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Purchase a 3D printer and filament for the printer.

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3D Printer & Filament

grant photo
Richard O. Jacobson Technical HS 
Jodi Kirk 
Students Impacted:
February 22, 2019


Thank you to the following investors for funding this grant.


The Vaught Family - $100.00

Mindy Williams - $25.00

Christine Fisher - $25.00

Anonymous - $100.00

Cathlene Burcham - $50.00

Steve & Rosalie Mulhollen - $25.00

Kyle Donovan - $83.86


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Impact to My Classroom

# of Students Impacted: 73

Students brought the 3D printer up to the room today and have begun to set it up. They are all excited to print the models they have been creating throughout the year! Just to see the excitement on their faces while setting it up has been so rewarding! It has definately effected how much they want to learn more about 3D models to be able to print more advanced things. We are also having competitions on practical use, most creative, buildings, etc. so that students not only get to print their models but have specific goals and categories to create more models in. 

grant photo

Neptune Printer

grant photo

Student 3D model


grant photo

Building model created by student

grant photo

Glucose Model


Original Grant Overview


Purchase a 3D printer and filament for the printer.  


What will be done with my students

Students will be able to print 3D models they are currently creating in Blender.  


Benefits to my students

3D modeling can be a complex process which takes a lot of time in front of a computer. With the 3D printer students will get the exciting reward of being able to hold and even take home the things they spend so much time creating/modeling.  


Describe the Students

Our students are Game & Simulation Programming students learning a variety of skills from programming/code to design, modeling, animation, and business skills.  


Budget Narrative

Neptune 3D Printer: 3D printer will be used for student projects and activities. 3D printer will be used by students in Game & Simulation courses as well as the STEM Academy and possible cross curricular with other programs.

Premium Filament Bundle: Filament supplies for student projects. The filament will be used as the plastic which the printer uses to print the models students create. 



# Item Cost
1 Neptune 3D Printer $279.86
2 Premium Filament Bundle $129.00
  Total: $408.86


Please share this page to help in fulfilling this grant.

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Special Thanks to Our Presenting Partners