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To create FISCAL-ly responsible students while allowing them to purchase supplies that their families can't typically afford in a school with such low socioeconomic standing.

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ACH- F.I.S.C.A.L.- Fantastic Intelligent Students Calculating A Life of financial responsibility.

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Pinellas Central Elementary School 
Jenni Herman 
Students Impacted:
August 31, 2019


Thank you to the following investor for funding this grant.


Achieva Credit Union - $1,000.00


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To create FISCAL-ly responsible students while allowing them to purchase supplies that their families can't typically afford in a school with such low socioeconomic standing.  


What will be done with my students

As a means to prepare our students for financial literacy throughout life we would like to continue on with our class incentive store. It would be known as our FISCAL store:
Fantastic Intelligent Students Calculating A Life of financial responsibility.

The FISCAL store contains items such as books, bookmarks, pencils etc. This class run store would allow students to earn money for being a good citizen, being responsible and will be disbursed for daily behavior. In essence, it the FISCAL store would motivate students so that they have the opportunity to make purchases at the FISCAL store. Students will keep track of their earnings, trade in their earnings for higher increments and learn to save their earnings to be able to purchase the desired items in the FISCAL store. This will not only promote fiscal responsibility but it will show our students that we can work together to make our class, school and community a better place for everyone!

The FISCAL store will also allow our 2rd grade students to inherit a set of real world skills that they can apply to everyday life. Our grant will provide an added feeling of success and promote fiscal literacy in unison. Allowing our students to take responsibility for themselves and their actions will be positively reinforced through this grant. Motivation is key in helping our 2nd grade students be successful. For some of our students in our school it has been a while since they have felt truly motivated and successful. We have a diverse population among our 36 students. The FISCAL store can be utilized to extrinsically motivate these students while we move them to their ultimate goal of intrinsic motivation. Many students in our class have low self-esteem and have very limited finances at home to purchase additional educational materials at home to aid in their success. Purchasing books for pleasure is almost impossible as our school nears the 80% mark for free and reduced lunch. The FISCAL store would have high interest books and this year I will purchase a subscription to Storybooks for each child. The purchase of these specific materials would promote the reading of non-fiction which is what we see most in our everyday life and is most times the hardest to read. One of the most important things we can do to prepare our students for a life of fiscal responsibility is to give them the opportunity to practice and be successful in regards to finances.

The opportunities for growth are endless through the FISCAL store! It will give our students a new sense of pride in their work, promote helping others, allow our students to take charge of their learning and gear them up for a life long journey for which they will now be FISCAL-ly responsible.


Benefits to my students

Students will be responsible for maintaining their "earnings" and will be able to preview "merchandise" so they know if they want to spend all of their money each month or if they want to save it up for a more expensive piece of "merchandise." Students will learn to plan their finances to achieve the outcome that they would like. Additional FISCAL money would also be awarded when students meet personal goals that directly impact them. For some ESE students it might be finally learning all of their letter sounds, answering a written response for the first time or for simply attempting a task that they would have never tried before. For some of our students lacking motivation we can tie it to their personal goal of regular attendance at school, completion of homework and even being risk takers and attempting something new. Students can purchase (for a very small amount of money) basic school supplies that they would like so that they can take them home in addition to other items like brand new books or magazines (Scholastic Storybook) that they might not normally be exposed to due to lack of funds. This year we will be ordering Scholastic Storybooks with the grant in lieu of Zoobooks or Ranger Rick. Storybooks through Scholastic is a monthly magazine filled with fiction, nonfiction, poems, activities and multicultural stories. It also comes with a free digital copy accessible to the entire class. Students will be able to access this at home as well and interact with it with their families. They are able to take these items home to keep, thus putting brand new reading material and supplies in the hands of kids who really need them.  


Describe the Students

We have 5 ESE students. We have 8 students who we would consider "low performers." These students struggle with basic tasks, social issues and have poor quality of home life in some cases. Most of our class can't afford basic school supplies. This year I have 2 students classified as homeless. We have 3 students who fall into the "average performer" category and 2 students who fall into the "high performing" category.  


Budget Narrative

We will spend $600of the budget buying books for the class store. Booksource and Scholastic offer great rates for book packages. We are looking to purchase around 225 books with the allotted $600.00 which would on average allow each kid to purchase 6 books. The additional $300 will be spent purchasing supplies through Oriental Trading Company. Such items as: $50 Playing cards (for students to use and keep at home for family math games), $25 dice (for family math games), $35pencils and pencil sharpeners (materials they can use at home), $50 erasers, $50 notepads, $15 stickers, $30 bookmarks, a few inflatable items for the "big prizes" $45. The last of the budget would be $100 used to buy bingo chips, dice and cardstock for games from Office Depot/Staples. **Dice and bingo chips are located under this section as well because if there is a coupon available I would purchase from here vs Oriental Trading Company. 



# Item Cost
1 Booksource/Scholastic :Graphic Novels, Books- various Levels and Scholastic Storybook Magazine $600.00
2 Oriental Trading Company: Pencils, Playing Cards, Dice, Erasers, Notebooks $300.00
3 Bingo Chips/cardstock/dice for math games $100.00
  Total: $1,000.00


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Special Thanks to Our Presenting Partners