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My goal is to transition my students from using block code to state-machine and text-based programming in the classroom and in STEM Academy.

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Jabil - Wonder Workshop Cue

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Pinellas Park Middle School 
Sarah Swoch 
Students Impacted:
November 22, 2019


Thank you to the following investor for funding this grant.


Jabil - $1,057.00


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Impact to My Classroom

# of Students Impacted: 140

The Wonder Workshop Cue Robots were the funniest addition to my classroom this year, and possibly ever. Once they are turned on they give the students all sorts of instructions. The student groups carefully carried them around the room to various locations to activate and calibrate the sensors. They named their robots and were very careful with them. Some of my students had used the robot that comes before the Cue in elementary school, so they were able to be leaders in their group and explain some of the things it could do. They quickly realized the coding was a little different, but they were up for the challenge. They were happy to move beyond block coding and motivated by the many different capabilities of the Cue. 


Since we had different attachments the students asked to use each as they figured out how to make Cue follow their coding. They were very excited to make Cue draw things with the marker attachment and whiteboard mat. They were able to navigate mazes and have their Cue speak as well as avoid obstacles with the sensors. I'm sure we will get to explore more next year. The robots seem to really allow for the students to try out their ideas and write some creative code to have the robots complete different tasks. 


Original Grant Overview


My goal is to transition my students from using block code to state-machine and text-based programming in the classroom and in STEM Academy.  


What will be done with my students

My students will be able to use the robot and the sketch kits to represent their learning in various topics. To sketch their understandings they will have to code the robot. Some students have previous experience coding using block. This is the next logical step in weaving coding into the curriculum. For students who have not done any coding, the Cue robot responds to their level and lets them jump in with more support.

Students will be able to use creativity, coding, and knowledge to create products they can share with the class. They will make programs to sketch out their one-pager review sheets. They can be engaged with technology and achieve learning goals.

I will also be able to use the robotics curriculum in my STEM Academy after-school. I have some students who have been working through the Girls Who Code curriculum and will be ready to jump into the world beyond block. I also have some students that have been working on the Ultimate robots and will enjoy trying out a different type of coding and creating. The robotics curriculum will give them some concrete challenges to work towards involving coding. Their previous experiences are more related to engineering their robot. With the Cue they can learn with rapid feedback, from a drawing, or from its movements, to code with a purpose.  


Benefits to my students

My students will be given the chance to learn to code in the curriculum. This is a skill I had to pick up on my own. I can give students a leg up by making coding engaging and relevant. They will be excited by the new technology and I can give them novel assignments they won't see in any other classroom. Cue is self-guided, so students at different levels can begin at whatever level they need. My students will also get to develop their critical thinking skills using the challenge cards.  


Describe the Students

Pinellas Park Middle School is a Title I school that serves free breakfast and lunch to all students.
My students are 18% Asian, 11% Black, 22% Hispanic, 7% Mixed, and 42% White.
There are 10 gifted students,13 students have 504 plans, 12 are ESE students, 3 speak Arabic, 1 speaks Bengali, 1 speaks Khmer, 1 speaks French, 1 speaks German, 1 speaks Laotian, 14 speak Spanish, and 14 speak Vietnamese at home.  


Budget Narrative

The starter pack comes with:
3 Cue robots, onyx color
2 Sketch Kits
1 whiteboard sketch mat
1 whiteboard eraser
1 marker refill kits
1 Gripper Building Kit
3 Cue Unit 1 (Creative Writing) Notebooks
3 Cue Unit 2 (Game Design) Notebooks
3 Cue Unit 3 (Innovation) Notebooks
1 Cue Applied Robotics Curriculum Guide 



# Item Cost
1 Cue Starter Pack and Curriculum $1,057.00
  Total: $1,057.00


Please share this page to help in fulfilling this grant.

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