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My goal is to create a learning environment that is sensory friendly for all students.

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Sensory Friendly Classroom

Pasadena Fundamental Elementary School 
Ashley Robinson 
Students Impacted:
September 28, 2019


Thank you to the following investor for funding this grant.


Raymond James Financial - $250.00


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Impact to My Classroom

# of Students Impacted: 18

The light covers have made a world of difference in my

classroom. I have noticed that my students are much more calm in the classroom. We find it easier to focus and see the board, SMART board and posters hanging around our classroom. The bouncy bands on the chairs have been beneficial to some students. I notice them kicking the bands while working. They are able to focus better and not get out of their seat as often. Thank you! 


Original Grant Overview


My goal is to create a learning environment that is sensory friendly for all students. 


What will be done with my students

My hope is to make my classroom more sensory friendly. Kindergartners are expected to do so much during the day, and sometimes it is hard to focus on what we need to do.
By adding different things to my classroom I am hoping that we will be able to calm down and process our learning more easily.
By adding light covers to my ceiling florescent lights it helps calm the harsh lighting to make the room look more dim.
By adding bouncy bands to student chairs it will give them an outlet for built up energy.
By getting sit discs it will also help my students with balance/ gross motor difficulties.


Benefits to my students

My students would benefit greatly from having light covers, bouncy bands and sit discs in class. These would help them with their wiggles and hopefully help them focus during the few times we need to be focused during the day.

The light covers would help keep the atmosphere of my room very calming, warm and welcoming. The harsh florescent lighting is hard on our eyes, and seems to get us wired up.

Not all my students need bouncy bands or sit discs, but having enough for half of my class would be a great start. This would help keep us focused and help us get out all our energy in ways that would not disrupt our learning.  


Describe the Students

I have a class of 18 students, an even split of boys and girls. My students all come from diverse backgrounds and family situations. Some students are from a 1 parent household, are shared between two houses, or spend most of their day at school and aftercare. Academically they are a mix of high, low
and right on track learners.  


Budget Narrative

I found the requested items through Staples and would be able to purchase all them at the same time. The prices for the items include tax and shipping costs. 



# Item Cost
1 Trimax Sports Zenzation PurAthletics Air Balance Disc Blue 2 @ 23.09 $46.18
2 Educational Insights Light Filter, Tranquil Blue 4 pk $28.09
3 Educational Insights Classroom Light Filters, Whisper White 2 @ 31.49 $62.98
4 Bouncy Bands for Chairs, Black 6 @ 16.09 $96.54
  Total: $250.00


Please share this page to help in fulfilling this grant.

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