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The use of BeeBots will engage students in STEM activities while teaching and integrating coding basics into language arts and math curriculum.

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Jabil - Kindergarten Coders: Using Bee-Bots to Engage Students and Integrate Coding Across the Curriculum

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San Jose Elementary School 
Amy Hersh-Brown 
Students Impacted:
October 28, 2018


Thank you to the following investor for funding this grant.


Jabil - $995.00


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Impact to My Classroom

# of Students Impacted: 16

Bee Bots have been used to engage students in both the language arts and math curriculum through coding. In language arts, the students have been engaged in sight word recognition and retrieval by coding Bee Bots to spell out sight words and to move to the sight word identified by the student. They have also used Bee Bots to retell the sequence of the story by coding Bee Bots to move to events in the story in sequence. In math, students have been challenged to make decisions to add or subtract numbers on the number cubes (dice) in order to obtain squares (occupied by the sum or difference) to win the game. Students have been able to practice problem solving strategies as well as increase their stamina to persevere as tasks increase in difficulty. Through careful observation, I have been able to identify, and come alongside, students that require more support in social skills and managing frustration when confronted with a difficult task. All in all, this project has been a huge success. In the future, I would like to purchase more mats to further expand the use of Bee Bots within centers in the class. It has been exciting to reflect on the multiple ways Bee Bots can be used in the future.


Original Grant Overview


The use of BeeBots will engage students in STEM activities while teaching and integrating coding basics into language arts and math curriculum.  


What will be done with my students

Currently, we have just one set of BeeBots to share among our kindergarten classes. By purchasing a set for our class, our children will be able to use the BeeBot coding curriculum in the language arts curriculum. Examples: 1-The students will be able to code the BeeBots to move among pictures from a story in sequence to retell the story. 2- The students will move the BeeBots to spell out words. 3-The students will code the BeeBots to move to number cards that may be combined for a specific total. A set of 10 would allow students to work in collaborative partnerships to achieve their curriculum tasks.  


Benefits to my students

Opportunities for social emotional learning are ingrined in everything we teach in kindergarten. Kindergarten students benefit from activities that promote social interaction, emotional regulation and awareness of their own understanding. Facilitating partner and group work through coding activities will help students express their own ideas and test their skills while learning from each other. Coding with the Bee-Bot allows students to practice taking turns, engaging in problem solving and managing frustration when things do not go the way they planned. Ongoing experiences in these coding tasks will build assertive communication skills and stamina to persevere as tasks become more challenging. Careful observation by the teacher during these coding exercises will reveal important insight into what students need to develop emotional intelligence. In addition to the social skills and STEM benefit of basic coding, some additional skills taught through this curriculum that directly affect the Language Arts and Math curriculum are:
• Sequencing
• Cause & Effect
• Left to Right Reading
• Communication
• Critical Thinking
• Spatial Planning
• Computational Thinking 


Describe the Students

Our school is a Title 1 (low income) school. Our class consists of diverse population of 16 students. 12.5% are English Language Learners. 6% are ESE (exceptional student education). 12% are low performers.  


Budget Narrative

A total of 10 Bee-Bots are requested for partner work and for individuals to use in literacy and math centers. A charger is also requested. The Bee-Bot card mat is used for instruction for coding. It is a gridded mat that helps to guide the students in their decisions for coding distance and direction of the Bee-Bots. The command cards allow the students to record their coding command sequence.  



# Item Cost
1 10 Bee-Bots at $70 $700.00
2 6 Bot USB charger $30.00
3 2 Bee-Bot Card mat at $70 $140.00
4 Command cards 5 sets at $25 $125.00
  Total: $995.00


Please share this page to help in fulfilling this grant.

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