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The goal of this grant request is to introduce the Art of Rube Goldberg, his inventions and technology to provide disadvantaged students the opportunity to make real life connections to STEM.

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Jabil - #STEM Matters

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21st Century After School Program 
La Toyia Rushing 
Students Impacted:
February 15, 2018


Thank you to the following investor for funding this grant.


Jabil - $745.36

Impact to My Classroom

# of Students Impacted: 17

The Lakewood Tigers who participate in 21st Century iClass are so fortunate for the grant.  Your impact is still being felt by these scholars.  For this grant I wanted to introduce the students to STEM in a way that was kid friendly, engaging, hands-on qne interactive.  The Lakewood Tigers were introduced to chain reactions and the artistry of Rube Golberg and how he brought humor and content area knowledge in seemingly fun contraptions.  The students' saw how cute and welcoming the kits were and immediately tore into them not realizing that they were engrossed in physics, gravity, air pressure and enegy just to name a few. 

In less than two weeks our scholars will present their inventions at the Florida Invention Convention on May 5, 2018.  The Jabil - #STEM Matters inventions consist of the following:

DIY Drone - How can you solve you a real world problem using drones?  Can robots replace the need for human input?

Rube Goldberg Chain Reactions: The Trick Shot Challenge, Acrobat Challenge, Escape Challenge (Physics) Garden Challenge, Robot Factory Challenge, Fly Trap Challenge, Circuitry, Energy Generation, Planks, and Apple Technology to utilize for research.

My extended learning scholars are ever grateful for your generosity and we can't wait to see the fruits of their hard work at the convention.  It will be such an honor to present the inventors with the materials that they used to build their models so that they can continue their great work as the 2017-18 STEM Academy comes to a close.  Many of the students do not have access to such materials and would greatly benefit from the use at home and sharing what they learned with their families so that the learning cycle continues.  The iPad will be presented to Dr. Valerie Brimm the 21st Century iClass Program Director for students to use in upcoming school years.



Thanks so much!


Ms. Rushing and the Lakewood Tigers!

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STEM in Action


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STEM in Action I

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Research Matters


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Smiling for the Camera


Original Grant Overview


The goal of this grant request is to introduce the Art of Rube Goldberg, his inventions and technology to provide disadvantaged students the opportunity to make real life connections to STEM.  


What will be done with my students

This grant will allow my 21st Century Students the opportunity to utilize technology to research, recreate, modify, and modernize simple machines into 21st century technology. 


Benefits to my students

This grant will benefit 4th and 5th grade students who are enrolled in a failing school. It is my goal to provide those very special students with the opportunity to have a leveled playing field to collaborate and compete with peers from within Pinellas County Schools at the Invention Convention in May. I also want to encourage students to pursue careers in science, technology, engineering and math. 


Describe the Students

20 - African American students
1 - Hispanic student

10 - Female students
11 - Male students

ESE/Gifted ~ 3
ESE (other) ~ 4
504 - 1 


Budget Narrative

The items listed above in the budget provide STEM students participating in the 21st Century iClass program at Lakewood Elementary School the opportunity to be introduced to the inventions of Rube Goldberg utilizing advanced technology to research, collaborate, design and modernize simple machines. These wonderful students will be ever grateful to have access to such inventions that will spark the imagination, creativity and passion for learning. Each of the items requested will be utilized to enrich science, technology, art, math and reading skills. The students will have so much fun creating that the learning will be embedded. 



# Item Cost
1 Apple iPad w/ WiFi 32G $429.00
2 ESR iPad 9.7 in Case $11.99
3 iPad Screen Protector $9.99
4 Lamicall Tablet Stand $17.99
5 Maxx Race STEM DIY Mini Drone $29.99
6 Rube Goldberg Trick Shot Challenge $6.99
7 Rube Goldberg Castle Escape $12.00
8 Rube Goldberg Robot Factory Challenge $20.99
9 Rube Goldberg Rocket Challenge $11.99
10 Rube Goldberg Acrobat Challenge $10.00
11 Basher Science Light Illuminator $13.46
12 Rube Goldberg Garden Challenge $8.89
13 Rube Goldberg Flytrap Challenge $12.12
14 Smart Lab Smart Circuits $28.54
15 Klutz Lego Reactions Kit $15.09
16 KEVA Contraptions 50 Plank Set $20.54
17 Edushape Motorized Marble Run Set $35.00
18 Rube Goldberg Inventions $16.54
19 The Art of Rube Goldberg $34.25
  Total: $745.36


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