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To include yearbook staff members on the business side of the class instead of production only

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Financial Literacy on the Yearbook Staff

Dixie Hollins High School 
Teresa Zemaitis 
Students Impacted:
July 31, 2019


Thank you to the following investor for funding this grant.


Tash Elwyn - $996.00


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Impact to My Classroom

# of Students Impacted: 18

This grant allowed my students to understand that "yearbook class" is really a business. They learned how to balance a checkbook.  They learned about Accounts Receivable and Payable. They learned that if we don't make enough there are consequences. They realized that the things they want cost money and they could see how much we had made and how much more we needed in order to fulfill their wishlists. This caused them to increase their marketing. They saw what worked and what didn't to encourage sales and created new plans based on previous results. 

The grant also provided me enough materials to do this again for the next two years with my new staff members. 

Thank you!


I've attached a photo of them on a field trip paid for with our profits!

grant photo


Original Grant Overview


To include yearbook staff members on the business side of the class instead of production only 


What will be done with my students

Every year, my yearbook staff are assigned jobs that manage and produce the yearbook without an understanding of the financial responsibility of the class. It is a business. We produce a product that must be sold to make a profit. If we are not successful, we lose money and there are consequences for that. Normally, I am the only one worrying about this aspect but strongly believe if I include the students they will gain even more ownership in the product and be more energized to market our services.  


Benefits to my students

First, I will have students create a wish list. What does our business need to be successful? What does our business need to grow? What marketing tools can we use? What new technology would help us create a better product? Once they answer all these questions, we can set a financial goal.
Then, I will instruct them on how to use a ledger sheet; understand debits and credits and run a balance to track profits.
These skills are not only for business, but should be used in their personal lives as well and I will help them make that real-world connection.  


Describe the Students

My students are diverse. I have ESE (the managing editor this year is autistic) working alongside regular ed and gifted students. They also span the socioeconomic spectrum. Some live with both parents in an upper middle class household while others live in poverty. Last year, I had a staff member living in a group home. 


Budget Narrative

In order to achieve the above described results, I will need to purchase a small account book for each student. By doing this, I can provide whole class instruction on how to run a ledger and each student will be able to track our progress individually. I would purchase enough of these small ledger books to be able to continue this curriculum for the next three years.
I would also purchase supplies for the students to create and display marketing materials to promote yearbook sales as well as ad sales, including materials that will help them look professional when they go out to talk to business owners about advertising in our book.
I will also purchase general office supplies to help them keep all their materials organized. 



# Item Cost
1 Accounting Book - Item # 870341 ($7x80) $560.00
2 Post It Notes - Item # 837398 (24 pack) $32.00
3 Hanging file folders (3 boxes) Item # 541102 $45.00
4 File folders (3 boxes) Item # 542263 $69.00
5 3 prong poly folders (x60) Item # 877334 $30.00
6 Chart Markers Item # 456371 (x6) $72.00
7 Grid Chart Paper (x2) Item # 777421 $72.00
8 Display Boards (white) Item # 434415 (x5) $40.00
9 Display Boards (blue - pack of 6) Item # 6274832 $42.00
10 Masking tape (x8) Item # 151913 $34.00
  Total: $996.00


Please share this page to help in fulfilling this grant.

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