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At the end of this unit students will be able to explain how our world is a interconnected global community with examples from across the academic courses of English/language arts, math, physical education, reading, science and social studies/career education.

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2020 Tokyo Olympiad: Cross-curricular Learning Festival

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Educational Alternative Services 
Social Studies 
Mark Hughes 
Juvenile Detention Center educational staff 
Students Impacted:
August 15, 2019


Thank you to the following investor for funding this grant.


Raymond James Financial - $1,000.00


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Impact to My Classroom

# of Students Impacted: 100

May 15, 2020


On behalf of the students and staff at the Pinellas Regional Juvenile Detention Center, I would like to express sincerest gratitude to Raymond James Financial for their investment of $1000 to fund this grant, and I would also like to express my appreciation to all stakeholders in the Pinellas Education Foundation for their hard work in organizing and managing this program.


2020 Tokyo Olympiad: Cross-curricular Learning Festival is celebration of Olympic ideals and history and study of many cultures especially that of host city Tokyo and the nation of Japan.  The purpose is for students to see how the world is becoming a true global community.


Educational Alternative Services of Pinellas County Schools operates year-round at the Pinellas Regional Juvenile Detention Center in partnership with Florida’s Department of Juvenile Justice.  This would have afforded us the opportunity to coordinate our Learning Festival with the 2020 Tokyo Olympiad.  However, due to the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic the Summer Olympic Games have been postponed until 2021.


At the same time safety precautions have been taken by PCS and DJJ to thwart the spread of the virus.  During the summer of 2020 courses will be taught through digital instruction as it has been since March 2020.


However, the Spirit of the games lives on.


As direct instruction resumes (hopefully August 2020) we can implement many of our activities and utilitze the resources bought with monies from this grant to provide a tremendous “new school year kick-off” experience after such a long break.  Teaching teamwork and sportsmanship, along with providing Olympic and Japan-themed lessons in all subject areas, we can engage our students and celebrate our achievements. 


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have even more evidence that we are part of a global community and this can be studied as well.  Most of the world has been greatly affected by the virus.  We can add to our study the economic and other effects the pandemic has had on communities world-wide.


Thanks again to Pinellas Education Foundation and Raymond James Financial for making this possible.



Mark Hughes

Social Studies Teacher




Original Grant Overview


At the end of this unit students will be able to explain how our world is a interconnected global community with examples from across the academic courses of English/language arts, math, physical education, reading, science and social studies/career education.  


What will be done with my students

Our site operates year-round, affording us the opportunity to implement this unity of study at the time of the 2020 Olympiad.

The 2020 Tokyo Olympiad: Cross-curricular Learning Festival will be a two week Olympic-themed unit in which student groups work to reach academic goals in each subject area. Each group can achieve team gold, silver or bronze medals based on student participation and academic achievement while learning about Japan and competitive sports.

Here's a general plan of study topics and hands-on activities for each academic area:

Teaching financial literacy and history, through study of Olympic history, culture and geography of Japan, and economics (macroeconomics--comparative government and economics and international events, microeconomics--personal travel planning/financial literacy.)
Hands-on activities: Personal finance project--create a budget, itinerary and promotional video/print materials for a trip to Tokyo 2020. Geography project-- map government types, national debts and economic systems around the the world. We will expose students to Japanese culture- Create decorations with Tokyo 2020 theme and Japanese culture: calligraphy, bowing and respect, kimonos and baseball, karaoke, martial arts.

Teaching understanding of literature, through study of SADAKO AND THE 1000 PAPER CRANES and origami; teaching writing skills using Manga and Anime.
Hands-on activities: creation of 1000 paper cranes using Japanese origami paper, access to books and media as examples of Japanese art, history and landscapes; creative writing projects with Manga and Anime story boards and production by hand and on computer.

Teaching reading skills and personal development, through study of human interest stories related to the core Olympic values of Excellence, Respect and Friendship. Hands on activities: study of the young adult book BASEBALL SAVED US, access to books on persons/groups representing these values and books on the experience of Japanese and Japanese-Americans, baseball/softball games (toss and catch, Nerf stick ball).

Teaching mathematical skills such as equations, statistics, and probability.
Hands-on activities: using formulas to figure angles for basketball 3 point shot, creating a matrix for competition tournament pairings, and competing in and judging athletic performances using a math-based point system.

PE: Teaching elements of fitness and sport, ancient and modern Olympic history, through participation in Olympic-themed physical activities.
Hands-on activities: opportunities to try elements of track and field and games including bean bag toss, velcro archery, badminton, table tennis and wacky pentathlon obstacle courses.

SCIENCE: Teaching scientific inquiry, through study of cellular biology related to athletics and health, as well as plant and animal life in Japan.
Hands on activities: sports and wellness tracking using technology and spreadsheets, grafting/bonsai tree project using the book THE PEACE TREE FROM HIROSHIMA: THE LITTLE BONSAI WITH THE BIG STORY.

