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To increase ESE student understanding of high school level science concepts taught in Forensic Science.

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ESE High School Science Students - Forensic Science ("The Case of the Needed Science Supplies")

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Calvin A. Hunsinger 
Janet Cunningham 
Students Impacted:
August 12, 2019


Thank you to the following investor for funding this grant.


Tash Elwyn - $750.00


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To increase ESE student understanding of high school level science concepts taught in Forensic Science. 


What will be done with my students

Students will have the opportunity to become more connected with the conceptual aspects of Forensic Science. Students will be given the opportunity to use manipulative materials which allow them to visualize aspects of life sciences and physical sciences which are challenging for ESE students to comprehend. Areas of focus include anatomy & physiology, criminalistics, forensic photography, and microscopy. 


Benefits to my students

Students will be able to better connect with the curriculum and standards of Forensic Science. The students will be able to recognize the importance of understanding biology, physical science and nature of science related concepts on their lives. Students will have a higher level understanding of how Forensic Sciences encompass many different fields within the sciences. Students who have the opportunity to utilize hands on materials and lab materials have a more in depth understanding of the concepts. 


Describe the Students

All students are Exceptional Student Education (ESE) students. Students are Emotional-Behavioral Disorders, Other Health Impaired, Autism Spectrum Disorders, and/or School Based Mental Health. All students receive free breakfast and lunch. The school is a Title 1 center with a majority of the students coming from the low economic environments.

Students tend to be low performers in the traditional schools. Low class ratio, behavior management, social skills training infused throughout the day and case management assist the students in showing gains. Students are taught using a high level of differentiation techniques and individualized learning plans.  


Budget Narrative

All budget to go toward models / activity kits which are durable and reusable for multiple classes. Supplies to be ordered through provided vendors which could include FISCHER, WARDS or CAROLINA Scientific or through Amazon as a carrier of these scienctific products.

All items are singular with the exception of the fingerprint brush (3 x 10.00) and fingerprint powder (3 x 10.00) 



# Item Cost
1 AmScope SE306R-PZ Forward Binocular Stereo Microscope, WF10x and WF20x Eyepieces, 10X-80X Magnification $170.00
2 Scientific Human Skeleton Model – Human Body Model with Accurate Proportions & Details – ½ Life-Size Skeleton Model + Metal Stand + Bonus Human Anatomy Poster, 33.5 in $80.00
3 Nasco Latent Fingerprint Kit & Posters/Tear Pads $70.00
4 Innovating Science Forensic Chemistry of Blood Types Kit, IS9008 $50.00
5 Crosscutting Concepts VXH-LL-FTP Lyle and Louise The Shoe Must Fit Footprint Analysis Kit $140.00
6 Crosscutting Concepts VXH10132 Lyle and Louise An Inky Lead Questioned Documents Analysis Kit $60.00
7 Forensic ABFO No. 2 Photo Scales, Fractional/Inches, Pack of 5 EA $30.00
8 Sirchie Hi-Fi Volcano Latent Fingerprint Powder, 2 oz Jar, Silk Black $30.00
9 Lightning Powder Zephyr Fiberglass Fingerprint Brush $30.00
10 Innovating Science Forensic Case Study: Murder at Eagle Nest Harbor (Materials for 15 Groups) $90.00
  Total: $750.00


Please share this page to help in fulfilling this grant.

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