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My goal is to use funds creatively to recognize volunteers.

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JCRFF- Volunteer Recognition

grant photo
Douglas L. Jamerson Elementary School 
Lizz Singh 
Students Impacted:
Pre K - 5 
January 27, 2014


Thank you to the following investor for funding this grant.


The Sher Family - $400.00


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My goal is to use funds creatively to recognize volunteers. 


What will be done with my students

Douglas L. Jamerson, Jr. Elementary School is extremely fortunate to have an administration and teaching staff who truly value parental input, community involvement, and volunteers. Because of this, our school has a welcoming environment where volunteers are truly valued. We have a wonderful roster of volunteers. Last school year we had over 250 active volunteers who gave over 10,000 hours of their time. We are on track to surpass those numbers this year, as we currently have close to 6,000 hours logged for this school year already. More than 50 people come in on a regular weekly basis to help in various ways. This really makes a difference to all of our students, in terms of learning gains, helping students enjoy school, and much more.

This hospitable environment is not found at all schools, and I am determined to do all that I can to maintain it here at Jamerson. To reach this goal, I have been trying to find creative ways to recognize and show appreciation to the volunteers throughout the school year.


Benefits to my students

Without volunteers, our school would be a completely different place. All students benefit from our many dedicated volunteers.
Volunteers enable us to do the following:
1. Take field trips with all grade levels
2. Keep our Media Center/Library open every day (we do not have a full time Media Specialist)
3. Keep our clinic staffed (we only have a nurse provided by the school district one day/week)
4. Keep our monthly school stores open (we have a different store each week: Sunshine Math Store, PTA Book Store, School Store, and Popcorn)
5. Have an extremely active, award-winning PTA (25 board members!)
6. Have an extremely active and dedicated SAC (22 committee members!)
7. Have an IAC (Intervention & Appeals Committee) to help our students succeed in this rigorous school environment
8. Have a Sunshine Math program, an optional 25 week homework program that over 90% of our students participate in
9. Hold the many special events that we have each year (including our recent Winter Olympic Snow Day, as shown in the photo)
10. And too much more to mention
If it wasn�t for these volunteers, we would not have many of the things that really set us apart from other schools and make Jamerson such a wonderful and special place for all students.



Describe the Students

We have approximately 560 students, including 5 ESE classrooms (Students with Autism). Our population is approximately 40% white, 40% African American, and 10% other, and we have close to 50% boys and 50% girls. As part of Magnet Schools of America, maintaining this diversity is one of our goals. This year lunch is free for all students, so we don�t have any hard data on the percentage of students on free and reduced lunch. However, based on previous years, we estimate the number to be approximately 60%. We have approximately 80 students who received on-site gifted services.  


Budget Narrative

$310 for 100 LED aluminum keyring flashlights with our logo on it. These will be given out in May at our Volunteer Appreciation Breakfast. This is a gift that should be useful to most people, and will also help Jamerson with publicity, as our logo will be on it.
The remainder of the funds will be used to purchase food for the breakfast. 



# Item Cost
1 100 LED flashlights with logo $310.00
2 food for appreciation breakfast $90.00
  Total: $400.00


Please share this page to help in fulfilling this grant.

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Special Thanks to Our Presenting Partners