linda Shockley - $50.00

Suncoast Credit Union - $155.54


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My goal is to use the Science World magazines to help my students become science literate citizens. 


What will be done with my students

Science World magazines are a phenomenal resource! I have used the articles in the past to get students engaged in our current unit. They drive discussions, debates, and educate the kids about what's currently going on in the field of science. Throughout the unit, we refer back to the article(s) and the kids share connections they've made with the topic and their lives. This increases student achievement because they now have a vested interest in what we're learning about. The magazine comes every 2 weeks or so. An online version is also included with the subscription, which allows me access to past editions, games, and videos and lesson plans that go with the articles. The best part about this magazine is that the kids improve upon their science literacy skills, connecting STEM to the Common Core, without even realizing it because the informational text is easy to relate to, well written and has awesome photograph 


Benefits to my students

I want my students to be science literate. My biggest challenge in getting them there is lack of supplemental text. Learning about any topic can be hard if you don't buy into the importance of it. I know my students want to learn science; they're always questioning, just not necessarily what I'm required to teach. Each unit I have to prove to them how the curriculum affects their lives. That is something you can't get out of a textbook. Filled with facts, students have a hard time relating to the material presented. I admit, the books have gotten better since I was a kid, but having these magazines as a supplemental text makes a huge difference. The articles are current, applicable, informative and interesting. My students make connections to their lives and the rest of the world as they read. Thank you! 


Describe the Students

As a middle school teacher in a diverse school, my students face challenges both in and out of the classroom. Like most middle school kids, they have their drama, but they also have a desire to learn. Sometimes you've got to work to find it, but it's there!

My students are creative, clever, and very spontaneous.
They like to move, they love anything hands on, and thrive on positive attention. I teach all academic levels. Because of this, I have to get to know each of my students and find out what works best for them to succeed. Through surveys, discussions and writing, my students have told me they learn science best by doing it and seeing the connection to their lives.

Despite the challenges they face, I strive to provide an environment for my students where they feel safe and comfortable, so that they can have creative and meaningful learning experiences. 


Budget Narrative

Science World magazine subscription ($9.49 each) x 24,
$22.78 for shipping,
10 issues a year plus online access 



# Item Cost
1 Science World magazine subscription ($22.78 shipping)9.49 each) x 24, plus $250.54
  Total: $250.54


Please share this page to help in fulfilling this grant.

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