CAREER PLANNING/CODING: Teaching career planning through study of career clusters with emphasis on sports, hospitality, STEM/STEAM careers with technology (a theme for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics).
Hand-on Activities: Sumo bots robotics competition

Each teacher will focus lessons on Olympic themed topics and track student participation and academic achievement. Each each group who works as a team to get to achieve cooperative learning grades of
75%+ get BRONZE
85%+ get SILVER
95%+ get GOLD
get rewards.

The unit will conclude with a closing ceremonies in which student projects are displayed and medal achievements are recognized. 


Benefits to my students

The 2020 Tokyo Olympiad: Cross-curricular Learning Festival unit supports the overarching goals of Educational Alternative Services. Our team at Pinellas Regional Juvenile Detention Center is devoted to equip students for academic recovery toward graduation , to prepare them for life with coping and decision-making skills, and to give them support in career exploration and planning.

Mathatma Ghandi said, "No culture can live if it attempts to be exclusive." Exposure to other cultures helps us see ourselves in context with the greater world. The Olympics is a great example of this. The flags, the faces of persons from all over the world give us a picture of how we are different but the stories of winning and defeat show us how we are all alike.

The studies in each unit are in alignment with Florida's standards for each subject area. Students will be learning important academic skills and concepts. The Learning Festival supports Pinellas County Schools' efforts to teach personal, career and social development. By the nature of the JDC setting our student population lacks coping and other life skills which contribute to limited functioning in school and underachievement in academics, so that this unit provides an opportunity to raise engagement, student participation, conceptual learning, teamwork and tolerance with high interest activities.

The goal of this unit will be met if students can, at its end, explain how our world is a interconnected global community with examples specific to our study of the Olympics and Japan from across the academic courses from each subject area. This will indicate understanding at Marzano's third level.

This unit will be highly successful if each group "medals" with at least a 75% participation/achievement score over the course of the Learning Olympics unit. This will mark an increase in participation among our students. 


Describe the Students

The majority of our students are low performers with attendance issues. Nearly half of our student population will have an ESE/504 designation. Approximately 80% are male and 20% are female and they range in age from 12 to 19 years old. The racial composition of our student population is comprised of a majority of African-American students providing us an opportunity to support the district's emphasis on equity in education.


Budget Narrative

The budget will be used to purchase items for direct instruction with students, miscellaneous expenses incurred, such as changes in estimated costs, and shipping costs.

*Tokyo 2020-themed materials for decorations for each classroom. This includes posters and printed materials, Team USA and Tokyo 2020 promotional items, flags, and objects of Japanese culture. Items may vary in price between $5-$20 dollars.,, and other sites as available.

*Books studied in class (Sadako and the 1000 Paper Cranes, Baseball Saved Us, and The Peace Tree of Hiroshima) 10 at $10 each.

*Additional books for students related to Olympics and Japan. 10 @ $10 each. or other sources.

*Origami: Japanese 6" x 6" Washi Patterned Origami Paper 500 Sheets. 2 @ $20 each. 1000 Sheets Origami Paper WOWOSS 10 Vivid Colors with 3 Different Size Double Sided Color Paper for Kids. 3 @ $15 each.

*Easy Origami (Dover Origami Papercraft)over 30 simple projects. $15.

*GoSports Indoor / Outdoor Ladder Toss Game Set with 6 Rubber Bolos, Carrying Case and Score Trackers. $30.00.

* Cornhole Bags, Set of 8. $20.

*CELEMOON 21-Inch Kids Soft Foam Baseball Bat Toy with Balls. $20.

*Fabric Dart Board Game with 6 Balls Using Hook-and-Loop Fasteners | Large - 14.5 Inches (37 cm) Diameter | Safe for Kids. $20.
*Inflatable beach balls. 5 @ $2 each.

*Books on manga and anime: 10 @$10 each.

*Casio fx-9750GII Graphing Calculator, White. 3 @ $40 each.

*Japanese The Game - Tokyo Edition Core Deck from $20.

*Parallax SumoBot Robot Competition Kit (Serial with USB Adapter and Cable) from for $249.00.

Additional items may be purchased to utilize all of the monies earmarked for miscellaneous expenses. Every attempt will be made to use free shipping on items especially those from 



# Item Cost
1 Tokyo 2020-themed materials for decorations for each classroom $100.00
2 Books (Sadako, Baseball Saved Us, The Peace Tree) $200.00
3 Origami books and papers $150.00
4 graphing calculators $120.00
5 games $100.00
6 STEM Robotics: Sumo bots $250.00
7 shipping costs $40.00
8 miscellaneous expenses $40.00
  Total: $1,000.00


Please share this page to help in fulfilling this grant.

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Special Thanks to Our Presenting Partners