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To allow students the opportunity to connect to technology that will teach them 3D printing and coding, as well as give them access to 3D printers.

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Jabil - 3D Printing and Coding Technology Support

Blanton Elementary School 
Angel Connell 
Students Impacted:
December 14, 2017


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Jabil - $987.84


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To allow students the opportunity to connect to technology that will teach them 3D printing and coding, as well as give them access to 3D printers. 


What will be done with my students

In May of 2017, I was awarded 2 3D printers through the GE Additive program. The program also provided all the necessary products needed to use with the printers, as well as modules for students to work through to learn about 3D printing. I have also introduced coding to my students, and they are excited and passionate about the program.

What I need is to be able for students to have access to technology on an individual basis, in order for them to be able to use the 3D printing instructional resources online, to have the opportunity to learn coding more often, and to connect to the printers in order to submit their projects for printing.

I am requesting Kindle Fires in order for students to be able to work independently through the 3D printing modules such as learning about wind turbines, to access modules for coding more frequently, and to work collaboratively through the Polar Cloud programing. These Kindles are used only in the classroom and are not taken home.

They are to be used for coding, and to be used to learn how to construct 3-D printing models that they will be able to create using the apps and access to the two 3-D printers I was awarded through the GE Additive program at the beginning of this school year. So, they will only be specifically used for STEM related learning.

At this time the students are unable to use the printers or access the modules to learn coding or how to construct 3-D models because I can't load the apps onto the computers, nor can I connect the 3-D printers wirelessly to the computers in class. So, at this time my students are unable to access these valuable learning resources

As a Title I school, we have limited technology resources in the classrooms - I have only 6 student stations for students to work at, and these are being utilized for students to do required district mandated minutes in Istation and STMath daily. We work in small groups for the majority of the day, allowing students to complete our district expectations, therefore there is very little to no time for students to be able to work with the 3D printing technology and learn coding.


Benefits to my students

New technologies offer a "wow" factor for students because they build engagement and create excitement. 3D printers naturally fit into academic areas where students are required to do some hard thinking, to problem solve and to design, primarily in technology, science, and math – skills every student needs in order to be prepared for the future. 3D printing in education is a powerful tool in aiding students to conceptualize and visualize designs through the stages of development, from sketch to final product. 3D printers open up students to a variety of learning experiences. The machine itself creates the need to learn how different 3D printers work, how to operate them, how to troubleshoot and how to resolve problems. 3D printers are excellent for problem solving and developing the skills of persistence and endurance to overcome them. Students are passionate and determined to solve their problems, which I have personally experienced with the few projects we have done as a class. My students are ready for the next level of 3D printing! Having internet access through the Kindle Fires to work independently and collaboratively with 3D printing technology will increase engagement, teach collaborative/teamwork skills, and give them a new and exciting way to learn. Much like the coding I have introduced to them, 3D printing is an exciting opportunity for them. In addition, coding is an opportunity that my students will need in the future, since technology in which coding is required will open up job opportunities in the future - I am lighting entrepreneurial fires in second graders! 


Describe the Students

My students are at a variety of instructional levels, from low to very high performers. I have 2 students who have very limited English proficiency levels, and 4 that are at a mid-novice ESOL level. I have a multi-cultural mix of students, and a balanced ratio of boys:girls. Six of my students were identified as potentially gifted when we administered the gifted screening in November. 


Budget Narrative

18 @ Bear Motion Silicone Case for All-New Fire 7 Tablet with Alexa - Anti Slip Shockproof Light Weight Kids Friendly Protective Case for Amazon Kindle Fire 7 (ONLY for 7th Generation 2017 Model) (Blue) @ Amazon for $12.89 each

18 @ Fire 7 Tablet with Alexa, 7" Display, 8 GB, Black - with Special Offers @ Amazon $29.99 each

18 @ 2-Year Protection Plan plus Accident Protection for Fire 7 Tablet (2017 release, delivered via e-mail) @ Amazon $11.99 each 



# Item Cost
1 18 @ Kindle Fire 7 on sale Amazon ($29.99 each) $540.00
2 18 @ Kindle Fire 7 Kid's Shockproof Case ($12.89 each) $232.02
3 18 @ Kindle Fire 2 year Accident/Protection Warranty ($11.99 each) $215.82
  Total: $987.84


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