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To assist ESE students to learn self-regulation and self-calming skills by providing sensory based materials.

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Learning to Self-Regulate - Sensory Area for ESE Students

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Calvin A. Hunsinger 
Special Needs Students 
Janet Cunningham 
Students Impacted:
October 1, 2018


Thank you to the following investor for funding this grant.


Raymond James - $275.00


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Impact to My Classroom

# of Students Impacted: 30

ESE students often become overstimulated in a loud classroom environment.  With this grant I purchased materials to improve on my "quiet room", a room within the classroom which is designed for students to "cool down" or "reset".  I purchased several wall hangings to reduce the echo within the room while also imparting a calm environment.  I also purchased fidgets which the students could use to "refocus".  The most favored item that I purchased was a stool that is made from an exercise ball enclosed in material and firmly set into a 4 olegged stool.  The students love this stool and are able to "refocus" by bouncing on the chair and relaxing.  Had I known how popular and effective these stools were, I would have requested several.  The students who use the stool spend much less time in the quiet room, thus they do not lose as much instructional time.  I am impressed with this product and how well it works with ESE students.


Original Grant Overview


To assist ESE students to learn self-regulation and self-calming skills by providing sensory based materials. 


What will be done with my students

Students in the school have access to a "quiet room" area within the classroom. This area is provided so the ESE students can separate from a classroom environment which may be too stimulating or overwhelming but still be able to see the lesson and peripherally learn the material while in a safe area. The area that is in my classroom would benefit from sensory based seating as well as some calming materials and supplies that a student could use while in the sensory area. 


Benefits to my students

Students using the "quiet room/sensory area" remain in classroom area and are still able to hear the material presented and watch guided instruction taking place. The students who utilize the "quiet room/sensory area" are learning the information in a safe area while also practicing their self-regulation and self calming skills.

Students using the materials provided by this grant will reduce the loss of instructional time, remain engaged with instruction and utilize the "quiet room/sensory area" for the purpose it was designed. Providing the students with a more comfortable area will allow them to choose to access the room more frequently. Special needs/sensory seating and noise reducing wall hangings will reduce stimulation and sensory overload that our ESE students attempt to avoid. Students will improve in their ability to recognize their sensory triggers and access the calming materials independently.



Describe the Students

All students are Exceptional Student Education (ESE) students. Students are Emotional-Behavioral Disorders, Other Health Impaired, Autism Spectrum Disorders, and/or School Based Mental Health. All students receive free breakfast and lunch. The school is a Title 1 center with a majority of the students coming from the low economic environments.

Students tend to be low performers in the traditional schools. Low class ratio, behavior management, social skills training infused throughout the day and case management assist the students in showing gains. Students are taught using a high level of differentiation techniques and individualized learning plans.



Budget Narrative

Safco Zenergy ball for seating - 150.00, Wall decor to reduce noise/providing calming environment - 50.00, sensory tape and fidget toys for calming - 75.00 



# Item Cost
1 Safco Products 4750BL Zenergy Ball Chair, Black $150.00
2 Wall stickers $25.00
3 Impossible Triangle Wall Sign $25.00
4 Chameleon Skinz Sensory Tape $25.00
5 Fidget Toys for ASD $50.00
  Total: $275.00


Please share this page to help in fulfilling this grant.

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